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I believe, for the KTM 350 as an MX race machine, development has pretty much come to an end. It's not a priority anymore. Nevertheless, I have been a proponent of seeing Baggett on a 350 pretty much since he moved up to the premier class. He was so ... more »

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Fox Racing nailed it three years before the run of champions started. Carmichael, Stewart and Pastrana all won the 125 National title in their rookie seasons.

I believe Villopoto is the only other rider to have done so. It could definitely ... more »
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I first met Jeremy Martin back in 2001 when I spent a year on the road instructing with Tony DiStefano for his motocross schools. Spring Creek MX had been a stop on Tony D’s tour for a long time, and I was excited to ride one of the most iconic tracks ... more »

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You've all been so helpful

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Noticed the piece extending from the radiator to the side of the cylinder hear in some shots and haven't seen anything about it here. Assuming it's something to do with cooling, but I don't really know. Who has the answers? Bueller? Also, cheers on another

... more »

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Looked like a pro track to me. It is the AMA Pro Motocross Nationals after all, not the AMA Vet Pro Practicer Nationals. The whole slot car thing everyone is complaining about: those are called ruts and real motocross tracks have them. When prepped well ... more »

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I spun a bunch of laps at Broome-Tioga when it was still a part of the Nationals. Got to ride the full National layout as well, and in that format it's definitely in my Top 5 personal favorite tracks that I've actually ridden...and I've ridden in a lot ... more »

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Home track has little to do with it. Yes, when Herlings is on, especially on a sand track, he's pretty much unstoppable. If he's off (or broken in this case) Cairoli easily slips in there as the fastest sand rider in MXGPs, and I'd argue, the world.

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Cairoli went 1-1 last year at Ottobiano. Handled Herlings in both motos. Pure sand track, although maybe not as deep as Valkenswaard. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he repeats his 2017 performance this weekend.

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Yes, EMX125 class is faster. Where do you think Jorge Prado and most of the current MX2 class came from? Bunch of kids who absolutely haul, and are sponsored (and I'm assuming paid) to do so. Not former factory riders or locals just out there for fun. ... more »

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That could be the headline for him on any bike. "Carson Brown Shredding (insert machine here)" Kid hauls on anything! I have no idea what his aspirations are, but I do hope we get to see him race pro someday.

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I think the MXGPs/Luongo do a good job of spicing things up. Granted there are plenty of failures, but a lot of home runs as well. Experimentation (Assan, Swiss GP, consistent venue changes) and simply variety, are very important. Keep people interested. ... more »

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Etown doesn't look National-ready to me either, but I haven't ridden the new track. I will remind you that Elsinore, Pala and Freestone were not "National" caliber tracks either, but they still happened, and each made MAJOR modifications to bring the ... more »

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... more »
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Gonna be honest...kinda over these. The finals will be interesting but watching a bunch of locals racing doesn't do much for me. EMX125 is still an ongoing series, has plenty of up and coming talent and even has a fair share of works or ultra trick bikes. ... more »

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Maybe this was already shared, but I just saw this video of the TY-E electric trials bike. Totally different sound with a clutch compared to the automatic and clutch-less Alta. Excited to see the trickle-down into other motorcycles.

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Anyone know Tijero's and/or RV's lap times at Hangtown. Curious where they would stack up against the 250s.

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NYmotocross is making me lose respect for motocross in NY...and I live in NY! Please stop, think and do a little research before you make such definitive statements...for the good of the land!!

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Well, not to say it is the bike, but the Suzuki is definitely not helping. Plus I think he is going to be very strong when he moves up to the 450s. Have a feeling he's just biding his time until then. Hope he picks it up a bit though this season. I'm ... more »