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RIGHT ON Biggie Len. Nice to hear from you!

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A 35th and a DNS Not sure what the deal is.

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I have always serviced my bike forks, even made/fabricated a few specialty tools that were needed for the job. With your bike specific manual and Youtube, it should be a relatively simple task. And the satisfaction of performing the job yourself is a ... more »

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Looks like a deal for a person who desires a fist gen Enduro.

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"Will It Go Round In Circles" Or "Nothing From Nothing"

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Looked through all three issues you mentioned, even one month previous and following. Did not find what you are requesting. Typically Dirt Bike did not mention names of riders in their Crash and Burn photos. Any other "hints"?

Started new thread Awesome conversation with RJ 4/30/2020 12:09 PM

New episode of Real Talk 447 now up. Guest personality is Ricky Johnson. Can't miss it.

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Downen's Suzuki? I purchased my 1974 "TM" 125 from them.

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My first bike was a 1967 Kawasaki 120 with rotary shift patten. Hitting first from forth is no

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it was cool meeting you and your lovely wife. Was fun spending a few moments reminiscing about yesterday. Hope your father is doing well and enjoys the view of what 1979 looked like with his 8 year old

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Let's make this easy and pass on the personal messaging. My # is 562-746-4100, call me and I'll give you my address and so on... Looking forward to meeting you.

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Hey EM, I have the magazine you are requesting which is in excellent condition. My only concern is I have just one copy. Of course I have 3 copies of Nov. 78 as well as 2 copies of Oct. 78... Sheesh! I have pretty much every Dirt Bike magazine starting ... more »

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Didn't feel awkward, good for you cause you look awkward as hell. Well maybe not. Good to enjoy your personal build.

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Yeah, I think Langston kind of, got the memo, and has since restrained himself from butting-in (as well as drinking?). Hopefully this will continue. These Whiskey Throttle chats are some what intoxicating and down right insightful. I look forward listening ... more »

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Length of time(age) involved with MX will be a deciding factor in your choice. And names/brands might overlap.(I'll try to keep it to two names per brand) And thinking too long can change your answers as well as confuse you. But it's all for fun so... ... more »

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Yeah, for sure the mid-late 1970s Motocross was "hella"-big in an almost obscene way. But true, the late 80s-early 90s Motocross was much more popular with the mass population. Having participated in both of these decades, this is just merely "my

... more »
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CR'S CR, looks good. Kill it Chad.

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Picture- rider is leaning left, rear wheel is moving to the right. Answer... whipping to the right. You're welcome.

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Like the Bonham reference!