Pit Bits 2017 - Anaheim
Showa supported teams have made a big switch in the off-season. Going primarily from the SFF TAC system (some with spring assist) to a Showa Conventional Spring Fork with Air Assist. How does it work? It's a standard spring fork with the ability to regulate air pressure in the outer chamber in low volumes. The purpose? The ability to add pressure for situations it can be helpful. Such as running a fork with a slightly soft spring rate for good initial feel and settling characteristics, then adding a few PSI to make the fork speed sensitive enough for good bottoming resistance. The fork has just been rolled out and to our understanding, even though most Showa riders are equipped with this fork not all are running any PSI, as some haven't had the fork long enough to test it. While others are taking advantage of the system. We're doing a log of all the suspension systems being used this next week, so peek back for it!
Michael "ML512" Lindsay

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