Vital MX Crew

Steve Giberson

Location: Irvine, CA

Years in MX: Saw my first race in (gulp) 1974.

Favorite Tracks: Red Bud, Glen Helen, Washougal (where I saw my first race.)

Favorite Riders: Anyone who lines up on the gate.

Photo/Video Gear: Canon 1DX bodies. 15mm, 17-40mm, 24-70mm, and100-400mm lenses.

Other Interests: Mountain and road biking, travel, all kinds of motorsports.

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Michael Lindsay

Location: Wildomar, CA

Years in MX: Started riding at the age of four in 1996, and I attended my first national at Glen Helen in 1997.

Favorite Tracks: Pala, Milford, and anywhere with sand.

Favorite Riders: This list would be too long, but any rider that can appreciate how fun motocross still is would top my list.

Photo/Video Gear: Canon 1DX and Canon 70D bodies. 24-70mm 2.8, 70-200mm 2.8 IS II, and 300mm 2.8 IS lenses.

Other Interests: Getting up earlier to catch Formula 1 and Moto GP, mountain biking, and video games (grew up with them and no one's making me stop, ha!)

Follow On: Vital MX, I rarely use Facebook anymore, but I quite commonly post what I'm up to on Instagram.

Jeffrey Beerdsen

Location: Ede, the Netherlands

Years in MX: Since I was born, my dad used to race and took us to races for as long as I can remember.

Favorite Tracks: That can only be Namur.

Favorite Riders: As long if it's a good race I don't have a favorite. Well, Herlings maybe.

Photo/Video Gear: Canon 7D bodies. 10-22mm, 24-105mm, 70-200mm, and an iPhone.

Other Interests: Mountain Biking, road tripping, travel, MotoGP

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Grant Dawson

Location: Plano, Texas.

Years in MX: Saw my first race when I was 11, and I've been following the sport ever since.

Favorite Tracks: Oak Hill, Freestone.

Favorite Riders: Eli Tomac, but I am a fan of everyone who lines up. 

Photo/Video Gear: Canon 1D Mark IV, Canon 5D Mark III bodies. 17-40mm USM and 70-200mm 2.8 lenses. 

Other Interests: Mountain biking, video games, college, MotoGP, and football.

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Chris Cooksey

Location:  Las Vegas, NV

Years in MX: 33

Favorite Track(s): All time = Zaca Station, Active = Western Raceway

Favorite Rider(s): Rick Johnson, Donny Schmidt

Other Interests: I love training MMA and watching UFC, other than that I am pretty much engulfed in Motorcycles.

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