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Am I the only one who took this as a reference to DV being the trainer?

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It's over 2.5 hour drive for me and it is 100% worth it.

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I was confused by this topic because when I was watching the race I was thinking the track looked really wide and there were so many places to make passes. I felt like everyone could go fast and it didn't really favor a certain riding style .

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Every year when the outdoors start I remember how much better GL and Weege are and how much they they improve the broadcast. Every race I notice how Weege mentions the riders teams and sponsors that dont get mentioned during supercross. I also enjoy ... more »

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Was the bike running? It's been a while but I think the bike had to be running to be connected to the app for the update. If I am remembering correctly it took a few minutes so I set up a fan to try to keep things a little cooler.

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... more »
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I agree with the velcro idea. They could even put some small stakes on the bottom of a long strip to help hold it in place . I think the tray idea is over engineering it a little.

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How many hours are on it since it was serviced?

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That allows you to make some changes to timing and fuel through an app you can put on your phone. I think it's nice to be able to make some changes with it.

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I picked up a GYTR air boot for my 16 YZ250F. I have the GET 2nd injector that I want to mount in the new boot but the shape is quite a bit different. Has anyone mounted one that could give me any tips or know of a template for mounting one like this? ... more »

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I currently have a 2nd injector setup for my 2016 yz250f and am looking for a ecu for it (part number GK-RX1EVO-0149). I'm also interested in other ignition parts for it like the LC-GPA, and WiFi connector.

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Sent you a pm

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Can you give more info about the cams?

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He is riding a 450, I think for the rest of the season. I think it's a good move for him

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I heard about that and it's a shitty deal. I was wondering if it would come up and when I read your post I was thinking you could have said sloppy 2nd chances

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That is Mount Carroll. It is an amazing track. I was there last fall and Nico showed up and looked good. A few years ago Christian Craig was there and was so much fun to watch. The way these guys scrub jumps and corner compared to the local fast guys ... more »

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I'm curios if the Alias mystery set of gear is matching or mismatched. Does anyone have any idea?

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