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I was just going to say something to that effect. I can remember watching riders just struggle to get through sections. It wasn’t until McGrath came along that he found a way to piece sections together. Watch San Diego ‘96 and there is a weird section ... more »

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I’ve always enjoyed outdoor MX more than supercross. More riders, more open, and they just hammer those bike around the track.

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I thought this was a thread about a Chevy LBZ Duramax diesel. Whoops.

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Ok, so I’ll give you my secret now that I’m 55 and pretty much out of racing. For what it’s worth, this info is from the mid 80’s when I was racing 250 two strokes so take it with a grain of salt if you will. Anyway, when I was 17, I remember reading ... more »

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I like both riders, and no offense to Bogle, but maybe he should ride faster, then he wouldn't have to worry about Barcia coming up behind him and taking him out.

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Hang on, I gotta go wash my hands first!

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I actually go to bed, get up at 5 am, and watch the replay. Then I fast forward to the beginning of each heat, lcq, and main event. I’m always watching it alone so it’s the perfect scenario for me.

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I loved the early/mid ‘80’s motocross bike evolution!

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I……DON’T……..KNOW………WHAT………TO…….THINK!!!!!!!! I just guys don’t start getting hurt before the season begins.

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I had my CP done two years ago in Lancaster Ohio. Young Dr. by the name of Julka. Two tiny slits at the base of both palms. Had both done at the same time. Instant relief as I’ve not had any numbness after that.

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I would like to find an old YZ100 and just ride the ever living shit out of it. I’m 54 btw.

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I don’t sleep more than a couple hours a night here lately, so I’m up when the new tracks come out. I guess that’s one reward for lack of sleep. I think my #1 ranking lasted about 1 minute. Ha ha!

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BTW, early bird gets the worm!

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Just wanted to let you guys know that I was up early this morning and I have to say I am/was ranked #1 in the world. Check it out! LOL!

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I remember reading an article when Micky Diamond was trying out for team Honda before the ‘86 season, he was riding in the track and DeCoster was also on the track at the same time. Micky commented that every lap he saw DeCoster on the same part of the ... more »

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If that was a 250, I’d take it off your hands. Edit: Just noticed the was resurrected from 2015. LOL!

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Now that we’re heading into the off season, I’m curious if anyone knows or has heard how or what Weston’s been up too. That was a pretty rough patch he went through a while back and I was just curious how he’s been.

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To the OP, look on the bright side. Down under in the Southern Hemisphere, your off season is summer and ride time. Us poor bastards in the Northern Hemisphere, namely the mid-west Great Lakes region, are heading into winter. We’re getting a double whammy. ... more »

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I never considered Bradshaw a choker. For the most part, he was a bad ass who rode a dirt cycle balls to the wall.