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Easy weight savings for the MX model...get rid of the turn indicator switch and horn button!

Seriously excited, though, to see a decent rider on one of these. Seems like they'll have 125ish power. Maybe not best for serious racing, but as a ... more »
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There was an espresso truck on the side of the start. He just wanted to stop off for a little pick-me-up! Seriously though, I've never seen three front wheels taking up such little real estate.

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Nope, you're wrong. Not special. Thisusernameisavailable said so. Obviously he knows everything and is the authority on all things objective and subjective.

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No, but I've hit a tractor. That wasn't fun. Also bounced off of one those old painted yellow tires that used to line Southwick...with my helmet. Had the yellow mark on it and everything

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Awesome little track, Scotty. Definitely "Dream On" status!

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To actually respond to your question (rather than bash on it like all of the other people on this thread who are apparently terrified of the future and change), NO, there hasn't been any news on the Honda CR-E. My guess is that it will be a while until ... more »

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I've been following him since he got on the Alta's. Very glad he's keeping the E-MX dream alive! So cool and a great vid.

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That has certainly been the case at times, but for the last few years things have been quite different. As much as you and many Americans seem unwilling to accept the reality, Team USA is no longer considered a favorite to win. We are, in fact, the underdogs; ... more »

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It looks promising. This is the dual-sport version, but there will be an MX version as well. 22.5kw peak output. Not quite up to the Alta's standards but would still be fun on a backyard track. Components probably aren't up to normal MX standards (it

... more »

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Togo? That would be super random. Pretty sure Madjade Nakpane is Thai, not Togolese. They must have made a mistake on the entry form.

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Used one back in 1998. It was totally fine and fit perfectly on my 1995 CR125. But that was 21 years ago. Things change.

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Wow! Awesome job!

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Rode there once in 2016. Pretty cool facility.

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You wouldn't be saying that if the US was winning consistently. If they ever go on a win streak again, I guarantee American fan interest will be magically restored.

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2015 Cruz Fest with Bereman (super short clip towards the end)

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Yeah. Several times. I was lucky enough to be at the first one he did at Swanpound. Just amazing to watch all those guys jam together.

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Davey waxed me and the rest of the field on that little bike that year! I raced a KTM 250SX-F and my best moto finish was an 11th. That was before FI though, so I was definitely down on power, but Jones and his KX125 pretty much crapped on any excuse ... more »

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I truly wish I had!

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Smart move on his part. I think he'll be fine in retirement. Always had a ton of other interests anyways. But yeah, always had a fun smooth style on the track and that will be missed. I shot this vid back in 2012 when Seely was on the TLD Honda. Whenever ... more »