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Glucosamine tumeric and krill. I use black pepper as well for turmeric. Exercise and less sugar. I have the arthritis of a 75 yr old because of joint coalition in both feet. This is the best regimen i have found. Some people are on disability with what ... more »

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are you going full team replica? would that be larocco era?

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I run an 18 on my bike. I can tell in certain sections. it was easy to mount. which is always a good thing.

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What’s funny is watch a local pro or national pro ride a stock one I guarantee it goes really fast

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clearly a safety minded fellow. he was actually doing him a favor checking his brakes were in proper working order.

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what would tomac do? haaa I think that is common at mx tracks. I drilled one 2 laps last week. started standing and putting the front wheel over. my kidneys thought it was a good move. even if its a tick slower its worth it at my age and speed.

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Nbc gold is great. I wish sx did it too

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Let me check my machine 🤓

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I was there. Anyone who could ride that track at national speed has my full respect. Great job

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They are still killing it . Whoops before finish are going to be crucial

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dude looks like a lady lmao. I would go broke on peroxide and

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what I did too. love it. 20' rockwood. built so much better. alum and fiberglass etc I could never find the toy hauler I liked in the same weight and price range. camping and riding hard to beat.

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maybe if a team or bike brand separate title was more in the light. then teams could be rooted for. as long as it doesn't have

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22 holeshot 1st moto stamp it

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100k crowd? only 30k will be able to see anything

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bought 10 raffle ticket for mobil medical unit. so I have that going for me.....

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looks one

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thanks for the close up of that southern

as said you were riding great. I would need some serious rut practice to ever race there. ruts are my daddy lol.does seem like a fun but expensive trip with the right mindset. glad you're ok.
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ive been saying that all season. use different flavors on the other bikes. so many choices. green ruins a Yamaha.

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my camper got ripped off in a secure lot they don't care . I hope they burn I hate a thief. I had to thanks to great laws. buy my stuff back then hope the thief gets court ordered to pay me back. seems back asswards to me. he steals it pawn shop buys ... more »