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Ah the memories.. I remember being a kid and going from a z50 to a KX60 and being almost scared of how much hit it had up too.. Sad kids won’t go through that anymore..

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Bet his wife is happy 😉

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Higher probability Chad does..

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Localriders would LOVE to clean them for you 😏

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Haha I think that’s cos he wasn’t on the Jake and cokes this time lol

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That show sounds like a recipe for disaster!

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What a Moran.. but I mean 10/10 for effort in the getaway! Takes me back to GTA days haha

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Yeah of course he may be an introvert, but he can give great podium speeches after a win, he actually opens up quite a lot on the podium when he does well.

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Haha lots of negativity here, but people always say: What’s up with Eli? Why did Eli take so long to remount after a crash? Why does Eli melt down?

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It honestly depends on if you plan to race or just ride for fun.. I was burnt out on riding and racing, sold my 4 strokes and got a kx250 last gen and it COMPLETELY rejuvenated my love for riding. I might not be as fast, but that isn’t as important to ... more »

Started new thread My take on Eli.. 10/13/2021 11:55 PM

Quick disclaimer: This is not a professional opinion, just something I have thought for a while (I may be way off) Listening to him on Pulp reminds me of a close friend of mine that has Anxiety, in uncomfortable conversations he is overly careful of ... more »

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Never use the word “and” at the start of a sentence.

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I think this move has a LOT to do with his suspension / chassis guy at Star, Gilmour. Eli talks a lot about struggling to feel comfortable sometimes, he has also talked about how much of an impact Gilmour had on that Honda. Those 4 motos before he broke ... more »

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Yeah different strokes for different folks.. I love listening to JT, I love hearing his takes. It does seem like he holds back a little to not step on anyone’s toes, but love his insight.

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Gotta be every riders worst fear during a race.. that looked scary AF

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He looked fastest on red..

Started new thread How much bike swapping and testing for other teams actually goes on? 10/2/2021 1:36 AM

I know no one can answer officially, but you would have to imagine Eli rode a 22 Yam quite a while ago. I wonder how many other riders have ridden other bikes, and do pros swap bikes from time to time when they train together.

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Cool thread, it’s amazing to realise how much of a powerhouse fox is. I think JT said on a pulp show that chads fox deal was 500k a year. They must have serious money invested in their riders!

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I guess the big spongey looking seat is for that guys huge Cojones 🤣

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