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Most scared I have ever been was witnessing a large meteor shower.... So bright they made shadows on the ground.... Hundreds of them whizzing by at faster than bullets... Made my core wanna run for cover, all the while knowing there was no cover from ... more »

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I run old school prescription glasses w otg goggles.... Best compromise for me....

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I remember watching him race years ago here in America.... Dude totally sent it thats for sure.... Lol... But all that sending it has resulted in loads of injuries.... Hope he is close to 100 percent by the time the nats get going....

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As Chad Reed says- easiest obstacle on the track...... But even the easy ones can bite u if you don't pay attention.... Fork was pushing too hard to pay attention.....

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How old are u? I have been hearing this my entire life, basically since the early 70s.... And people were saying the exact same thing, for decades before I was born... The moral here- don't be an alarmist....

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Dude.... u feeling OK??? maybe ya should stop watching all those Alex Jones videos or something....

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Cool dude, big fan!

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That is Super Cool of Husky and Zacho!!! Can't wait to see how he does, bet he is chomping at the bit for some sort of competition!

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Currently ride/race an 18 KX250F.... Not a fan of seeing electric start.... personally muchhhh prefer a good old kickstarter... Dig all the rest of it!!!

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Not far from Omaha for all you OK boyzzzz.... who's fast in the Lincoln, Omaha, or KC area???

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This is a just after the hospital story... Crashed at a sat night fairground type of track.... Broken ribs, sternum, collapsed lung, bruised heart.... They held me overnight.... Get out next day about 11am.... Across from the hospital was a Chinese restaurant...... ... more »

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After consulting multiple high end resources, I have determined that your collection is worth right around- tree fiddy.

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Stop speaking truth..... It is never well received

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Huge Bogle fan... but those big head injuries can absolutely be the reason to hang up the leathers.... He's had more than his fair share of big hits, yet is still one of the fastest humans on the planet... hope his recovery has been going well....

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If you are superstitious to the number 13, don't be... only in recent times has 13 been known as being "unlucky"... mostly Asian bullpucky if I remember correctly... any which way... if you are truly superstitious, 13 is truly lucky.. However... if you ... more »

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Some people got their asses handed to them via Covid, others got major bank! In fact, a lot of people (including myself) made a lot of money since Covid hit.... This is the big spend, before the big fall........

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Sure... I'll post in this one.... OP... you are something special.... truly special...

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Wtf gold wing??? Cash is king.... That is not a secret...