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It's The Sound of Silence - The World's Fastest Motocross Bike is Now Electric



Stark Future was established in the first months of 2019 with Swedish roots and from founders with an immensely successful commercial presence in motocross and the motorcycle industry. Stark Future counts on an international foundation of staff and specialists from its base, on the doorstep of the progressive and forward-thinking city: Barcelona. Stark Future was forged from a passion to innovate and to change the way we use and interact with motorcycles. The company investigates and develops the latest technical solutions for performance, mobility, function, battery power and sustainability.


Stark Future’s primary ambition is to design, develop and manufacture cutting-edge electric motorcycles to push boundaries of performance and set new standards for sustainability in the industry. Stark Future will swiftly become a reference in the off-road motorcycling sector: a segment that will be leading the charge in electric motorcycle progression.   

Stark Future’s goal is to utilize the highest-grade material and components, creativity, and engineering for a premium concept to outshine contemporary and outdated combustion engine platforms. Our scientific studies have laid a base of knowledge that will allow the company to build models that will leave traditional technology in the ruts. 

Stark means ‘strong’ in Swedish: an attribute also symbolized by the Stark Future 24K gold ring, an icon representing a bold, full circle mentality, sustainability, and perfection. 


Stark Future’s first serial production motorcycle is the Stark VARG: the lightest, most powerful motocross bike in the world. The demands and requirements of off-road riding mean the Stark VARG has to be the most advanced, most durable, versatile and fun offer in the category, all the while paying full respect to the environment and conditions in which the bike is being used.

The Stark VARG is a beacon for some of the benchmark and patent-pending technology the company will bring to the market:

  • Ground-breaking motor, cooling and battery architecture 
  • A class leading powertrain of 80hp at 9hp per kilogram 
  • Ultra-small and light chassis concept with use of premium materials such as carbon fiber, magnesium, and aero craft grade aluminum
  • Smartphone dash and motorcycle set-up APP
  • Bodywork that prioritizes ergonomics, comfort and performance
  • Advanced suspension solutions from specialists KAYABA
  • A ride anywhere, anytime concept thanks to low maintenance, long lasting battery with zero emissions and no noise


Stark Future is committed to a wide and versatile product range based on several of the technical milestones achieved with the Stark VARG.


Swedish founder Anton Wass and his Co-founder Paul Saucy both began motocross and off-road riding at a very young age, both powered by determination, perseverance, and relentless self-improvement. A hobby and a passion soon became a successful business and then a forceful desire to use their recreation and achievements for positive change.

The Stark VARG (‘VARG’ meaning ‘wolf’) was introduced in the final quarter of 2021. It currently has six patents in the approval process. The model immediately set a new, high level of technical specifications and performance not only among the growing off-road electric bike field but the entire motocross spectrum. The Stark VARG mixed fierce output and power with easy handling, lengthy range and full customization of the power train characteristics according to more than 100 different configurations, allowing the bike to assume the role of a 125cc two-stroke, 250, 350, 450 or a thundering 500cc two-stroke with all the nimble agility and sharp riding sensations intact.

The Stark VARG boasts innovations such as the lightest chassis found in any adult-sized motocross bike and uses the electric motor as a structural part of the frame to trim weight, boost handling and optimize strength. The use of advanced KAYABA suspension enhances the off-road handling of the motorcycle, and the ergonomics generate the best feeling, stability, and confidence whatever the terrain, track or conditions.

The company’s philosophy is based on three core values, values that have been immensely outlined for the initial model developed by the company:

  • 1) Challenge the norm: Stark Future questions and rallies against the status quo of the way bikes and products are built. This mentality means the Stark Future technical team seek every possible means to improve and develop a component using the full extent of their ingenuity as a quick, flexible, young and motivated crew.
  • 2) Setting clear objectives: Setting clear objectives: Stark Future were extremely concise about designing and producing an electric motocross bike to outperform all other combustion-engined MX motorcycles on the market.
  • 3) Deliver outstanding results: Ideas and an inquisitive mentality can generate many promising solutions but without results the effort is pointless. The Stark VARG is the fruit of great labour and ingenuity and is a premium first statement by the company.   



Stark Future products are developed by an international technical team from various backgrounds, ranging from the prototype breeding ground of MotoGP to design studios and well-renowned manufacturers. The company’s brand-new R&D facilities and factory lines are based just outside of Barcelona, with initial distribution channels coming through online orders (delivered directly to the customer or dealerships) through the Stark website.

Stark Future utilizes the very latest computer aided technology for its R&D processes, from full motorcycle CAD Design, simulations, 3D printing to virtual reality. The factory lines are built to house cutting-edge robot hardware for the intricate assembly of models such as the motocross flagship model, the Stark VARG.

The product department features an in-house laboratory to test material properties and construction techniques. To define the best possible development pathway of components the company benchmarks the best bikes and their performance in order to reach much higher levels in new, sustainable, electric technology. This approach means Stark Future ensures the highest quality and consistency for all its production phases. 

Expansion and next steps

While Stark Future continues to innovate, it remains true to its core ethos: pushing the boundaries to develop and create sustainable products that will outperform current non-sustainable options. Stark Future wants to contribute to creating a cleaner, healthier planet, where life is enriched and better for everyone, both today and in the future. Whilst producing advanced technology and products is a central attribute, the company’s ultimate goals are sustainability and the ongoing exploration of technical innovation. The company is powered by the pursuit to find new frontiers and create vehicles, solutions and experiences for people who want the ultimate in performance, design, convenience and emotion.

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