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For all the Vitards out there do not forget there are other forums about our sport other than this one that is ruled by King Vitard. But I can't remember that Guys name...

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Webb should be penalized, he cut the track. Just watch the video. The AMA needs to pull their head out of their ass or just throw away the rule book since they never read it. Our sport is a joke and not enforcing the rules does not help our sport.

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BobbyM gets it. This is a AMA grey area kinda thing. It happens whenever something happens in this sport to do with the rules.

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Hire somebody to do what you should be doing while you are too busy shooting something or somebody at Indy.

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I think it would be considered cutting the track. Just watch the video, it is very easy to see that there should be a penalty or DQ against Webb. The AMA will F&%# it up as usual.

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Just another night of Supercross, same old thing over and over. Lots of riders are already riding conservative for the outdoors. Probably test for the outdoors now instead of Suckacross. The races are boring, also lots of riders in the 250 and 450 class ... more »

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I just hope that I can finish my cigarette before the gate drops.

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Has anyone used or is using a 110/100-19" size rear tire on their YZ-125s. I ride my 2005 Yamaha YZ-125 in the woods on trails in the mountains of NC. It is mostly technical single track with lots of steep hill climbs and a little moto sometimes. I can ... more »

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I hope Herlings comes to America to race the Outdoor Nationals. It would make the series a lot more exciting. Also after all the injuries from Supercross how many top riders will be even able to ride. KTM make this happen!!!

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I thought it was a great show. I really enjoy your new show Ping, keep up the great work.

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I thought the track sucked tonight. The racing is very boring. Watch the 1990 Atlanta SX if you want to see what real racing looks like. I hope Daytona is a real race track and not more of follow the leader again.

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So proud of AC92 winning tonight. He has skills for sure. I am not on the Webb wagon at all, he just has an attitude that I do not like. My wife has not been watching the races because they are boring but she saw Webb on the podium and asked me who that ... more »

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Congratulations on a very nice new Honda. I know you will really like this bike and the excellent quality of a Honda.

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WW Motocross Park should have a National every year. The track and facility is first class and amazing!!! The owner Wayne Jr. and his family are hard working and very nice people. It is also in a great location for the southeast.

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I like their new podcast, I hope it goes well. Great to hear Fro and RC together. I also like the Whiskey Throttle show, and of course Pulp MX. Timmy Ferry is a legend and a really nice person with a great family. Matthes keeps Timmy Ferry a very popular ... more »

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Quit going to any of the races since 2010. I can stay home and just record it on my DVR and watch it whenever I want. The very expensive ticket prices, parking, crowded pits, beer, food and all the other BS you have to deal with was enough for me and ... more »

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I would be happy that I am not injured, close in points, and keep cashing in on bonus checks Still a long way to go in this series.

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It is still a long series, stuff happens. I think Webb will have a big one sooner than later.

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From Lime to Lemon.

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Not fair racing in my opinion. I saw Webb gain advantage and was waiting for a penalty after race. WTF?