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I think the Torco sponsorship was actually "Torco race fuel", which I don't think was actually Torco Oil, but another guy who was leasing the Torco name to push his race fuels. Don't remember the details, but I think the guy was a bit of a crook and ... more »

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The reality is, there is a percentage of people on this planet who are miserable, and they are bound and determined to make sure everyone shares in their misery. So therefore, anything positive and enjoyable must be stopped one way or the other. They ... more »

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Thanks for the positive reply. It is very tough when our personal decisions burden the others in our lives. Then again, that is the true meaning of family. I hope you heal up soon bud!

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I realized a life long goal of racing at LL's in 2015- felt like I was riding better than anytime in my life. A few months later, I took a digger and fractured C6 and C7. I laid on the track for I'm guessing 1 minute, trying to move- but nothing worked. ... more »

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Some inertia dynos have a roll down feature to measure drive train loss. Come on serious engine builders- let’s see a dry/lubed standard/‘ringed chain shootout! Let’s settle this once and for all.

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How has no one mentioned Larry Ward's '94 YZ250? Countless holeshots, and second in the SX series behind the King.

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Run a 1.8 Rad cap too. I run the Propylene Glycol- usually the premixed blue Honda variety because it good quality and I get it cheap, and a 1.8 cap off of a KX65. That's the best working combo for me(other than hard parts upgrades like Rad's etc..)

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Great info, thank you for the reply. :-)

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Why? WA new Covid cases have been declining steadily since 7/17, and the deaths are only 10-14 per day in a state of 7.6 million. That's statistically 0. They just held a qualifier not long ago. If it's to GOV stopping it, then time for some civil disobedience ... more »

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reded nailed it. (thumbs up)

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leathers tank slapper flying W gators zoot capri sano blue groove(never see that anymore) WFO ..........................

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I tried the kit several years back- and was not happy. Can't remember if it was the Red or Green. Now for the record, I'm borderline neurotic on maintenance for my machines. I generally pull my bikes down every other wash and inspect every thing, including ... more »

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Firepower are RK rebranded if that helps.

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Can't wait to see the GOAT Scotty Parker ride again!! Are they riding Astro's? Or is that just a teaser?

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I think it's hard to beat 1st gen GRF also as far as bang for your buck. I wanted a street legal dirt bike I could do long rides on. I've done 250 all dirt miles in a day a few times now, and this bike has been perfect for me. I bought the bike for $1600,

... more »
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With the passing of DMC, it got me thinking how much I drooled over his bikes back in the day. Nothing but respect for that guy. I'm getting ready to start my '86 KX250 build, and I would love to replicate some of the cool one off plastic parts DMC used ... more »

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Talked about this on the JRP when the CV-19 hit- vaccine was actually giving people Lyme, so they pulled it.

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Good on ya!

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I know this an outdated opinion, but Race Tech did my '90 KX125 engine back in the day, and the thing was a ROCKET. Like cheating it was so quick. I got to ride a works 125 of the same era(had a buddy that was factory mechanic), and my KX flat out destroyed ... more »

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Cool bike! Looks like am awesome starting point!