14 kx250f clutch issue??

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12/23/2018 5:39 PM

I recently purchased my 14 kx250f and took it straight to the garage. I have not ridden it yet but started it a couple times. The first time I cranked it up, I let it run for about 30 seconds to a minute to warm up a bit. I pulled in the clutch and attempted to put it into first gear and it stalled immediately. The damn thing won’t even roll with the clutch pulled in and engine off.

I have gone numb from reading forums and watching videos on clutch issues. My clutch cable is in good shape and the gap by the handle is about the width of a penny.

so today, I changed the oil (Kawasaki 10w40) and filter and inspected the clutch basket, hub, friction plates and metal plates. Overall, everything looked good. No notches in basket/hub and everything else seemed to be in good condition. Only thing I noticed was the plates were sticky due to the oil (normal when cold?) Put it all back together and it still would not roll (BARELY if at all) with the clutch pulled in and in gear.

Started it back up and let it idle for 2-4 minutes, pulled the clutch, and it actually went into first gear without stalling (even 2nd). Now, I have not ridden it because I’m afraid to tear it up if something is really wrong with it.

i have heard the term “clutch drag” reading these forums and it sounds like it is normal for the drag to occur until the oil gets hot. This is the newest bike I’ve ever owned and it’s my first 4 stroke. I cannot recall having this issue with any of my other bikes but it has been a long time ago.

i ordered a new basket and clutch rings in anticipation that these are my issue. I’m hoping for someone to tell me I’m crazy and it’s perfectly normal so I can return these expensive parts.

very sorry if this has been covered before but I couldn’t find a real answer.


12/23/2018 6:29 PM

Nothing is wrong. Your bike will not roll like it is in neutral when in gear with clutch. Until hot oil gets in between the plates, usually from riding a few laps on a track at full whack, the plates might stick to each other and cause a stall at low rpm, i.e. when putting it into gear from neutral at idle rpm. You won't need to replace basket until bike does a jerking motion under engagement because the plates aren't sliding smoothly across the ears of the basket, and won't need to replace plates until it slips- you give it throttle in gear and feel slip under load. You can keep the parts you bought as backup, especially the plates/springs are good to have in case it slips- a notched basket happens gradually and is not a day-ruiner when you first notice it, but for a slipping clutch it is good to have plates and springs to replace immediately.


12/23/2018 6:37 PM

I understand your frustration. I have seen bikes with the lever pulled the wheel spins freely.
Also, I have replaced everything and still had a slight creep the first use.
Recently had 2016 KTM 250FE that was stalling and creeping going into 1st gear on the first start up. We replaced everything at considerable cost just to have it do the same thing. On this bike we have to hold the brake and keep the rev's up the first time you use the clutch after sitting a day, after the clutch lubes and warms up it stops creeping in gear with the lever pulled in. Ride the bike around and see if it still creeps? It can be normal with today's clutches and oils.


12/23/2018 6:50 PM

Thanks guys. I’ve been out of the motocross game for years. It seemed odd at first but definitely makes sense to let the oil warm first. I’ll just roll with what I have for now and have some fun!


12/24/2018 6:35 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/24/2018 6:36 PM

Greg99 wrote:

Thanks guys. I’ve been out of the motocross game for years. It seemed odd at first but definitely makes sense to let the oil ...more

As said above...and I know from owning that same bike from new for years, just sold mine this year and switched to YZF. FYI, Hinson plates and spring kit makes a nice difference on that bike. I have a giant box of plastics, radiators, pegs, fork spring, spare parts for a 2014 KX250F if you want it. Great bike. Enjoy.

Edit: also, keep running the Kawasaki 10-40 and Kawasaki oil filters. Change oil often, your clutch and engine will thank you.