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This is not a comment, it is a factual statement. “I just messed my shorts that sound was so sexy”

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Pick tracks in states that don’t have as strict of social distancing policies. Even if you have to revisit a previous state/track. I just want to see some racing.

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In that second race you started out like a C rider, but then you started clearing a few of the jumps so now I don’t know if you are a C or B rider, maybe a sandbagging A rider.

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I’ve always liked my 2 stroke 250’s with a healthy dose of added flywheel. It really smoothed out the power. I had a 90 RM250 a while back and it was ported for extra low end and a strong midrange. Coupled with around 11 oz’s of extra flywheel it had ... more »

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And GuyB drew number 11 out of the hat,

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Suzuki has always had the handling of the bike where it needs to be, but I’m wondering if they could dump that BRF (or whatever they call it) shock and go back to a known unit. Hell, if they could just throw on some KYB SSS stuff and get it dialed in, ... more »

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Internals are probably a pair of springs inside with just enough oil dumped in to create air pressure buildup reducing the bottoming effect.

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I rode dirt bikes for several years, then at age 15, the year 1982, some friends took me to my first MX race at Dick Klamfoth’s Honda Hills for a Saturday race. When the gate dropped on the first race, 80cc Sr class, it sounded like a stirred up hornets ... more »

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No, it's all good. He cut off some broom handles and placed them inside the forks as stops to prevent the tire from hitting the pipes. All good to go

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They say that motorcycling as a sport is expensive, well yes, it can be, but it can also be done on a realistic budget. That being said, have you seen what it costs to keep a child in a stick and ball sport? It used to be sign up for little league or ... more »

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As long as it happens, I’m fine with it.

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I would have at least expected to see an image of the old Tuf Racing Kawi's from the late 80's on one of the first two pages. Some of you boys are slacking. Here, let me help.

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With all this time off, and a possible delay to the start of the outdoors (fingers crossed), I was just curious if anyone on this board with some industry connections has an update on Marv. Surely he's got to be back to riding by now. I haven't read ... more »

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Stanton dropped back to the 125 support class at Unadilla Gp in 89 I believe. Won both motos and I never knew Stanton to be a tiddler rider. I was impressed as hell.

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Jesus, that track was awesome back in the early 80's. Grass.......Natures dust control product!

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My stuff is pretty securely locked up, but it’s insured by .223, .308, and 9mm. If you’re not invited onto my property, it would be wise to steer clear. I always assume my life is in danger when others trespass.

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Has anyone else noticed that Craigslist has really been dropping off in available merchandise. I believe they’ve started charging for their service and Facebook Marketplace is taking over. Just curious if anyone else has noticed this trend also.

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Maybe he's pissed at Taco Bell, hence the Chipotle plug. Hell, I don't know. Can't care too much, I've got much larger issues to worry about than a little pissing

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Sadly, I’m going to have to agree. Some reports coming in are predicting end of summer (August) before the first wave is over. Then there is always the second wave that follows. And now I’m seeing there may be a couple other viruses breaking out in China ... more »