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I’ve got a new TC125 on order and am very excited about it but I think a “restyle” would be warmly welcomed with the look of the new KTM’s and Husky’s. The KTM rad shrouds could poke an eye out faster than an official Red Ryder, carbine action, 200-shot, ... more »

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I find that awesome since this is such a niche sport. You should get a trail bike and experience riding at some point if possible. Motocross can be very intimidating because of the skill necessary and risk involved but a trail bike is slow, soft and ... more »

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I’m far from a chemist but I thought modern fuels had an additive that did something similar?

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Synthetic maxima. Four strokes run the oil all through the motor and transmission. It’s not referred to as transmission oil like with two smokes. The bike will run just fine on non ethanol 93 pump gas. A leaded fuel won’t do anything for you and I believe ... more »

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I love Main Event Moto and the whole crew. I prefer paying $5 a month over getting constant sponsor plugs like on pulp these days. I still appreciate what Matthes does but damn does it feel like an infomercial at times.

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I’m watching the replays with the Mav TV plus subscription and app on Roku and there aren’t any commercials during the racing.

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I order stuff from London all the time. Not motorcycle parts but often times boxes big enough for an expansion chamber. It’s usually DHL or FedEx and gets to me in Texas in less than a week for £20-50.

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Somebody on pulp recently said that isn’t really done anymore because the premiums got to be cost prohibitive.

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I laughed at that as well. Tuttle is clearly not an accountant.

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I absolutely struggled with sleep very similarly to what you’re describing. I ended up getting a script from my primary care doctor for Lunesta. It helped me get back into my normal sleep routine but it took the better part of a year.

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I broke off the top corner off my calcaneus and shattered it, severed 3 tendons, shattered my cuboid (now pinned back together) and shattered the part of my navicular that the tendon was attached to all back in November of 2020. The pain after surgery ... more »

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They won the Supercross championship 1 year ago.

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Pretty sure nowadays you can say you are whatever you want and nobody is allowed to question it so you should be good.

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Flexible schedule 40 PVC piping with a cap on top would be a much better alternative to a steel T-post. Yes, you're somewhat at the mercy of the wind but it is a good trade-off in my opinion. I went to Washougal years ago and couldn't believe how close ... more »

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I've seen a few incidents at local amateur races that ended in severe injury for a spectator, possibly even death in one a few years ago at a vintage race. Most all of them were freak accidents. Whether we're racing, watching a race or just driving to ... more »

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They need to get on the bandwagon of what Canvas is doing with custom ordered kits. Make it a Fox Racing Boutique line or something. The make different designs each season and guess how many people will buy seems like a bit of an old model to strictly ... more »

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I’m just here to say I was part of that thread and it was epic. Whatever happened to that guy and his G Wagon?

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That is different than what Chris implied in the video that anyone could go get opioids at the medical unit. Even then there were laws that had to be followed to give somebody that class of drug. Yes, there was a huge problem across the entire world ... more »

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I appreciate the attempt at giving options but it was a swing and a miss. Like most others have said, they need to make the boxes where there’s hardly any dead space. Also, somebody please make the timing board smaller for the entire race. It should ... more »