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Orlando MX park... Great sand track with some big jumps, but you don't have to do the big gaps & can still get a good workout. Track is well maintained. Croom has great single track, deep sand so you need to go after it rains, monitor the weather ... more »

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Agreed, I have thought about checking out FOD but I know that area is like the Wild West ....

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I had the stock cam & timing chain in my loft all along! Glad you got it fixed.... Or part that p.o.s out......

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Both rotella containers, t4 & t6 still state they are JASO MA & MA2 rated... That's means ok for wet clutch...This came up in another thread a while back, that they changed the T4 formula, the white container...I thought the T6 was still ok to ... more »

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I went and watched with a few buddies after riding at Croom all day...stopped at the Magic mushroom for pizza & beers. We got there late but still saw the pro last chance & main event. We had a good time. I could do without the constant blasting ... more »

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No build thread, there are some nice k5 builds going on here, I will post some photos when it"s completed. Port timing.....I have watched the video a few times, still not understanding it completely...maybe If I watch it a few more times it will sink ... more »

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You can get the piston first & send it in with the cylinder, I like to have the piston matched to cylinder, maybe no big deal but I feel like when they have the piston you will be using, it will remove any doubt about fitiment. The cylinder will ... more »

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Nice work on that gear....cases look great... I"m having my clutch cover done in Ceracote right now... I have my bottom end together, piston & cylinder installed. I sent the head to L. Wiechman for the decompression mod. My squish measured 1.4mm ... more »

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I had my AER fork shader valve go bad at the track 1 time, I took another valve out of a spare inner tube & pumped it back's still in the fork 2 yrs later...but I bought cone valves that week...1 lost ride day is too much...

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I remember racing SX am day at the Meadowlands in NJ around 88 or 89....I don't think they tamed the track down much from the night before....They were carting riders out of there left & right! I could not wait to get the hell out of that place! ... more »

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Pull the power valves out yourself, very easy on the YZ, soak them in solvent , I like to use 1 gal container called "chem dip" can be bought at Walmart. then clean them yourself, gently clean them with scotchbrite pad, if heavy carbon deposits you can ... more »

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my 96 Cr had alot of time on it before I restored it. The skid plate mounts had worn into the frame, the upper front engine mounts had a crack. I had those area"s repaired, then had footpeg mounting area"s, all lower cradle & upper down tube welds ... more »

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A lot of unknowns there....if you can still get the Oem crank from Honda at a reasonable price I would return the newer crank...them older Honda 125"s were pretty reliable, I"m sure the 97 Oem crank will be fine..

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That is a nice clean looking 94... Hard to explain the rust hole in the frame... Was the the skid plate mounted in that spot? Not what you want to hear but, No way I would ride that bike without a full strip/ sandblast/ rewelded of all critical stress ... more »

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Watched the GP last nite! Track was epic...real outdoor MX... What most of us grew up riding and still ride...agree with the statement about MX sports outdoor track prep... Leave the f@&$kin tracks alone, let them get rough, put water down, leave ... more »

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Yes, stock...

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That's the power valve cover rubber seal, not your problem, but will allow dirt/water in, silicone that up....check your Reed block/ boot for cracks, base gasket, crank seals....

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I have a mint set of 07 yz250f clamps.... 150.00 plus shipping

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is your crank not rebuildable? I don't have a crank, but I do have a cylinder that needs a replate & a very nice usable complete set of powervalves...

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Just started getting into riding sleds a few years ago...Its way more of a workout than I ever thought it was! We ride with handlebar risers on & stand up most of the time just like moto...when the trails get rough & whooped out, it's every bit ... more »