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I know, I was so eager to see him on the other side after showing him what reality is.

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Yeah, how dare he be frustrated for only making it 200 feet into the race! Why is it that the only people that use the term "snowflake" consistently have nothing good to ever add to the conversation?

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The expensive bikes are ruining the sport! The guys doing it on their own are too slow and ruining the sport! Unless you are Justin Cooper, literally everything you do is ruining the sport!

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Struggling to see how this is moto related..

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Hot take: I don't care who the manufacturer is, no frame should snap in half over the span of a couple years. Clearly a massive design flaw that should not be looked as general wear and tear. Anyone saying "tough luck, way she goes" is severely delusional. ... more »

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Come on man, you're exaggerating a bit.Winters are wet, but the summers are amazing. Heck, the rain you get in the summer just keeps the track from getting dusty.

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I'd always just watch the little peg holding up the gate.

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This whole thread is hilarious. It has everything you need. Copy write claims, 2 stroke vs 4 stroke debate and still genuine concern over a 2 stroke media black out.

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You could say that about every race, every single weekend. What a dumb way to view it...

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Honestly though, what's the point of forcing a guy to race a 250 when he clearly isn't motivated to and wants to race the premiere class? If he's following the contract, who's at fault really? Seems like bad business. Everyone bitches about people staying ... more »

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Damn, this photo does a really good job at capturing the steep hills at Millville! Wicked!

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Matthes and JT both sounded like they'd be surprised if he went, even after Tomac saying he'd like to earlier in the year. So that has me a bit nervous about it. JMart seems to be on it again this year, he'd be a great pick even. 450's is tough. Barcia ... more »

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Damn! I audibly said "What?!" when I read this headline. That is such a bummer for Zacho, hope he heals up quick and back to 100%. So excited for Phil, though! That being said... Our chances at the home des Nations race is looking more and more grim... ... more »

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Didn't he suffer a really gnarly head injury this last go around? Makes me worried for him in he has any future wrecks.

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Probably not.

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Dude, even with AT&T, it's ass on raceday. Too many people causing shit to never load or work. Blessing is disguise, though. Keeps me off my phone!

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It's not a big bore.