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Nice job....

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Bought a bike from Mxnick on here. NorCal to Ny. We used good experience, good communications, inside storage, I think 400-500$ I would use them again....

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I don't go anywhere without a spare clutch pack....

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Get the pipe to look like you want it to....sanded, blued welds ect. Then high temp clear coat it...the clear will eventually burn off a rider, but will help with keeping rust away. I also spray them with wd40 after washing, and then put some rubber

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Well done....

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The rt side crank bearing loose in the case will be an issue, see if you can find a rt side bearing with slightly larger o.d. To tighten up the fit or look for a new case 1/2. I would replace the rt side seal & replace the bushing also. Does the ... more »

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Pm sent about those yz450 pegs....

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He may have been better off with his Gncc bike!

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Great job...looks awesome!

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That's pretty low compression number...have you checked reeds? Pull mag cover to check for bad crank seal, grab flywheel & see if it moves in/out, up/Down, any movement is crank bearing wear. Smoking could be rt side crank seal sucking gear oil...just ... more »

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Thanks for posting this the consensus is the piston to cly clearance was too tight?

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Very nice......

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This......natural terrain track with great dirt, that forms as the weekend progresses....rough as hell...skipping through the roughness/whoops, finding new lines, keeping momentum up and physical conditioning....watching the track evolve from tall grass ... more »

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Welcome & good luck with your restoration....that is a great bike to restore....

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Seen a post somewhere where Wilson said he was "ahead" of schedule for his ACL recovery. I thought 6 months is 6 months no matter how good you are feeling. Kind of made me think he maybe trying to come back too soon....

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I have a very nice Pro Circuit spark arrester for the 92-96 CR250 if anyone is interested....

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Hot soapy water wash down, then wipe down with clean white t-shirt with wd40, if white tee shirt is not spotless, it's still has media on the cly walls....nice looking bike.

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Just to be clear, are you revving the bike in neutral on a stand or under a load going through the gears?

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4 corner seizure ? Improper warm up? Water pump functioning properly? Piston to cly clearance to tight? Ring end gap too tight ? Premix Oil in the gas? I"m following to learn the problem & solution....

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The wheels could be better, but it's mostly the spokes coming loose, if you stay on top of the spokes the wheels hold up ok...very few bikes roll off the show room floor perfect...When I feel like I have to wave the 2 stroke flag, I"m going to buy a ... more »