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1990 Millville National, I believe. I was about 3.5 years old.

RJ won the 500 overall Ward came in 2nd Stanton came in 3rd. Bottom photo...This was just after I approached Stanton and said "Hey Ricky J. can I have your autograph?" ... more »
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American Flat Track series is trying something like that this year with their premier class. If I remember correctly, paying the series ~$15K would guarantee 30 second rider/team/sponsor bios during the TV broadcast. That cost was for the entire season. ... more »

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I've heard various stories of the cut off ends of twisted safety wire getting into odd places and causing damage. Learned lesson...always account for where the trimmed off end goes (in your hand and into the trash) Roost/objects hitting the petcock lever ... more »

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Eliminating north american R&D saves the corporation money. Typically, the money saved will stay within the overall R&D budget which can be re-allocated to do different things like develop motorcycles instead of paying overhead expenses. Production ... more »

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Paul Thede's books Introduction/Theory to fluid dynamics (rent a book from your local library and learn the basics)

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Why is it awesome though? I don't see it. Of course I would like to watch racing again, but at this point it's all about Feld trying to minimize lost profit in anyway possible. The racers already complain that the season is too long and the schedule ... more »

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my INO stock has been absolutely ripping the last 2-3 weeks! Going long on this one to see how things pan out.

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Cool thread! I've supported this project for quite a few years now... Can't wait for it to be released for production in the upcoming future. ... more »
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I've said it before and i'll say it again.... This whole COVID19 and stay-at-home-order is just a front to cover up the tactics being used to manipulate the price of oil....but no one wants to talk about that. I'm not saying the virus isn't ... more »

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Ken says he "gets the economy and work side of things why people want to go back to work", but I don't think he does. He's a multi-millionaire with a secure contract and likely several years of racing yet. It's likely that he could never line up for ... more »

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There's a conditional probability that would state probability of dying based on 1) probability of contracting the virus & 2) probability of dying from the virus when contracted. Experts are estimating the chance of contracting the virus is about ... more »

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I modified mine years ago. It was a Briggs & Stratton motor with integrated high pressure pump. It is correct you have to removed the inlet side check valves. I originally got this information from a small engine repair shop owner who did a lot of ... more »

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warm water and dawn dish soap in the kitchen sink. the dawn helps get all those skin oils out of the foam.

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Good post, thanks for sharing. Your last line though, about the bigger picture with Honda...Don't you think KTM is the most forward thinking and progressive company? Might it be easier to start and build a new relationship with KTM instead of spending ... more »

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I appreciate his honesty and believe it will prolong his career. Aldon's methods are rigid and demanding. Some riders need this. Others need flexibility. The experience and knowledge gained with Aldon he will still carry, he can incorporate what he needs ... more »

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This will all go away, almost overnight, once the price of oil stabilizes and gets back to where it should be. Stamp it.

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Just the dead air/filler time between all of the racing. When you can watch Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube ad free, it becomes really hard to go back to traditional cable formatting with all of the commercial breaks. I typically prefer to DVR the live race ... more »

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used to watch these all the time with my daughter when she was about 3 - 4 years old. we would bet pennies on the winner. she got a kick out of it.

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Let this all be a lesson to us on the level of pettiness so often bitched about in the past over minuscule items. You never realize how much you miss something until it’s gone.