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I’m with Tuna. I could buy another pipe for the same price and smashing 2 pipes would probably take a year or so. I’d rather risk it and like how my bike looked.

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So sick

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Is it one of his blogs?

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That was incredible haha weege really crushes it

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So glad this isn’t what I thought it was He looks healthy.....and comfortable

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Only chickenpox are rarely fatal

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Well I do think

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From the video, it seems like maybe he’s already recovered? Tough dude. Glad he’s doing well in the video posted.

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I know that they’re really great to ride, and functionally great. I don’t know if it’s my moto background but I just have a tough time thinking that they look at all “cool”. On the other hand, ya don’t have to look cool to have a LOT of fun on a motorcycle. ... more »

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This virus stuff is far from over. We are in the earliest stages and have NO IDEA where it will go from here. I want supercross back so badly. I want to wake up and go to work so badly. The reality is that making any statement about the “season” is blind ... more »

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Man I love this thread so much. Happy for all of the dads in here who could share motorcycles with their children. I’m very thankful that my dad showed me the greatest passion I’ve ever had; riding a motorcycle.

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It’s been a hell of a run. I’m not one to bet, but in this scenario I do believe he’s calling it a career and rightfully so. He’s got other obligations now and nothing to prove on a dirt bike. Z

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I actually agree. This thing is going to rage and be super brutal but we’re so far past containing it that I think by summer they’ll just pull the plug... I hope that whatever they decide works out and whoever gets crowned champion wears it proudly

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I support whatever decision DC and Outdoor Moto decides is best. You’ve got my support, and frankly I am thankful that a day will come where we can anticipate the races. We will all surely appreciate them more than ever.

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I know people on here hate them, but I’ve been riding my Harley around like it’s god damn mad max and even though it’s only a portion the fun of riding dirt, it puts a huge smile on my face everytime.

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So awesome. Thank you for sharing. This is great.

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Used to live for “in the ranks” when I was a kid! Watched those and mini warriors hundreds of times easily.

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If anyone on here ends up going, take some photos and share for those of us still full swing in winter!

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I don’t mean this to be rude, although it’s just the truth. One week ago most of this board did nothing but mock this entire thing. Look at how differently people are posting now. It’s unsettling to say the least. We all know it’s going to get worse ... more »