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Hinson Complete Billetproof Conventional Clutch Kit
Vital Review
The Good

Hinson springs offer better power transfer without being too stiff, full-kit should have much better durability, great looks.

The Bad

Not cheap, medium mechanical skill needed

Overall Review
Especially with modern 250Fs, a fresh clutch can make a huge difference when trying to get maximum power out of your motocross bike. The most economical way to do this is to just replace fibers and steels, but that isn’t the route factory racers go. A full clutch kit with clutch cover, basket, inner hub, pressure plate, fiber & steel plates and springs is what we are looking at here from Hinson Racing. Why not just a clutch pack? The is a ton of energy going through your clutch and while stock clutch baskets, hubs, and plates work to the durability standards that the OEMs have set, they can...
Posted by Klinger on 6/28/2019 3:50pm