Vital MX Poll: Factory Yamaha vs. JGR MX 25

Update: Congrats to Monster Energy/360fly/Chaparral/Yamaha Factory Racing on taking the win with Chad Reed's YZ450F in this version of our Bike Face-Off! Taking a fairly close victory over Justin Barcia's YZ450F from the Autotrader/Monster Energy/JGR Yamaha team.

Yamaha has started 2016 off big, with the return of an in-house factory team and their continued partnership with the ever-growing JGR MX team. But here's the big clincher, who has the better looking bike? To settle the score, we grabbed a few shots of both Chad Reed's Monster Energy/360fly/Chaparral/Yamaha Factory Racing YZ450F and Justin Barcia's Autotrader/Monster Energy/JGR Yamaha YZ450F. While each bike is blue, has a green Monster claw, and a few other similar parts, there's also a ton of differences that make each bike quite unique.

So which bike do you like better? Scroll down and take a good, hard look at each one, then cast your vote in the poll at the bottom of the page!

Chad Reed's Monster Energy/360fly/Chaparral/Yamaha YZ450F - Mechanic: Mike Gosselaar

During Chad Reed's time running TwoTwo Motorsports, they had arguably some of the best looking and cleanest bikes in the pits. Even though Chad is back under a manufacture's tent, that trend hasn't seemed to stop.

Being that this is Factory Yamaha's own effort, there's plenty of blue to be found all over the bike. Such as these stickers adorning the Pro Circuit exhaust system.

Yamaha's in-house engine program takes care of Reed's needs, using a variety of GYTR parts.

Chad used X-Trig triple clamps on his TwoTwo Kawasakis, and carried the ROCS version over to his new bike. They also hold a set of KYB 48mm AOSS works spring forks.

Yamaha's front-mounted airbox design leaves a little extra room for graphics. The Aussie flag is a nice touch.

This swingarm is the same version that Romain Febvre used on his World Championship winning YZ450F in 2015.

If you look closely, you can see the minimalistic approach to the graphics. Every ounce counts on these bikes!

While most Yamaha-backed teams use a production front brake caliper, both Barcia and Reed utilize this billet Nissin unit.

Justin Barcia's Autotrader/Monster Energy/JGR Yamaha YZ450F - Mechanic: Ben Schiermyer

JGR is arguably the team with the most sponsors in the pits, which can make graphic's design a challenge when trying to display all the logos as best as possible.

Is your titanium hardware anodized? JGR's is, which goes great with the gold chain and billet ignition/clutch covers.

Justin Barcia's YZ450F uses Neken's unique SFS (Smooth-Feeling System) triple clamps, which are keeping hold of the 48mm KYB PSF1 works forks.

There's all kind of goodies in the nooks and crannies or the JGR steed.

JGR produces all of their own carbon parts, such as this gorgeous skidplate.

Yes, OEM color matching hubs are cool, but they aren't as cool as a set with that magnesium look.

The billet footpegs are the part we want most of all. Attention Spencer, are you reading this? We'll take two sets please...

Customization is king on the JGR bikes, such as their adjustable linkage arms.

Voting has ended, thanks for your participation and keep an eye out for the next Bike Face-Off!


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