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1) SX - ONLY because of midwest winter and it provides some indoor entertainment on Sat nights 2) RBSR - rad event, can't wait 3) Outdoors - enjoy watching the most, but usually busy during the warmer months and watch the race during the week as time ... more »

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2017+ 4WD Nissan Armada. Best vehicle I have ever owned. Drives great, it's smooth and never seems to leave a feeling of vagueness. Brakes well and has really nice acceleration for such a heavy SUV. Tows as well, if not better, than any standard 1/2 ... more »

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Drive train engineering at John Deere. I conduct lab and field testing during product development.

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It is possible to 3D print with carbon fiber element. Can build very strong structures with little material when designed right. However, the carbon fiber printed element typically finishes matte and textured. If you want that "factory built" carbon ... more »

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Call them out. A verbal contract was formed when you both agreed to the terms. You were acting in good faith to uphold your end of the agreement. When they lose their team rides, sponsors should be aware there are more deserving up and comers out there ... more »

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Sucks, but is it really that big of deal? They screwed up twice, unfortunately, but they are working with you.

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It's not likely that the riders are going to come together and "strike" a series or event to get their point across. I imagine most riders on a salary have specific contract language that prevents from doing so and the privateers can't afford not to. ... more »

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why does the garden hose ALWAYS kink or get caught on the most random ass little things?

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"you're rider?" From the outside looking in, it appears that your relationship with Jeff was fueled by your need to quickly build a YouTube subscriber base. I would say Jeff has one of the better, if not the best, pro moto YouTube vlogs right now. Help ... more »

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Sorry to hear that. He sounds like the kind of guy who would tell you not to lose yourself in the sadness of his passing, but relish in all of the thoughts and memories you have made together.

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Measure measure measure You should never be guessing if it's good to go for another piston or not. The manual tells you exactly how, where, and why to measure. Every method you all have suggested are just qualitative inspection methods that provide little ... more »

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No one wants to talk about the Irony of what this has become? SX is all about the "world championship" title holding so much prestige because of the FIM sanction. When it comes time for the MXoN, arguably the one event closest to a true "world championship" ... more »

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We are on just shy of 200 acres.....pasture track, ended being just short of 2 miles per lap. Turn track from hell! Personal tracks are a labor of love. You typically spend much more time working on them than riding, lol. It helps to have buddies ... more »
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Sunset Ridge in Walnut, IL

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Transmission teeth and final drive gear ratios are two completely different things

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Guilty, until proven innocent

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It puts grease directly onto the needle bearings and mating pivot surface. Solid idea!

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Rekluse is doing great things with clutch technology. The OEMs and even Hinson have been stagnant for years on developing anything new. It will be interesting to see down the road if any of the OEMs make Rekluse an their factory clutch supplier.

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Sounds like Derek Harris could use another helper....

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