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Exactly, videos like the one above are Exactly why I love watching AX!

Added reply in a thread Lazy E arenacross 1/19/2018 8:15 AM

I am a huge AX fan, heck, I think the racing is much better there. At least it is much more interesting for me to watch, plus there is a lot more fender rubbing. Also like how much different some of their tracks are. While most are the super small "standard" ... more »

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"Have you noticed how much MX safety has de-evolved in the last 30 years?" Fixed the title for ya!

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And on the factory level, a broken lever could cost a championship... No idea, after all these years, how a factory team could suffer a broken lever...

Added reply in a thread Tomac’s main problem is completely out of his control 1/16/2018 1:22 PM

Hate to see anyone get injured, but I freaking love Not knowing who is gonna win before the gate drops.

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Not clicking on chit... cliff notes anyone?

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Besides having 2 too many strokes, looks like a kick ass ride, good for ya!

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Isn't it around 20-50 million just for the privilege of putting on an F1 race? No idea in moto, but kongols just put up 400k, sounds less than I expected (but still a crazy high amount).

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Grant has been putting in some serious rides in the last year, he is not joke to get by right now. With that said, really dig Tickle and hope he keeps on building this year. He has good talent and a great work ethic, I am putting him down for podium ... more »

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Huge AC fan here too.... He dominated the entire day, well, except for the main when things got pretty dicey... But mostly to me, as long as he doesn't get hurt and keeps on the podium, he is working back to where he should be, at the front killing it... ... more »

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450's Best - Bam Bam 250's Best - Sexton ======================== 450's Worst - Webb 250's Worst - Hill

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Seemingly only goes fast when he has to, but good to see him back up front.

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Heck yes, track was awesome!

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To finish behind mookie last night? Yup, that must have raised the blood pressure of more than a few Yamaha staffers last night. Hope that kid knows just how ugly life is about to get if he keeps riding like this.......

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First, you can't just Huck that out there without some sort of evidence. Surely you are basing that off some sort of scientific study? I would guess you are not. Therefore I will fix your quote. "No Existing gear will protect...". I am way past sick ... more »

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Always been a fan of having the semis myself. More racing, but more importantly, it gives more exposure for non top 5 guys.

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Dig watching him on the ax tour...

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Bike looks down on power

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Wow.. 2018 sx just became a whole lot less interesting

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Big fan of his, hope he gets both those knees healed up soon.