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How many more races are these riders suppose to endure? interesting all of sudden there is big purse money available........... don't the riders deserve it today? competition in the market place sure does reveal some very interesting things doesn't it. ... more »

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taken like 31 years ago. LOLOLOL

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LOL this whole thread is funny. those who know him, know. you aint seen nuthin yet gentleman. just saying. He is now getting comfortable. with that said, he really really hates to lose. oh and he as on 'real dirt' today.

sit back and enjoy. ... more »
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Lets not forget LTM had over 1000 riders for the weekend likely around 850 for the 1 day race. they promote. they have a great local series, and don't just do a qualifier and practices. it shows what can be down with the right game plan. carry on.

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Baker is commercial, the one in question is not. there is a clear distinction in the county's zoning codes. I personally can't see why the same permit with restrictions can't be obtained by Rattray, that Baker has. Sounds crappy, but If i was Rattray ... more »

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yep i am biased but have known the kid for a very long time. it's entertaining as hell reading this stuff. you folks have no idea how determined and well this kid will do. youngest out there or close and came in since the beginning of his pro career ... more »

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Since you had likely as bad or worse injury all at one time, you understand the second thoughts and what a rider has to do to make himself take these risks all the time knowing only a few have your back and the rest rather see you replaced. He is also ... more »

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Sorry. Just because you are fast on a dirt bike doesn't make you a good coach, manager, or announcer for that matter. maybe some can do it all. but some can't. Excellent resume, what part does it show how this influences others to do the same? What experience ... more »

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the thing this time of year that gets me is the shadow/sun time for the eyes to react. any kind of speed and that lags you are blind it's a real issue with ole folks LOL!

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4 pages nice debates. a ton of people have a ton of time and opinions. at the end of the day everyone has one.................. at this point if you truly give two craps about the kid, and actually listened to what he said he said he wouldn't race if ... more »

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exactly what i thought but the flagging was superb.................... if the whole pro sport hadn't devalued the yellow flag to begin with maybe riders laying on the ground would be jumped over while trying to get up?

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He is a professional. Does very well doing what is needed to make sure his sponsors don't look bad. glad he is ok to get ready for this long season to finish out.

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Ok then i will ask the obvious why was a rider jumping over him while he was down?? seems to me in that situation 4 second lead is plenty of time to keep riders jumping over others/? unless the 4 second lead showing on the screen isn't correct?

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slowly looking at the video says different. this and more comes right from the replay video. in fact looking at the landing of the jump prior to the corner it already looks bent.
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the wheel in the video looks bent, oblong if you look frame by frame. the wheel was damaged going into corner and then the corner and the process coming out finished it out. When it hit the face of the jump it simply stopped him/locked up. So in my opinion ... more »

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Throws away win? really total crap title guys. the front wheel implodes what else is going to happen? Look at the video slow it down and look at it in sequence. the wheel is fubared going INTO the corner. you think for one second with little time left he isn't capable of managing a race like this. Mechanical plain and simple just hope he is ok. When was the last time a wheel specially a front wheel did this? BUT it is clearly the reason he went down. I my opinion of course.

-2 0 2

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I remember superior metals. We bought our first gate i believe from them in the early 90's. in fact still use it today. "Evenbreak" starting gate if i remember correctly the name of the product. Still works great and we did some improvements (covering ... more »

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it's about time they did something to bring in the new riders and get them acclimated to this kind of track. I am just betting they will adjust and tweak the process a bunch this year, and in years to come. 50cc class set up won't go any where, it's ... more »

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exactly why the hell don't they have a way to be told "rider down jump (#)" etc. 2021. Lights and flags been around for a long time. most all vehicle type racing has communication process. Telling a rider would add to the safety of the staff, ridership ... more »

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We are in our 30th year. Megacross in Mendota IL. we run every other weekend and we are in town at a fairgrounds we run night events curfew is 11pm. edge of town but we are actually "in town". the FG has had racing of some type at this facility since ... more »