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Any pics from the '93 GH national? I was standing right at the hillside jump coming out of the canyon- Airtime was throwing it upside down every lap just because. What a legend!

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I just listed it at all the usual spots, the for sale forum here, CL, offerup, etc.. I don't think there is any special formula. You just have to be patient. What helped me was I wasn't in any hurry to sell. I didn't even really want to sell it, it was ... more »

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I restored an '87 CR250 to like new condition. Too nice to ride, so I put it up for sale. I was routinely slammed as "crazy" for my asking price. It was the amount I was willing to take considering what I had in it for money, time, and effort(and far ... more »

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Because RC was Stronger, fitter, smarter, more determined, better set up, etc.. People forget that James did stuff on a dirtbike that no one else could do- Not RC, not SE72, not Reed, etc.. It didn't always translate into wins, and especially titles, ... more »

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JS7 is the out right fastest dirt bike RIDER ever. RC is the greatest dirt bike RACER ever. FULL STOP

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The fact that you yourself made it to the highest levels of the sport, yet still remain a passionate fan and still have love for your heros is awesome!! I too have the bike building bug, currently on my 7th build and I have 3 bikes waiting in queue!! ... more »

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Awesome!! With the Stone, Comp, and 395 all closing in the last year, we need Elsinore back, Not the best dirt ever, but still a fun place to ride and very accessible. Never quit got all the haters dumping on the place. I like having different options ... more »

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If the new prop 13 passes, you ain't seen nothing yet.

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I totally agree with you. China is engaged is gross actions in both humanitarian, industrial, and environmental fronts. If some other countries carried on the same way, our government would be beating the war drums. But since they are helping to expand ... more »

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As long as their government puts political dissidents in forced labor death camps, I say no they shouldn't.

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If you want to do a Langston replica, they have that bike in their dealership on display.That thing is a really cool piece.

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Some real mind blowing perspectives on here. Bottom line, the legalese is irrelevant. Whatever property Good bought, has value because of the blood, sweat, and tears put out by Don, Dwayne, and mostly Gary. Considering Gary is the last living member ... more »

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Try Maico Only (909) 947-1121

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This gentleman gave me this exact advice a year or two back when I was having issues with my YZ400 drum brakes. He was spot on! (especially the cables. MUST be OE Yamaha). Follow this advice and take your brakes from "near death experience" to "this ... more »

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Holy smokes! That’s like Kawi leaving PC, only 10 years from now. LOTS of titles from that team.

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Dirtbikemike is my hero of the day, that's awesome!!!!

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In '93, maybe '94, I was taking my racing very serious, riding the INT classes at all the So Cal CMC/GFI races etc.. I was at GH late one Thursday getting my practice in. The national was coming up and they had built a new BIG double on the straightaway ... more »

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I built a wash station in my back yard. 10' x 15' square area with curbing around it. I then dug it down a foot or so and put down weed barrier cloth. Filled it with rock from the local building supply yard. It's been 10 years now, and its just starting ... more »

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Try Evan Wilcox in Big Bear California. I follow him on IG and custom fab with aluminum sheet metal is what he does. Just replicated a late 79’s works RM tank to fit a production chassis. The guys work is phenomenal.

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Was that Stillwell? The guy who was supposed the greatest call in ever, but was a dud. Hard to believe we have almost 10 years of Pulp Show history now!