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​EKS Brand is an American based company that manufacturers Motocross goggles and hats.

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EKS Brand Lucid Goggle
Vital Review
The Good

Protection, field of view, ease of use, looks

The Bad

Red fleece is a tiny bit distracting

Overall Review
Brad Resnick EKS Brand made the leap into the rigid-lens goggle category with its latest goggle, the Lucid. It has a unique but super easy-to-use lens retention system and swapping lenses is a hassle-free operation. The field of view is very large while the goggle isn’t so large that it has helmet fitment issues. The multi-layer foam does a good job of sweat absorption and the wide strap with outriggers holds the goggle firmly against your face. One of my favorite things about the Lucid goggle is that it has its own look and is different than other goggles on the market. Plus, the nose guard...
Posted by Klinger on 9/15/2021 5:18pm
EKS Brand GOX Limited Goggles
Vital Review
Overall Review
Review by Thiess Lindsay // Photos by Michael Lindsay I've heard for a couple years now that EKS Brand is one of the few goggle companies that outfits their professional athletes in the exact same foam that comes in their production goggle. It's been at least four years since someone gave me a pair of used EKS Brand goggles, and I was impressed with how well they have held up over the years, especially since they already had plenty of time on them when I received them. I wanted to know if my experience was typical, or if quality has dropped off, and I was happy to put a new pair to the test...
Posted by Tazao on 8/14/2014 9:39am