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When you realize that the swingarm is nothing but a lever arm with a wheel attached to

Torque = Radius * Force * Sin(angle) Radius is set by swingarm pivot center to rear axle center. Thus, moving the axle inboard or outboard changes the radius ... more »
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Hunter was tough until Stilez gave him that little jab back on the chin

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Not lugging, but scenarios where the engine is experiencing extremely high torque loads in the mid-RPM range with 100% throttle being applied. High torque loads generate more heat than free-revving at the top of the RPM range. Red Bud is one of those ... more »

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You watch a F1 or MotoGP race and get spoiled with how good and technologically advanced a racing production CAN BE when done correctly. Then we get hit this absolute steaming pile of a production that costs $99 per year. Garbage. But priorities though....they ... more »

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Yeah.....cuz no mini dad has ever had to work on a 50 clutch or top end

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Motocross is strong in Illinois, both in terms of rider counts & track availability. If it wasn't for the shitty weather 6 months out of the year, corrupt State government, and death by taxation, it would be a decent place to live for any moto rider ... more »

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At a minimum any owner of a new bike should: Check the air filter Check fluid levels Set bar & lever positions Check tire pressure Verify no obviously loose hardware before going for that first ride. Other than that, just ride the darn thing, & ... more »

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I have a 2022 which is the same as the '21. Really like it so far after 8hrs. Pros: Nimble & predictable Power delivery is smooth and useable Well balanced suspension Cons: Maxxis tires - good in soft/loamy/tacky conditions, poor everywhere else ... more »

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You've ripped some MONSTER starts over the years against a gate full of Factory & Factory-support bikes. Tell us a little more about your engine & tuning package!

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Wish I could help you out, but I don't use Android devices. Are you trying to break into LitPros untapped base since they only focus on iOS?

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Could write a short novel on this subject and all the related comments. All I will say is that sometimes in the pro pits, you see way to many T-Handles and not enough torque wrenches. In addition, there’s a lack of mistake proofing and process controls ... more »

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The Solo 2 data logger on Haarup's bike is from AiM Sports and it captures GPS + engine CAN channels through the bike's ECU.

Neither LitPro or Crossbox have products capable of this level of data logging as this configuration from Aim Sports.

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How much adjustability is there in the pant waistline? I'm borderline 30/32 and not sure which to buy.

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No victory lap. No burnouts. No time for a winner to celebrate with the crowd due to podium TV schedule. Lame.

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We'll never get a straight answer on this until a 3rd party company (not a helmet manufacturer) conducts a full lab test of each model and then releases the full data set. It's a shame because we all know each helmet manufacturer is already doing this, ... more »

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XGPS160 runs at 10hz which means 10 GPS data points per second. I believe most sport watches with GPS are only running 1hz. To put that difference into perspective, if you are going 30mph down a straight, the XGPS is going to capture a data point every ... more »

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Anyone happen to know why KTM / Pankl would have change the countershaft design so drastically part way through the model year 20 KTM/Husq 450s production run? It appears the "early" year 2020 builds got this 79433610000 high tooth count ball-spline

... more »

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You should have an easy time finding another job in that field/industry. Have you been keeping an eye on LinkedIn to see what your job market opportunities are? Stick it out and get that lump sum money. If worse comes to worse, you could bridge your ... more »

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LOL....yeah, IL isn't exactly the model state. However, our real estate prices are affordable & cost of living is low, even with all of the state tax burdens.

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From my assembly experience as a manufacturing year, historical data shows that limited edition or low take-rate configurations offer a significantly higher chance for a quality defect. However, building all 400 FEs in a row down the assembly line would ... more »