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Nice score.....there have been some very clean 81-83 RM 125"s around my area lately...if that is the original tank decals & pre mix sticker on the gas tank, that is a well kept original bike....they must have been smart enough to to drain the tank? ... more »

Added reply in a thread Hi Point trailer 6/22/2018 4:08 AM

There is. pro -trac right down the road from my house...looks like new.....looks like someone is using it for a construction business, I noticed it right away....super cool trailers. I"m a van guy......trailers are a PITA......

Added reply in a thread 1990 cr500 for sale 2900 am i drunk? 6/22/2018 4:00 AM

Be patient, from what I have seen your price is very fair. There have been 2-3 CR 500"s listed around me for 4-5k, they have not sold.....

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It's a shame to see a company with such deep MX history appear as though they don't care about MX anymore. When I was growing up Suzuki was on top of the MX world, most of the 70"s & early 80"s Suzukis were best in class. I think it just takes some ... more »

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Angry? I just destroyed my good knee last weekend at's so swollen they can't even operate on it yet... I can't walk and can barely get dressed. 50 years old, looking at full knee is fucking brutal...had my other ... more »

Added reply in a thread Anyone have a clean 2003 KTM 250SX for sale? 6/21/2018 4:29 AM

I"m pretty sure I have seen one for sale in my area of upstate NY...I will look again & pm you if it is still availible...

Added reply in a thread 2019 KTM 300XC: Smokers alive and well! 6/21/2018 4:26 AM

Great bikes, I will have another soon....what changes/ updates did they make from the 18? Jetting changes...enjoy...

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This was same as my 16.5... The dealer should handle it....They will want the old frame before you get a new frame...take every piece/part you can off the old frame, mine did not come with the nuts for the lower engine mounts. order your moto hose "y" ... more »

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Is Phil ok?

Added reply in a thread 350 to 250sx 6/11/2018 5:11 AM

Yep... I have an 18 250sx, I bought in the fall of last year....just wanted a backup bike to my 450. Once I started riding it, I did not want to get off it. You will have to play with some jets & gearing to get it setup for what you ride. It will ... more »

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I have a 16.5 450sx, the orange frame makes inspection a lot easier. Last year at around 70hrs I noticed some cracks forming at the lower head tube weld area. I called my dealer, they said take some photos & forward to them so they can discuss with ... more »

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I need new boots.....anyone know where the best place to buy sg10"s?

Added reply in a thread 2018 Northeast Vet Championship - Southwick 6/8/2018 12:11 PM

That b/c could mean double gate drop scored separately...likely depends on # of riders....combined classes are a great way to speed up the program.....

Added reply in a thread Best boots for wide feet? 6/8/2018 11:46 AM

Gaerne for sure.....The 10"s are wider, I have the 12"s & I have hot spots on the widest part of my feet....I have to take them off between motos..I have wide feet & need bunion surgery....been putting that off for about 20 years...Never a good ... more »

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Marked this on my calendar as soon as it came out....hopefully the LL regional at Unadilla won't suck the life out of me the weekend flying to Glen Helen.....

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Everyone has these " off days" .....low energy, not feeling it, whatever the case may be....pounding out lap after lap can get old. I"l go do a bunch of starts, slow wheelies, front brake stops....would love a figure 8 track, if I had one.....normally ... more »

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Those are steps in the right direction, the 17 &18"s which share the same jetting, are too rich on the pilot & too lean on top...

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25-30$ .....a bargain, wether it's prepped or not....I actually prefer to ride a rougher track, as long as jump faces are safe. I agree that the tracks should update the current conditions for the day...But I would not expect any track owner to lower ... more »

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Might be the white Ktm"s clean up nice & look good after a lot of hr"s...

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At 30.0hrs my wheels are holding up good, the usual spoke check before every ride, spokes seated pretty good at this point, I don't ride on very hard/ rocky terrain. The 37.5 pilot is what I run & switch back & forth between 450-460 mains. I"m ... more »