Cade Clason

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​Cade Clason is a professional Motocross/Supercross rider from Arcadia, Ohio. He turned pro in 2014 as a privateer and made one main event during the Supercross season. The following year he got a ride with Gurrnaid Honda team for the Supercross season. After Supercross, he decided to try out the Canadian Motocross Nationals with the Redemption Racing KTM team. Coming into 2016, he signed with the K1 Speed Honda team to race the Supercross series in the 450 class, and he re-signed with Redemption Racing KTM to race the 2016 Canadian Motocross Nationals during the summer. During the 2017 Supercross season, Cade failed a drug test and was provisionally suspended by the FIM. As of 2018, his case has still not been settled. 

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AMA National Numbers:

2015: #92

2017: #80

2018: #97

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