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The only race I can think of where he won but clearly wasn't in his finest form was his last National victory at Millville in 2014. Other than that, just pick a race, sit back and enjoy. Any of his SX or MX wins from 2004 on the 125 are just mind blowing. ... more »

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Skip the bus. You can take the Expo light rail line from Santa Monica to Union Station in DTLA then hop on a Metrolink train that lets you off right at Angel Stadium. It's actually a pretty nice way to do it. You could Uber to DTLA too if you want to ... more »

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I can't imagine that AXO holds a copyright over a look or color combo, but I thought it was interesting too. A cool shoutout if anything, even if they didn't specifically say it. But I thought it was funny that Fox drew upon another company's '90s design

... more »
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I'm sure it's been said already, but the Bradshaw/AXO/'90s-inspired Fox gear for Roczen was something special. Brought me back. MX nostalgia...what's not to like?

... more »

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From what I gather, Wilson is basically on a factory bike now, getting all of the resources he needs. But (and I really like and respect this part of it) rather than abandon the many sponsors that helped him get through the off-season and mount a racing ... more »

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My 2019 SX preview just posted up on's Common Tread! I spoke with Bryan Wallace (works for Dream Traxx and builds and maintains the Honda, KTM and Husky test tracks) about track building technique, how test track construction differs from ... more »

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I'm not correct very often, so I have to rub it in when I am! Gotta say, I hit this one on the head!

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He has a program of some kind together, riding Hondas. My guess is, if he can remain healthy, he'll be a factory fill in rider should someone get hurt. The only other rider I can think of who would edge him out for a fill-in spot would be Dean Wilson, ... more »

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Also, show more of the grind: You're daily routine, training, bike prep, etc. What goes into being a true privateer. Maybe even dealing with local tracks (seems like you have a lot of options there). Which ones you can ride for free, which ones you have ... more »

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You're fast.

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One of the many riders who never adapted well to 450s and would've benefitted greatly with an underpowered bike. The guy was really good on a 250F. A 350 or some such shoulda, coulda, woulda made a big difference in his career...maybe.

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Championship contender as long as he gets through SX healthy.

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great shit talking thread! It's going to be a good race. I know that. Between France, the US, Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, there are some strong teams. Now that Windham is on Puerto Rico, I am really pumped to ... more »
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I'd recognize that arm hair anywhere! Beeker likes what he sees too.

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He just marked himself as "Safe" on FB.

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I believe, for the KTM 350 as an MX race machine, development has pretty much come to an end. It's not a priority anymore. Nevertheless, I have been a proponent of seeing Baggett on a 350 pretty much since he moved up to the premier class. He was so ... more »

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Fox Racing nailed it three years before the run of champions started. Carmichael, Stewart and Pastrana all won the 125 National title in their rookie seasons.

I believe Villopoto is the only other rider to have done so. It could definitely ... more »
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I first met Jeremy Martin back in 2001 when I spent a year on the road instructing with Tony DiStefano for his motocross schools. Spring Creek MX had been a stop on Tony D’s tour for a long time, and I was excited to ride one of the most iconic tracks ... more »

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You've all been so helpful

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Noticed the piece extending from the radiator to the side of the cylinder hear in some shots and haven't seen anything about it here. Assuming it's something to do with cooling, but I don't really know. Who has the answers? Bueller? Also, cheers on another

... more »

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