'07 KX65 - Extreme Vibration in Handlebars

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12/24/2018 8:39 AM

I took my nephew riding yesterday with his new-to-him 2007 KX65. I saw him pull off the track early each time we went out and he said his hands were going numb. I asked why and he said his handlebars would vibrate badly when I'd motion for him to go faster.

I took his bike for a spin in the field, and I have never felt the bars of a bike vibrate so badly. Currently he has the ProTaper mini honda cr bend. I've ridden CR250's, YZ125's and YZ250's and have never experienced bars vibrating like that. It pretty much instantly made it to where I couldn't hold on.

I didn't notice any vibration while the bike was idling, however, once the RPM's started getting high around the power band is when the vibration starts and it only got worse the higher the RPM's went.

Any insight to this? Thanks.


12/24/2018 9:06 AM

Check all motor mounts and make sure they are torqued to spec. If loose, that might be a cause. An inexpensive thing to try would be drilling into a soft metal stock to make washers to be placed between the mounts which I've heard some guys use to absorb vibration. More expensive would be handlebar inserts, and then having the crank balanced to top end next time you rebuild.


12/24/2018 9:23 AM

Thanks for the reply Greg, I'll give those suggestions a try.