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Sidi Atojo SRS Boots
Vital Review
The Good

More ankle protection, great bike grip, lighter, still flexible, better for wider feet

The Bad

Less replaceable parts, try on before you buy.

Overall Review
In 2017, Sidi introduced the Crossfire 3, the third iteration of the top-of-the-line Crossfire motocross and off-road boots that the Italian company offered. Three years later, we now have the all-new Sidi Atojo SRS boot, which is not another version of the Crossfire, but a new-from-the-ground up motocross boot. When I asked Sidi if the Atojo was replacing the Crossfire 3 in their lineup, they said no, it is just another high-end offering. First, let’s talk about the weird name real quick. It isn’t a made-up, nonsensical moniker or some Italian mythical creature. It is named after three Sidi...
Posted by Klinger on 7/21/2020 6:02pm