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I frequently check job postings for KTM AG. and have noticed that over the last 6 months or so, the jobs related to e-drive R&D is exponentially higher than what it has been in the past. They are frequently hiring software developers, e-drive system ... more »

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We all know the YZ250Fs are making great power. What’s more impressive is that they have developed a chassis, suspension, and mapping package that lets them put all that power to the ground in a way that still makes the bike very rideable for a variety ... more »

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Yep! The goal use to be to do 2-3 years in the lites class and then move up to 250/450 as soon as they could. Today, it’s like the plan for all of them is to max out on as many years as they can before being forced to moved up. Of course there are some ... more »

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I don’t blame him at all. If he races and scores at least 8 points (which he would) then his eligibility clock starts and then he would only have 3 years remaining. He’s 11 points behind Swoll so it’s unlikely he’s going to do anything that could potentially ... more »

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Would Honda REALLY pull out though? Tell me with a straight face they would completely abandon MX & SX at the highest level over not being able to participate in a 125/250 two stroke feeder class. Or is it all bully tactics with them knowing they

... more »
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Agreed....Both Honda and Kaw (even Suzuki) have the ability to make 2 strokes, they just choose not too. My point is that times have changed. Back in the early 2000s, the Japanese OEMS had all the pull with AMA & FIM. They more or less told them ... more »

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Chains don't run hot enough to induce any significant amount of material expansion and the side plates definitely do not enlarge while running at operating temp. If there is an issue of the inner and outer side plates rubbing on each other, the chain ... more »

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Never put a chain in a kerosene or solvent bath. Doing so is going to wash away the factory lubricant in the joint. Clean it the best you can with a grunge brush and hose water (not pressure washer), dry it off, and then put it directly into the warm ... more »

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Sealed chains primarily focus on keeping external contaminants out of the inner joint which helps prolong the life of the factory applied lubricant. These chains SHOULD run longer than an equivalent standard chain before the pin & bushing wear goes ... more »

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Traction control Or as Honda likes to call it to skirt around the AMA rules..."Torque Control Technology"

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In all honesty, it's time for the promoters to put together a two-stroke feeder class. Husqvarna KTM Beta Gas Gas Yamaha TM are all still making competitive two strokes. Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki are the only OEMs not making two strokes (125/250) that ... more »

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With Webb’s second place finish last night, he all but locked up the championship by extending his points lead to 20+. And the guy was noticeably disappointed that he finished 2nd and couldn’t pass Marvin for the win. I get the fact that from a bonus ... more »

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Kind of made me chuckle a little bit seeing him on the broadcast. He was just on the Pulp show last week saying how he had zero interest in being a commentator.

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Tend to agree!

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Not much performance loss.... fractional amounts of reduced power due to the higher surface friction between the surface of the pin and inner bushing on a non-lubricated chain. Service life though, there is a big difference. A chain that is regularly ... more »

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Drivetrain test Engineer here When chains are built, the manufacturer soaks them in a warm bath of grease, typically around 160-200F. This ensures the grease has a low viscosity rate and fully penetrates every joint and coats the pins, bushings, and ... more »

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Yikes! Something is wearing unusually. You might want to take the clutch completely apart to check for wear marks.

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Sucks to go out like this. Every racer with a long career deserves that one last “fare well” race to soak it all in. I’ve always been a fan of Davalos and thought he would do a few more years before retiring.

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Watched this video within hours after it was released.....AWESOME WORK.

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Most people who race multiple classes are doing so because 1) they can afford multiple entry fees & 2) they want more track time since they are going to be at the track all day long in the first place. A big part of me thinks that if a promotor would ... more »