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Of course Ping is not a journalist. Along the same lines, Matthes is as far from journalism as he is from crossfit. Because they write for Racer X and other publications, they are mistaken for journalists. From reading Ping's tweets, columns on RX and ... more »

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Matthes ain't going anywhere. He has no skills outside of moto. What, is he going to open a small bike repair shop in his garage in his Vegas suburbia? lol?! mechanic again? for who? won't make half what he makes now if he were. As long as he can milk ... more »

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Removed from the Thor MX website...

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RV's comments about GP riders...... LMAO! Like he didn't crash his brain out a couple times and ruined his seasons a couple times going home in an ambulance. ha ha. SX has always bee like that and there's always been title contenders (don't include Mike ... more »

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what a waste of my go so precious time....

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Not sure it is the YZ that doesn't fit Barcia's style of riding, over-reving the bike everywhere and riding it like a 250, or just the 450s that doesn't fit Barcia's style. Not like his past year and a half on the CRF were stellar. Most importantly, ... more »

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Well done Tonkov. Not allowed to ride by his doc, goes for his first 450 race and holds on the Dung for more than half of the moto. arf, arf, arf

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mea culpa

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to give you post #1883

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Might happen, might not, but it's looking more like its actually possible that he will go for that one year in MXGP (and not retire yet as Matthes thinks - he has some involvement in a new knee brace company and I would expect to see him promote it, ... more »

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This is all good and fun for the crowd that dislike JS, meltdown for his fans, nevertheless, the guy still only gets caught with forbidden amphetamine RX meds. Still no one caught with PEDs when it is obvious those are used in SX and MX and more useful ... more »

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totally!!! Oshow nails it.

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he'll be missed but it might make it interesting. Funny how a few thought RV would definitely get his knee fixed after the latest MX Sports announcement. He comes back for 2015 SX and then retires.

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yes I am totally supporting this 3-race series and the effort Ulrich and others are putting to make it happen. On the opposite I am not supporting the catpiss road racing series that's calling itself AMA Superbike, hope it dies and those who ran it into ... more »

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again, AMA shows consistency in stupidity. 5K for shoving and fighting like girlies and 4K for trying to tore someone's leg off in a blatant t-bone. Cool beans.

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Reed and Barcia are out, he's getting close, 4 to go....

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imagine if this was a done deal....

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how many listeners in the US are we talking about, 20K, 50K last night?