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If anyone wants to catch up to speed on what our US gov has put out so far, and a guess on what they may put out on and or before (unless they get an extension) on June 25th... (June 25th is the due date for "disclosure" linked to the covid bill).... ... more »

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I saw him at monster cup yrs ago.... I don't think he wants any part of our sx series....

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Herlings not looking so fmotp anymore... have the feeling iron man would be completely different next time around

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What's the trickest works piece on Tom's bike?

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Be careful what you wish for... modern mx bikes are dern near perfect.... electric bikes have a much different powerband.... fun in a tesla, not so fun to get max torque at zero rpm while riding on a slick mx track...

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Always reuse here when the tube looks decent... no issues over 45 plus years... ridiculous to change every time, might as well throw cash in the trash

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That track looked fun? Lol Worst track I've seen since the Mexico mxgp.... yipesssss

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hardpack is natural???? LOL .... ok... if you live on rocks i guess.... but all the "natural" dirt I know of, dirt that isn't trampled by cows, trucks or bikes, is quite soft..... which planet you living on??? to my real point.... man, that track and ... more »

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if they had anti grav I would think they would be winning more.... juzzz sayn... lol

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So much low end power, and power across the board, that they wear me out way faster than a 250... However.... on some tracks they set up their jumps to be really hard to make on a 250.... having a 450 makes those jumps way easier to make Yes, a 450 is ... more »

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Did see a 250 guy stand up, look away from traffic, and nearly caught a dudes engine case to his face.... middle of the track, crashed from scrubbing too hard.. kinda like watching c class here at home....

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Mxgp - your American CBS TV coverage is the worst I've ever seen.... Carry on....

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It looks like et3 has slowed 4-5 secs per lap this outdoor season..... has he gotten slower? Maybe.... injured? Perhaps... does he hate his current employer.... hummmmm lol

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Top B Riders = Front of the pack A Riders Top B Riders < Pro Riders

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remember those old threads about who was gonna turn out to be the better pro, Forkner or Sexton? I always voted for Forkner.... LOL

Started new thread Klim Tactical Pro Jersey 6/9/2021 11:59 AM

Just dropping a note here on Klim's Ballistic jerseys... I got one on a joke, but absolutely love it when riding in hot temps... the jersey is made from the same tough material as their jackets, so it is ready for a crash and comes with built in elbow

... more »

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I run them in 50+..... had enough injuries, enough torn up elbows... I use the smallest/lightest from Fox, the same ones I wear for MTB riding....

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How is Bogle's health right now? Know he has had some tough years with injuries, especially concussions, hope he is at or near 100%....

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Who would have thought this year would be the year of the yami 450?? Lol