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Both are the factory effort from Yamaha. YZ450F vs YZ450FM

Here we have two factory Yamahas, one from Star Racing her in the US piloted by Eli Tomac, and one from the Monster Energy Yamaha MXGP Team ridden by Jeremy Seewer. Remember, in the FIM series, they don't have a production rule so the MXGP bikes can be quite exotic, yet as you'll see, Seewer's machine isn't as radical as some of the other factory teams. Scroll down to the bottom to caste your vote!

Overall, the look of the bike isn't a whole lot different, though the US bike has a matte gloss finish on the graphics and obviously has to run white backgrounds with white numbers on all three number plates. In Europe, they only have to keep to the traditional color scheme for each class on the front number plate, but can do what they please on the side plates. 

Different control branding with Renthal and ProTaper respectively. Also we see Xtrig on the MXGP bike and Neken on the SX bike. 

The MXGP bike uses this blank frame space for some electronics and Eli's bike has a wide open front section of the air box. 

Seewer likes his start button a little further away from the throttle. On Eli's bike, there is a 3D printed rise around the button to avoid accidental pushes. 

Hard to tell without busting out the measuring tape but it looks like they are running the same linkage and knuckles. But the bottom of the MXGP bike's shock is coated black while the US bike is silver. Seewer's mechanic put in some extra time polishing that brake pedal. Lastly, you can see slight preference differences with the teams and what fasteners they choose to use. On the foot peg bracket, the US team has a standard 8mm hex bold but the MXGP team has an allen head bolt. 

Eli runs the stock map switch cluster while Jeremy omits that. Also, you can see the master cylinder for JS's hydro clutch. 

Obviously we see Hinson vs Rekluse in the clutch department. The MXGP cases are coated while the US bike cases are not. Eli's machine has the double hose situation for protection while Seewer's has a carbon guard. Tomac's brake tip looks to be smaller, but way more aggressive on teeth. 


The MXGP bike's Akro resonator makes this side of the motor pretty cramped. The FMF header on the US bike doesn't use one. There is a lot more heat wrap on the MXGP bike, as you'd expect it to run much hotter. The coolant line t-junction is rubber on the MXGP bike and metal on the US machine.

Backup starters on both, but different places and different hardware. 

Seewer has a guard by the open subframe junction while Tomac leaves it as is. 

Titanium Raptor pegs on the US bike, and looks like steel on the MXGP machine. 

Silver vs. Blue Kite hubs. And JS91's sticker is a little more creative. 

Akrapovic vs FMF. Seewer's graphics are cut out while that is not possible with black plastics on Eli's bike. 

Major difference on this side is the hydraulic clutch on Seewer's bike and the stock cable system on Eli's. Plus engine hangers are different and Seewer doesn't like any grippy frame material. Slightly different shifter tips as well. 

Renthal and Pirelli vs Vortex and Dunlop.

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