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This is out of my 93 Yz250 service manual.. looks to be the

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Nice work! I had to go buy the largest socket ever for the steering head nut on my 92 YZ restore! It’s like a tractor trailer size nut!

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I would start with a squish measurement, as they are pretty conservative from the factory, get head cut to tighten squish, rejet as per the jetting thread, FmF factory pipe & silencer for longer top end pull… The cylinder porting layout is pretty ... more »

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I heard Varner is doing the engine work👌

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Looks like a brake snake if you zoom in.

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Harbor freight has a very good mini air gun, I have done many covers with it, works great, like 25.00

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Great photos!

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Fork height on the same line in clamps as before you performed all the work? Did the top clamp move bars up/ out from previous clamps? Whenever you make changes like you did it’s going to have effects..if you were happy with handling before all the changes, ... more »

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Assuming you don’t have some kind of mechanical issues with the forks, I would start by checking your rear shock sag, then move on to actual Aer fork settings/pressures… have you bled the outer chambers recently? Have you changed anything recently? Like ... more »

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We used to have a practice track with smaller, not to deep, close together whoops, that you could blitz, it felt awesome as your bike skittered across the tops of them… the best method was to wheelie into them & then just hold throttle wide open…the ... more »

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Glad you survived! Part of the being healthy and taking care of yourself is going to the Dr. To get your physical and regular test done…I know, as men we don’t want to go to a Dr. Unless we are broken, but a yearly physical, blood work, an Yes…. A colonoscopy ... more »

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Has anyone tried the RK MXZ5 chain? Looks to be stronger than the MxU sealed ring chain I have been using…

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Drain oil into pan & look for broken bits, then proceed to remove clutch cover & inspect….. something is broke, shift fork, gear, main shaft….

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Who is the “safety” official for AMA or MX Sports? Is there even such a position? How about low safety nets on the bottom of some of those downhills? Like in SX. So concerned about bleeding all the $ out of everything… sell, sell, sell…. How about a ... more »

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Contract year or on a 2 year deal?

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I have a used one on one of my vintage bikes… in their time these tires were great…

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Fuel filter? Remap? Just waiting for FactorE to chime in…free Tech lesson👍

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Tough track… off cambers, deep ruts… everything happening in warp speed for the top guys…the “lappers” are guys that qualified for the National… they are fast dudes…the one thing I never understood….. why cruise around at the 10 minute mark? Keep charging ... more »