Injury Update | Justin Cooper
Justin Cooper is back on the mend, providing an update on his surgery and the extent of his injury. Click through to read what's going on from the man himself.
Posted by ML512 on
1/20/2022 12:23pm

The Shop

Dirt Wurx - Oakland Supercross 2022
Dirt Wurx Alex takes us through the ins-and-outs of building the Oakland Supercross track. See what it takes to put these tracks together week-in and week-out.
Posted by ML512 on
1/20/2022 8:48am

Pit Row

Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team Factory Tour
Non-moto but we know a lot of you also love Formula 1. Check out this behind the scenes tour of Aston Martin's F1 Team Factory. From simulators, to building the chassis, $50,000 radiators, all the models for the wind tunnel and over 550 employees.
Posted by ML512 on
1/20/2022 8:25am
Is It Dirty Riding or Clean Racing? | @Ping
In this episode, Ping covers the idea of exemptions for past Championship winners going into the night show, Roczen's physical and mental health, and the carnage from Anaheim 1 supercross.
Posted by B_Rez991 on
1/19/2022 1:17pm
Haiden Deegan has been on a 250F for a few months now. Will Consistently training on Supercross, with the best riders on a team and at an early age make a big difference for his future? Find out what Eli Tomac has to say about it after being around Haiden.
Posted by ML512 on
1/18/2022 7:36am
Day in The Life | Oakland SX EP.56 - TWITCH
Second Monster demo knocked out of the way at Oakland! We had a solid group of riders Ft. Twitch, Sayers, Taka, Wanky, Bilko. Thank you to all the fans that came and checked the show out! Onto next week for San Diego Supercross.
Posted by ML512 on
1/18/2022 7:23am
Scrubbing! - Pro vs. Am
Pro Vs. Am is a series where AJ makes himself feel better by riding with amateurs. (his words, not ours) In this video, AJ and his two students practice scrubs and rate their performances from 1-10.
Posted by ML512 on
1/18/2022 7:05am
SGB Unlimited raids Oakland - Vlog
Round TWO: Oakland brought some chilly weather, a few close calls and NEW TRIVIA! Check out the entire episode to see the parts board update, what the trivia question is, what SGB UNLIMITED a tour of the rig itself!
Posted by ML512 on
1/18/2022 6:55am
Social Scoop
Check out the latest edition of the Social Scoop! We got supercross carnage, freestyle and some off-road graphics that are maybe cool, maybe not.
Posted by Klinger on
1/17/2022 1:53pm