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​Oakley is an American company that manufacturers sunglasses, watches, and goggles. The company was founded by James Jannard in 1975, and he started by selling motorcycle grips at local Motocross races. Eventually, he started manufacturing goggles and continued to expand the company until it was one of the biggest eye-wear and goggle companies in the world. Today, Oakley sponsors several top riders around the world.

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Troy Lee Designs / Red Bull KTM

Motorcycle Superstore Suzuki

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Eli Tomac

Ryan Dungey

Ken Roczen

James Stewart

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Oakley Front Line MX Goggles
Vital Review
The Good

Very comfortable, high level of protection, Prizm lens is nice, and wide field of view.

The Bad

Scratches relatively easily, still super expensive if you want the good lenses.

Overall Review
Since the Airbrake launch five or so years ago, Oakley has been pretty low-key in terms of new product. They made a big deal of their Prizm lens and was much less vocal about what we have here, the Front Line Goggle. It is the latest in their line of high-impact goggles that have a rigid, pre-curved lens, following the Airbrake and Mayhem Pro, yet it has its own system of lens retention that is different than both of those models. Oakley Front Line Features: MSRP: $180 Large to medium fit Ridglock Technology High impact rigid lens Frame notches accept prescription glasses Three layer face foam...
Posted by Klinger on 2/5/2019 3:42pm
Oakley Airbrake MX (2013) Goggles
Vital Review
Overall Review
Goggles are in a strange place in terms of the evolution of the sport. Like chains, they seem very rudimentary, especially in comparison to, say, road racing. Yet, no one has been able to devise a better functioning and cost effective way to either protect your eyes or transfer power from a motor to the rear wheel. So, rather than move to face shields (although Simpson did attempt it a few years ago, but it never caught on), MX has stuck with goggles through thick and thin…and now thicker with the new Oakley Airbrake MX. Developed over several years with Oakley’s top athletes, the Airbrake is...
Posted by bayodome on 4/17/2013 11:00pm