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The one I made a few years back after Tickle got suspended.

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I think with a good bike under him and a good program behind him, RJ will be able to calm down and back it down 5% which would eliminate many of the crashes and mistakes. Similar to Webb this year. I think Cooper was riding way over his head trying to ... more »

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You are stoned out of your mind. Go get some cheetos

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Such a fun race, I did it 2010-2016. Sounds like the weather/dirt this year was perfect. There have been a few mudders in the past that made the 3am shift really interesting.

... more »
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Oh, I like it!! They can call it Supercross.

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I wish Kenny would have done this bike rather than the 1800 Collect bike. This factory bike is still the best looking race bike Honda has ever done IMO. So simple, but bad ass.

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So this year, for the first time that I can remember, rather than just "staying in shape" for an extra month post outdoors, our riders are spending serious time actually riding and trying to get better on the Euro style tracks and bike setup. I have ... more »

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I say to hell with grooming up and coming riders. Let Kawi and Honda pay the riders from the time they are 12 until they turn pro. Then, after their rookie year is over, KTM can offer the best performing kid (who proved himself in the pro ranks) a huge ... more »

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TLD Hartranft on West, Brown on East with Drake being the "pinch hitter" as necessary for SX, then run all 3 for outdoors. Husky run Hampshire West, Mosiman East with Bailey as "pinch hitter"

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You're acting like they have a presence now......

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Ive thought about this for years, Top 20 qualifiers race the 2 motos, then 21-40 race a single 20 minute B final during intermission between 1st 450 moto and 2nd 250 moto. Run a separate points and purse system for the B main. Allow B main points to ... more »

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I thought McAdoo to TLDKTM was signed, sealed, and delivered? There has got to be a story somewhere here. Did TK drag his feet in signing, thus allowing Mitch to get his claws into McAdoo? I seriously doubt that Hartranft impressed enough to oust McAdoo ... more »

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if it is an ACL, he probably will miss the fist couple rounds of deathcross.

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This team has had a black cloud of epic proportions hanging over its head this year. Im sure Indiana cant come fast enough for TK and the guys. Should be interesting to see how things shape/shake up over there this winter. The team works way to damned ... more »

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Not much happening this year in the 450 class other than AC moving up, Seely retiring and JS17 going to probably JGR or MCR. The 250 class is where most of the movement is.

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The battle between him and Stew that year was probably the best race Ive ever been at. Incredible how fast those 2 were going.

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didnt Phil and Mike used to ride together back in the day?

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here we go!!!!

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what happened to all the Wilson to JGR "stamp it" posts?

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maybe they are trying to hurt him so he is behind the 8ball for next year on the Honda (joking of course)