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More info about the hold here:,20/Transworld-on-hold,1353563

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Any chance of a mini shootout/comparison between this and the Yamaha and KTM XC bikes?

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The guys at Vital MTB were making us look like slackers. It was time to catch up.

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Thanks Lindsey this is freaking amazing.

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Part 1 -
Part 2 -


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bturman, Would you please repost part 2 of the Catalina GP event or advise where I might be able to see this again? Your video was really well done!
Gary Davis

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Nice rig! Love some of the interior mods Fredrik and Amy made.

Got to wonder about all that stuff while towing though.

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It's easy to criticize the largest corporations, and sometimes it's totally justifiable. Specialized also do plenty of good that gets no recognition. A family that I know lost their home in a fire last year, and they are hard-working, great people with 2 wonderful children. My friend who owns the...more

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It would be cool to see an opposite version of this on VitalMTB!

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Good times, GuyB!

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Great stuff Bayo and Bryan!

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Vitalmx product testing? Awesome! Is this a first?

MSR Tire Changing Stand
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Fastway System 5 Steering Stabilizer
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Oakley Mayhem Troy Lee Designs Goggles
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Fly Maverik Boots
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100% Accuri Sand Goggles
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6/6/2012 1:15 PM

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Welcome to the squad, Bayo!

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Novik T.E.C. Gloves
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6/4/2012 9:46 AM