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1- come get some. brace for impact. b-deal with what a cop deals with everyday. then get back to us. 3-come get some more if ya need it. 4a-did you track the foot prints around the bike? if none please continue to 4b. 4b-aliens are real. 5-im in the ... more »

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check out keefer testing. great write up and reads. i like reading about new stuff before i buy. just a moto head like us. no i don't know him lol.

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I didn't know he had that big of crash. great shots. going to 1 national a year is a must. tv coverage is good nowadays but nothing beats being there.

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hope all is well with him. as others I have been down this road. put my knee on backwards. sold everything. pissed I didn't even crash lol. major reconstruction blah blah. 6 months later I was riding

a new bike. I ride at a level I can control. ... more »
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Love my 16. Japan needs to make them , no doubt.

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Worked great . I avoided all the alerts too. Great tip on watching in order that does happen. 1st season on new man cave 96" i use xbox1 to go to site crystal clear. Awesome 👍

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has anyone seen the hurry cane commercial? there is a lady on there using the cane that looks like bob Hannah. hurricane doppleganger using a hurry

the end of times is near my friends.

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ok great. I was hoping it worked that way. I will try to miss the spoiler alert. hopefully they don't post winners where you click the races lol. thx

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how soon can you watch the races if you don't catch it live with the gold pass?

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I respect the talent and dedication. However.atheletes may be a stretch, half the field needs a bra.

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Its bam bam time boys

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Would seem fair if everyone could run them in the pros. Jt and keefer said its a huge difference.

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Amp x volts =watts Much ty

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I knew not to click this...…….I swear I knew better...…….. im creating a new "vital stupid thread I knew not to click rule"---- 50 push ups and squats if I click it and my iq drops,eyes glaze over,mouth drool or head hurts after reading..if I reply it ... more »

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guyb your job is

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I heard hes feeling comfy on da block

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umm degree? its scary how many go pro that couldn't pass an 8th grade test. let alone the ones that don't go pro. more than a few have admitted to never seeing the classroom lol.

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I would like ruts and bumps to develop and make you change lines during race. when you go by the mechanics row thats when a pit board pops up for a few seconds then goes away.that way you don't know your gaps or times until then. it would add so much.

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it will be just getting used to it need to test need to not be so heavy my guitar needs tuned. etc.' its inside his chest. give me a grinder over a whiner.