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Stepped into a rat hole on a flooded location once. Thought I was a goner. I hated the oil patch.

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The barbershop on Taif (Saudi) airbase was amazing. The only thing electric in the place was the lights. 3 bucks got you a shampoo, scalp massage, haircut with scissors only, 2 hot towel treatments, brushed lather up, and straight razor shave. Best to ... more »

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I'm willing to try anything. Ill see if I can find it.

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My father in law has been a boxing coach in Sunderland for 40+ years. Back in the day when I told him about Tyson...he watched the videos. He told me Mike was a cheater. I asked him how. He said if you watched his close in shots...Mike always followed ... more »

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Facts: I'm 62 and I know that facial hair changes texture with age. As in, thicker and tougher. History: I'm retired military. This is relevant because I shaved at least 5 days a week mandatorily and usually shaved on the weekends cause I did a lot of ... more »

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^^^...see what I mean...some folks just look at that stuff and it's easy as 1, 2, 3. You might as well ask me to design a warp drive. If there had been some way to apply these equations to a real world application...I might have understood this stuff ... more »

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Might as well buy the whole shootin' match...when you blow up what you'll have a

. ... more »
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If your 2006 is anything like my son's 2007...have fun. The stock head unit runs through an amp that is virtually inaccessible. I tried bypassing the entire stock speaker wiring but getting new wires into the doors was more work than I had time to invest. ... more »

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I spent twice as much time on college algebra than any other subject. I know this to be true...some folks just "get it" and others like myself are overwhelmed and perplexed. You don't have a lot of time to muck around trying to figure it out by yourself. ... more »

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I can't answer your question but that is one clean machine.

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Everclear and Gatorade...Green goddamns. Take a drink and all you can say is, "god damn". Probably one of the worst drinks ever.

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I'm real old and remember when we used trichloroethylene. If there was something out there that removed grease/oil faster or better, I never saw it. I guess it's pretty toxic but looks like it's still available.

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Don't forget, "After Midnight". Met Eric in the International lounge at Tulsa Airport back in 1978. I was heading back to England from my 30 day leave. I asked him why he was in Tulsa. Said he was visiting a friend. I asked if it was J.J. He said yep. ... more »

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Thankfully this doesn't happen to me cause no way I remember my password. Yes, I suck.

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You say you've owned street bikes and Harleys. Obviously you didn't kill yourself. Keep the 450 and just use your head. You'll be fine.

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My brother works for Kimberly-Clark. He gets gobs of free product. He keeps me hooked up with tp and paper towels. I mean a years worth at a time. I wanted to put up some more fencing around my place. Forget that, can't find wood anywhere around here. ... more »

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My bosses wife got it. He is awaiting test results. If he pops hot...I'll have to quarantine for 2 weeks. We already have so many folks sick or contact quarantined, work is really getting backed up. My sister-in-law has brother is waiting for ... more »

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As a big Amart fan I'm stoked to hear this news. It's gotta be a huge relief for him...knowing that he has a ride. I haven't seen anything about his recovery. Any updates out there?

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Some dirt is gonna get moved. Nice.

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Holy cow, I was gonna post up my story of misery but you beat me to it. 6 weeks ago today I was trying to mount an engine on a plane. The guys that installed the lifting fixture had it off a bit so some force was required to manipulate it into position. ... more »