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This should be looked at as a positive from Tomac’s view. It didn’t take him until the end of the season to get the red plate and when he did take it, it was another demoralizing race for everyone else on the track. If it ends now, Eli will be 100% confident ... more »

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Lol yeah I can think of things much scarier than kids missing out on public education

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Wait, so gasjer crashes in the 2nd Moto, but somehow Herlings has met his match??? Gasjer may be made of rubber, but there is no way he can keep crashing all season trying to run Herlings pace and not have a “big one”.

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Tomac making uncharacteristic passes trying to get away from the lunatic on the 51

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That’s 20%.......

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It’s easy to sort the mouth breathers on here by what their definition of “racing” is. I like to pretend that Mx/Sx fans may have some class, but in reality it’s mainly of bunch men who wanna see a combo of monster jam and UFC instead of an actual race. ... more »

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You mean he’s ruining a good race like usual by riding like an imbecile?

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Too bad a factory Yamaha has never looked that good

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Same problem here. Qualifying replays no problem but the main will not play. This happened last week and I wasn’t able to watch the main until Monday.

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Super cool. And the CRF looks so much more bad ass than any of his KTMs, but that's just me. Good to see him enjoying that perfect dirt!!

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So breaking his back during the 2019 offseason didn’t have any effect?

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Yes, I contemplate jumping every culvert I see

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I just read “some shit”.

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Dude is always happy and upbeat----and has style for days.

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The penalty should’ve been making those 2 joust each other during the commercial break.

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The ‘08 had a 22mm offset. Also I don’t think I’ve seen anyone mention it, but they lowered the engine in 2006 and also changed intake valve seat material. 2007 got the big FCR41 carb and smaller exhaust valves. FWIW I had an ‘08 and now have an ‘18. ... more »

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I had the chance to ride an ‘18 RMZ450 a few weeks ago. Excellent turn in, front brake felt a little weak, motor was smooth as silk, but the shock felt awful. Seriously, I’ve been out of the loop for a few years and had no idea they went to the BFRC ... more »

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I was given a cheap electric pressure washer that’s only about 1500psi. I rinse off the heavy mud with a garden hose, then use mean green and the sissy pressure washer for the rest. Dry it with cordless leaf blower and lube chain.