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The opinions of others in this thread are not wrong, only you can decide what is right for you. My .02: Every new bike I had felt slower on the track than it did in my yard, and even slower once I got used to it- subconsciously putting my weight where ... more »

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Those of you with clearance issues, is there an aversion to running a narrow X ring such as the DID ERVT which I think replaced the VT2? (Other than price). I ask because I am considering going this route with steel sprockets after always having run ... more »

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You don't have to lay it all the way down, just lean it over until fuel starts coming out of the carb drain hoses- once you get to around 45 degrees you should be able to see it, just hold it there until it stops. Whatever side you are standing on, just ... more »

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Try turning the fuel off, then lean the bike over at an angle until you see fuel draining out of the hoses. It will take around ten seconds for all of the fuel below the fuel switch to drain out. Kick it a few times to push anything out of the top. Then ... more »

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YouTube search "dirt bike front axle alignment." There is an order in which you have to tighten everything down, compressing the forks a few times while one side is still floating on the axle, to make sure the forks are straight up and down. If you do ... more »

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I'm assuming yz250 2 stroke. Which yamalube are you using? They make all different viscosities/applications, you just want to make sure it is one best suited for your transmission. Maxima MTL is a proven one for two stroke bottom ends if you want to ... more »

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It surprises me that an aftermarket company hasn't made a switch that mimics the functionality of the stock one but with a more robust waterproof casing, direct replacement plug in as the stock does. It seems like they would sell a few.

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If you have the resources, my recommendation would be to just replace everything. I had something similar happen but with a brake. I tried replacing just the seals first, got it to hold pressure in the shop, but it blew under racing conditions. Then ... more »

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The edge of the brake pad that points to the rear of the bike gets dulled by being the first point of contact that the spinning rotor, and any debris on it, makes with the brake pad. The front of the brake pad remains sharp due to just being the point ... more »

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The most accurate way would be to remove the bottom shock bolt and pick the rear wheel up (ratchet strap around subframe to lift rear wheel helps) so that the rear axle and swingarm bolt are straight across from each other. This is the point at which ... more »

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If you bent your fender, that can give the illusion that everything else is out of line. I've done the same thing, lined everything else back up but because the fender was tweaked it made the whole front end look off. Plastic is hard to get straight ... more »

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Do yourself a favor and run your eyes along your exhaust from the cylinder back, make sure no wires/hoses/etc are too close to it to make sure the burning smell isn't anything that it is not supposed to be. It is not a bad idea to zip tie wires up and ... more »

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This is the aspect I was touching on in my original post where I suggested that maybe they are just running it for SX... will be interesting to see if they continue with it outdoors. These are the guys spending big bucks on making sure that KR94 does ... more »

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I agree, which is why it seems strange to me- they change oil constantly with precisely measured amounts which would make me think that they have a lot less use for a sight glass than the average consumer whose bike sits for lengths of time before needing ... more »

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Looking at the A1 pre-race photos on the home page, it looks like Roczen's bike might have an oil sight glass on the case to the lower right of the clutch, left of the water pump? Interesting to me as I prefer that to the dip stick as far as ability

... more »

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Check all motor mounts and make sure they are torqued to spec. If loose, that might be a cause. An inexpensive thing to try would be drilling into a soft metal stock to make washers to be placed between the mounts which I've heard some guys use to absorb ... more »

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KTMs come stock with lock-on grips, where the right side grip is molded to the tube. If you want to keep going with lock on grips, then yes, the right side grip/throttle tube is replaced as one unit. If you want to go with the non-lock on style, motion ... more »

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Nothing is wrong. Your bike will not roll like it is in neutral when in gear with clutch. Until hot oil gets in between the plates, usually from riding a few laps on a track at full whack, the plates might stick to each other and cause a stall at low ... more »

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From the manual for my 08: "Install the cover by tightening the six cover bolts in a crisscross pattern in two or three steps to the specified torque: 7 ft lb/10nm/1 kgf/m.

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I've yet to ride a 350 and am intrigued by the concept. My main question is: does giving up 100cc of cylinder volume really make it feel that much more light/flickable/manageable than a 450? Its still a big 4 stroke, not going to feel like a 125. I have ... more »