Vital MX Crew

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 Michael Lindsay - Content Director of Vital MX

 Years with Vital MX: eight years (would be ten...but I left for a bit)
 Age: 30
 Username: ML512
 Interests outside of Motocross: Formula 1, MotoGP, cycling, photography, video games, and visiting new countries
 About me: As with many, I started riding before I was 5 and chased the dream of one day racing for a living...before realizing that wasn't happening around the age of 18. Graduated High School early at 16 and never really wanted to do anything else but be around motorcycles. Once racing was over for me, I bounced around the industry, trying to find my footing. Moonlighting as a suspension technician, test rider, and working at tracks...whatever gave me a few bucks in my wallet. I slowly started getting my feet wet in media and one day there was an opening at Vital MX. I told our owner "you can teach me to write a better sentence but it's harder to teach someone the industry and how to test". They gave me a chance and now here we are about ten years later and I'm in charge. What a scary thought...

I can be reached at or you can follow me on Instagram