EKS Brand GOX Limited Goggles (discontinued)

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Tested: EKS Brand GOX Goggles

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Review by Thiess Lindsay // Photos by Michael Lindsay

I've heard for a couple years now that EKS Brand is one of the few goggle companies that outfits their professional athletes in the exact same foam that comes in their production goggle. It's been at least four years since someone gave me a pair of used EKS Brand goggles, and I was impressed with how well they have held up over the years, especially since they already had plenty of time on them when I received them. I wanted to know if my experience was typical, or if quality has dropped off, and I was happy to put a new pair to the test.


EKS Brand Gox Goggle Features:

  • A lightweight, “urethane blend” frame that has a firm yet pliable feel.
  • The Gox goggle utilizes a shatter-resistant, anti-scratch & anti-fog coated lens with 100% UVA protection and integrated tear-off posts.
  • All EKS Brand models come with a 17mm thick, 4-layer face-foam.
  • Has an adjustable, double buckle woven strap with silicone backing.
  • MSRP $44.00

First Impressions

I received a pair of EKS Brand Gox goggles in Transparent Flo Green with a mirrored lens. Immediately I was pleased to see this set had the same high quality foam as the abused pair in my gear bag. This foam consists of a 17mm thick, four-layer face foam, which is backed with a moisture wicking fleece liner. I was slightly disappointed to see that an extra lens or a package of tear-offs wasn't included in the box.

On The Track

As stated above, EKS Brand places their professional athletes in the same goggles as those being purchased by the general public. When riding on hot days, with an excess of perspiration, I can see why this is the case. The EKS Brand's foam is one of the best I have experienced. The multi-layered foam system absorbs sweat and sheds it, while keeping the eye-port free of any drips of sweat, even after multiple motos. On a couple of these hotter days, I switched back and forth between the Gox goggle and a pair of goggles that cost roughly twice as much. On every occasion, I was impressed with the Gox's foam, which outperformed the other goggles I have. This foam wraps the whole goggle frame in the same thickness and width, including the bridge of nose. Personally, there was a small bit of pressure on the bridge of my nose.


I found the Gox frame to have a fairly regular shape, making it easy to fit in any of my helmets. On the other hand, it didn't offer the same amount of peripheral vision as some of the newer and larger frames on the market. Also, the wide strap with three beads of silicone kept the goggle firmly in place, no matter the conditions.

Long-Term Durability

As with most mirrored lenses I've tried in the past, the surface began to scratch quickly, even when using tear-offs. On the other hand, the foam, frame, and strap still look and function as if they're new. If my old pair of EKS Brand goggles are any indication of durability, then this pair will continue to be great goggles for years to come.


The Last Word

I did find it difficult to find a local dealer (in Utah) who carried EKS Brand tear-offs. Several online retailers carry EKS Brand goggles and you can order directly from EKSbrand.com. But I'm rather cheap, and had a hard time paying as much for shipping as for the tear-offs I was ordering.


The Gox is a no nonsense goggle that does what you want a goggle to do. The foam outperforms many of the more expensive models on the market, but the frame did push down on my nose a little bit. The frame doesn't allow for as much peripheral vision as some goggles out there, but this does allow it to be compatible with a larger number of helmets. If you're looking for a pair of goggles that keeps the sweat out of your eyes, fits in your helmet, and will last nearly forever (all at a great price), then I recommend looking at a pair of EKS Brands. They might be difficult to find at your local dealer, but they can easily be found online. I feel you get more than you pay for, even without receiving an extra lens or package of tear-offs. Therefore, I rank the EKS Brand Gox goggle a 4 1/2 star product.

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Check out EKSbrand.com for more information and where to get your hands on a pair of goggles.

About the Test Rider

Thiess Lindsay - born to a moto-crazed father who stole his first name from Greg Theiss, a regular on professional motocross scene in the late 70s. The family is still trying to figure out why the spelling is different, but the running joke is Thiess means “drunken father”. As a taller and “bigger-boned” rider Thiess is proud to give a voice to the large number of riders that were built more for football or basketball than moto. His inherently cheap nature also serves as a good measuring stick for the average guy who is trying to find the best value from the many aftermarket parts available. Between his career as an engineer (which means he can’t spell) / project manager and a young family, Thiess finds every opportunity to ride and enjoy the freedom and comradery that only a dirt bike can provide.


Product EKS Brand GOX Limited Goggles
Features FRAME:

A lightweight, “urethane blend” frame has a firm yet pliable feel for the ultimate in comfort and protection. The material known as “poly-flex” allows the frame to form much easier to different face shapes.

The “GOX” frame is equipped with the highest quality, Polycarbonate, shatter resistant anti-scratch & anti-fog coated lens available. It has 100% UVA protection and it is the leader in lens attributes and function.
Miscellaneous Foam:

100-PPI “reticulated” vent foam allows the ultimate in airflow while keeping the dust and debris out. This special vent foam is designed to allow moisture and condensation to escape freely.

17mm thick, 4-layer face-foam is backed with a moisture wicking fleece lining providing the best anti drip, sweat protection available.
Price $44
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