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Was the puppascrub out before the bubbascrub...🤯

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My $.02 and take it at that is do some searching and wait for a good deal on a set of “A-kit” KYB forks and shock. That’s what I run on my 19 yz250f and what they cost me used And I had Enzo set them up for me and I would have had more in building a ... more »

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Do not make that swap. In my current bike fleet I run 2 core exp 3.0’s and then my 2019 yz250f swapped it over to the radius cx. It just isn’t nearly as smooth as the exp is. But that is my opinion of course.

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Malcolm to Redbull KTM....🤣🤦‍♂️

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Been watching it. Hoping Webb can pull something out to get this win in this last race!

Added reply in a thread So what happened to Barcia... 10/4/2020 7:42 AM

Dang that sucks, would have been a good photo too! Thanks for the info on what happened.

Added reply in a thread So what happened to Barcia... 10/4/2020 7:39 AM

My bad I was reading the race thread but somehow missed your post. This thread can be deleted if need be. But, you are spot on with my thoughts. A guy who wins races, one of the fastest and most entertaining out there all of a sudden goes 5th to 37th ... more »

Started new thread So what happened to Barcia... 10/4/2020 7:04 AM

In the finals minutes of moto 2? Went from 5th to 37th. Surprisingly tv coverage didn’t show a thing, who’d have thought!

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Some bikes just do not work well for some people. I will say though I had a friend with your exact bike and he fought the exact same issues with cornering as you are for a couple years. He traded it off on a 2018 yz250f and instantly was riding much ... more »

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Nice offering of OEM aftermarket parts already too which is nice. The factory option Brembo brake calipers look sick.

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They nailed it in the looks department! I want one haha.

Liked a comment on the item First Look: 2021 Suzuki Motocross Bikes 9/10/2020 5:38 PM

As a Zook fan here is what gets my goat! The RM85- the bike has not changed much since 2000 while it is a great bike and still competitive. (my son was on them from 06-07 and did well. lots of tuning tricks out there BC of its age) But WTH is with the 4299.00 price???? That bike should be 2599.00 to...more

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The MXGP announcers are painful to listen to compared to Weege & GL though. They are very boring and monotone, zero excitement or emotion. They come off lost and looking for words.

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I really enjoyed watching him, I wish he wore a GoPro it would be fun to watch that! But also irritated that we didn’t get to see him haul ass from 40th to 6th in moto 1 AND we didn’t get to watch him make up 2 seconds on the final lap in moto 2 to pass ... more »

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Crazy them old slow dinosaurs called Suzuki’s can still go 1, 2 off the line! Haters will still hate though I’m sure.

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Hit a hole in one on a 253 yard par 4 in June this year and thought that was my best shot, but someone told me my 2 on a par 5(albatross) last year is harder to do.

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I’m anxious to hear the reviews on the new Gasgas. Everyone will say oh it’s just a KTM in red. But most those people don’t own both ktm and husky bikes At the same time that are supposedly identical. I on the other hand do. They have a different feel ... more »

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Is this a real question?

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Couldn’t agree more.

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Price and location?