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I'm completely ok calling it kit when it's brand new...when it's stained, torn and's

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That was some good consistently fast, mistake free laps. I'm sure when you watched your video you saw where you could pick up some time but overall great riding. I wish I was this good.

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I've got pain...does this stuff work?

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Pretty slick.

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Agreed. I watched it and it was a decent movie. I can't see watching it like I do Gladiator, Saving Private Ryan, Forrest Gump, Lonesome Dove....stuff like that.

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Agreed, would have been a little more sympathetic if she'd have been on the sidewalk instead of in the street. Where the hell was that fast sumbitch supposed to run?

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Lol...I can see yall's viewpoint about a stove up old man kicking ass but I've known a few old war vets that knew how to dance. Some fellas just have a little mean in 'm and they know how to use it.

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It isn't a cinematic classic but did showcase some fine acting skills. It kept me engaged and reminded me that, despite current Hollywood trends, a truly bad man may not be a muscled, tattooed, ninja. A gun and a plan.

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DC ain't wrong. Just sayin'.

Started new thread The Boys 11/30/2019 11:45 AM

Binged watched about 6 episodes last night. Pretty sure there's an underlying theme cause I could feel it but I'm lazy and superficial and it satisfied on that level pretty well. You deep thinkers can clue me to the message I missed.

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I know I suck because I didn't get pictures but ill try to use my words. I bought a 14 lb whole turkey and an 8 lb breast. Cooked the whole bird in the roaster like I have for years. Nice and juicy...tradition maintained. I fried the breast. Cajun butter ... more »

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Probably in the minority but I liked the fact that the track was different, difficult, and challenging. The cream still rose to the top but it was work to get it done. Good for the fans. That Jett Lawrence kid (that I'm gonna call JetGo) is for real. ... more »

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Son of a bleeeeeep . The perfect specimen. If Mitch had gotten up out of his chair and followed wouldn't have surprised me. Diana can turn men to wood (a part of them anyway). Ok, back to 2019. How dare you chauvinists exploit a female in such

... more »
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Dude could give Kevin Bacon a run for his money in star connectivity. Rip.

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If you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all. I'll say this..........

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I would trade almost all of the American micro-brew swill for a good old Castlemaines XXXX. There are exceptions but for the most part our craft beers are cheaply made mash-ups of incompatible ingredients.

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That is living.

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This is in no way a dickish or sarcastic question but what is there to prepare for besides what color to paint the baby's room and the color of clothes/blankets. I painted the room white and bought yellow clothes/blankets. We decorated appropriately ... more »

Added reply in a thread Gender Reveal - A new level lol 11/13/2019 5:34 PM wife had 3 kids...all by c-section. The gender reveal was when they pulled them from her guts. They always asked us if we wanted to know the sex of the baby. We declined. That's like telling yer kid what they are getting for Christmas, in October. ... more »

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Old guys still Rockin'....old guys still rockin' out. My wife hates it when I crank it to 11 in the garage. This one hit 11.