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This kit pictured here was as far back as they (N-Style) could go on file. The one the OP wants is from 02, and probably one of the best looking Suzuki Am kits they had. Somebody has to be able to reproduce it........ If memory serves, the 03, and 04 ... more »

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You go fast, you get stuff...... The more you win, the more you get. Not trying to sound shitty, but that was the way of the Team Green world when I was there, pretty sure it hasn't swayed too far from that. Just put in the work, you'll get plenty of ... more »

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She married the rare factory edition Suck-start model.......

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That was one hell of a game! We Sooners are not having the best year being a young team, and I'm glad the cards fell in our favor, but TX should not hang their heads at all, they played their asses off. Their QB damn sure knows how to move the ball. ... more »

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Well said Mav.... Well said.

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Yeah, no shit....spill it.

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Talented for sure..... known Shan my entire life. My Dad bought probably 15 or so bikes from his Dads shop. In fact, he accidently dented the tank on my Dads Husky 360 GP if memory serves. He was always cool to me when I was growing up. He even worked ... more »

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After consuming that, back to bed for me.... Damn that looks good!

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In the 6th grade, I saved my money and bought 1984 on cassette. Literally wore the tape out playing it so much on my walkman road tripping to races..... Thank you Eddie for all the good times throughout my life, rest in peace. God Bless.

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My son got it when he returned to college. He wore his mask anytime he was outside his suite, as campus requires you to have one on ANYWHERE on school grounds. He, and his room mate, both came down with it. The school had them stay in their suite locked ... more »

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So sorry to hear, as I know how painful it is to lose your pooch. We just lost our German Shepherd male about a month ago due to old age. He was just shy of 13, and a rescue like yours, such a loyal friend. Miss him dearly.... Prayers sent your way.

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Some of the shit those guys on the 1pug life channel have tried to pull off.... It's really a miracle there hasn't been somebody messed up for life. As funny as some of the jumps are, some of the stuff looks scary as hell.

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Happy Birthday buddy! Weekday rides are the best for sure, perfect way to enjoy YOUR day!

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You just answered a question I had about one of those, "Can it sear a great steak?" However, I am starting to get tired of babysitting a smoker all day for a family-sized smoke. Starting to look like a nice, large Weber, and a pellet smoker would solve ... more »

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Heal up quick! Trick little scoot.... Add a number plate to the front of the basket and you're all set!

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Happy Birthday bud! Kick back today, you've earned it!

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No thanks......

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Last few days have been kinda sideways around here. Haven't got the chance to grill any yet, weekend looks promising though. I'll keep you posted, thanks for checking back!

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I meant "hear" .... Falcon, I'm trying,... No shit, I'm trying......

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There are few things in life better than outdoor Moto in the fall. Yeah, weather could jump in and spoil a day, but that is possible anytime throughout the year. Perfect for the fans, easier on the athletes..... besides, a campfire in the pits, with ... more »