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Not to derail this thread but man that is one of the nicest looking bikes I have seen.

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30k is going to be absolutely smashed, haha. I wouldn’t stress about it.

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Michigan westher changes by the hour. No point in looking that far ahead.

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Ahh, great... A thread about semantics. This is going about as well as I could have expected it to.

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I have a site in B lot with just a car and tent. Depending on the size of the site, I may rent out the extra car spot. Won’t know until that Friday though.

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The Ritchie’s said they are expecting twice the national numbers.

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Hopefully all the rain we’ve been getting lately gives us a break that weekend. It’s been wet!

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Man, look at UFC pay per view prices... and that’s only for a couple hours if entertainment. At least with the pass you get 3 days of uninterrupted race coverage. Hard to beat.

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Anyone have any recommendations on some moto related literature? Want to snag a few books to put on the shelf for a rainy day.

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If the bikes aren’t stateside until February, does that mean JGR has to run the old model in SX until then?

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They did have to change the start to fit the mechanics area like mentioned above. Rumors of the MXGP folks wanting some track changes? LaRocco’s Leap? Can you comment on this and where’s the start going to be located? The main track change was to house ... more »

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I'm kinda drunk and rambling here so don't take it the wrong way because I'm not trying to discredit anyone but isn't it kinda crazy how the sort of mentality and skill that can be passed along in genes? To be in the upper echelon of any sport always

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It’s because people are insecure about themselves and feel better when they get to hide behind a screen and try to put down others. The bizarre part is they’d fanboy the dude they’re making fun of if they met in real life. Weirdos.

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There’s a thread on it somewhere. It got side tracked (unsurprisingly) so I can’t seem to find it now. It may have ended up in the dumbgeon. Edit: beaten to the punch.

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I had to laugh a bit too for being so absurd. Lmao. I haven’t seen that in a long time. For those that may not know, that used to be a super popular meme on forums. No surprise it hasn’t aged well.

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Soft drinks = sodas/energy drinks. Alcohol will still cost you money, although you will have a much shorter line.

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That all makes sense but I figured that’s why they’d all go with the 2 strokes. Because at least then they have a valid excuse or scapegoat but now if they’re all on competitive bikes and make it into the A main... I dunno. I just hope none of them get ... more »

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(Shaking head sadly)...