​Joey Savatgy's Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki KX250F vs. Darian Sanayei's Monster Energy/BUD Racing Kawasaki KX250F

Update: Voting has closed, congrats to the BUD Racing crew for taking the win!

While the Pro Circuit squad has been the most dominant 125/250F class team ever, it also claims the title for the longest manufacture relationship out of any non-OEM owned team. Because of this, PC is the first thing most people think about when they picture a KX250F, and at times have been the only Kawasaki supported 250F program in the pits. For 2016 however, the ever popular French team, BUD Racing, is back for another go at 250F West Coast Supercross. Sadly, their American rider Darian Sanayei was injured pre-season, but his KX250F just looked too good sitting under the team's awning to not be shot! So without further ado, this week's Bike Face-Off is between Pro Circuit and BUD Racing! Check out the walk around of each bike and vote for your favorite below.

Joey Savatgy's Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki KX250F - Mechanic: Justin Shantie

To be all that honest, the Pro Circuit KX250F's haven't changed in overall look too much year-after-year, but it's still the most sought-after ride in the class! However, a closer look will always leave you drooling.

The team name says it all, the majority of the parts on this bike are produced and sold by Pro Circuit themselves.

PC's fire-breathing engine is surrounded by titanium, a billet ignition cover, billet shift lever, custom engine mounts, carbon fiber, a race-team only spec airboot, and much more...

While the other side tells the same story, with PC parts everywhere. From the head-pipe, to the water pump, and onto the clutch cover. The PC bikes are littered in anodized goodies of a few different colors.

Outside of the engine performance, you know a Pro Circuit bike always carries the latest-and-greatest from Showa, in the form of Pro Circuit Showa SFF TAC A-Kit suspension. Which is clamped tight with a set of PC triple clamps.

Wider-than-stock billet axle lugs? Check. Billet machined hubs from KHI (Kawasaki Heavy Industries)? Check as well...

The brake disc is hidden beneath a sealed off carbon-fiber brake disc guard. But you can still see the KHI-spec NISSIN factory front brake caliper.

Farther back along the bike, sits a short-fatty bodied Showa A-Kit shock, along with a unique carbon fiber airbox cover (to aid in passing sound testing).

The Monster claw is synonymous with the Pro Circuit team and the graphics are trimmed for weight and to reduce wear. PC's usual oil coolers aren't present during Supercross season. They aren't placed on the bike until Outdoors, unless it's a full-on mudder in Supercross.

Note the axle blocks and DLC coated titanium axle...it's the details that count.

Darian Sanayei's BUD Racing/Monster Energy Kawasaki: Mechanic - Benamou

The BUD Racing bike definitely carries a few unique parts that we don't see on this side of the pond very often, along with a flo-green look.

BUD Racing is similar to Pro Circuit in the fact that they sell quite a few parts under their own branding, such as these triple clamps; along with setting up their Ohlins suspension through their in-house suspension service center. The bright green Neken handlebars are a nice touch, along with the carbon fiber fuel tank cover.

At the bottom of those Ohlins forks are some trick axle lugs, hubs, and a large Braking Batfly rotor. Also down below, are some unique tires for the US, Gibson Tyre.

The BUD bikes also feature a Monster claw, but have some metallic colors here-and-there.

An Ohlins shock can also be found at the rear, with internal tweaking from BUD Racing.

The powertrain features a few BUD items, such as a waterpump kit, oil filter cover, grippy clutch cover, radiator hoses, engine mounts, and of course some engine work!

The BUD KX250F carries another unique item for the US, the HGS exhaust system.

Another look at the flo-green graphics and plastic, along with the carbon-end of the HGS exhaust.

More BUD bling goodies, along with come protective carbon fiber bits.

Topping it all off with some trick titanium Pro-Pegs, which are available to the public.

Thanks for voting! Check back for the next Bike Face-Off.

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