2022 World Supercross Team Rosters - All 40 Racers and All Ten Teams 3

All 40 riders, all ten teams, and even a few Wildcards...

We finally have the full rosters of the 2022 World Supercross teams! Below you'll find some stats about the racers, the Wildcard entries we've learned of for the two rounds and finally the 40 riders, their ten teams, what bikes they're on, what they're wearing and more!

First up, a quick glance at the 450 full-time riders home countries.

  • United States - 22
  • France - 7
  • Australia - 5
  • Italy - 2
  • England - 1
  • Scotland - 1
  • Germany - 1
  • Sweden - 1

Average age of the 40 full-time riders is 28.9 years old

Smartop | MotoConcepts Honda

The MCR squad is back with familiar faces as all three of their 2022 Supercross riders take on the World series with them. However, they're joined by one retired racer making a comeback. The team continues to operate aboard Hondas, with all the engines and electronics duties being handled by Chad Braun at XPR. Along with Factory Showa supporting their suspension program.

WSX - 450 Class

#10 Justin Brayton | USA | 38

Justin Brayton is retired but just from AMA Racing. He will race the Australian Supercross series alongside the World SX series to round out 2022. He will be on a MCR Honda CRF450R in both series but in the Australian series it will be branded as Honda Genuine Racing bike (Yarrive Konsky's team). Justin Brayton will continue in Fly Racing gear, helmets, and goggles, along with Gaerne boots.

#19 Vince Friese | USA | 31

Vince Friese bumps back up to the 450 alongside Justin Brayton. He will be in the team issue kit of Leatt gear, helmets, goggles, and boots.

SX2 - 250 Class

#48 Mitchell Oldenburg | USA | 28

Mitchell Oldenburg joined MCR for 2022 and looks to continue with the team into World SX and into 2023 as well. He will stick with the team's 250 for this series. He will be in the team issue kit of Leatt gear, helmets, goggles, and boots.

#200 Cole Seely | USA | 32

Cole Seely is returning from retirement for the 2022 World SX series with MCR. Potentially for 2023 as well, although we will not see him race with the team's US program next year...just the World side. He will be aboard the team's potent CRF250R in the SX2 class. Cole will be in his own gear deals, partnering with TLD on gear and helmets, along with 100% goggles and Alpinestars boots.

Honda Genuine Racing

Honda Genuine Racing is also known as Firepower Honda here in the states and as the Factory Honda racing program in Australia. They have a mix of riders from these programs along with Ken Roczen. The team has parted ways with Twisted Development on their US program since AMA Supercross ended and has gone in-house with their development.

WSX - 450 Class

#15 Dean Wilson | Scotland | 30

The tall lad from Scotland joins the Honda Genuine Racing program and their US counterpart, Firepower Honda, for World SX in 2022...US Supercross in 2023...and World SX in 2023. Dean Wilson will continue with Rockstar Energy Husqvarna through Motocross of Nations, aboard team Great Britain. After this, he will jump on Supercross with his new team to prepare for the upcoming World SX series. Dean Wilson will swap from O'Neal and his usual gear sponsors to a new kit with the team. He will be in Fly Racing helmets, gear, and goggles, with Alpinestars boots.

#94 Ken Roczen | Germany | 28

After a public falling out between himself and American Honda HRC, Ken has chosen to continue into World SX aboard a Honda Genuine Racing CRF450R with little to no parts from his prior machine. He just began testing this team's 450 this week at MTF. Also, while the rest of the team is utilizing Pirelli tires...it looks as if Roczen will be on Dunlops. He will also differ from the team by running Fox head-to-toe. Lastly, it sounds like Ken Roczen's bike will differ in look from the rest of the team with "KR94" themed graphics and sponsorship placement.

SX2 - 250 Class

#20 Wilson Todd | Australia | 24

After winning the Aussie MX 250 title, Wilson Todd shipped off to the US to prepare for SX aboard the teams 250 alongside Max Anstie at the Millsaps Training Facility (MTF). He will be in Fly Racing helmets and gear, with Scott goggles and Alpinestars boots.

#99 Max Anstie | England | 29

After a few US MX Nationals aboard the team's US Firepower Honda CRF450R, Max took a short rest and jumped into Supercross aboard a Firepower Honda CRF250R under the Honda Genuine Racing banner. He will be in Fly Racing helmets, gear, and goggles, with Alpinestars boots.

Rick Ware Racing

Rick Ware Racing returns to Supercross after over 12 years away from the sport. The team is operating uniquely as there is no direct OEM relationship and each rider picked their own bikes.

WSX - 450 Class

#14 Ryan Breece (Yamaha) | USA | 27

Ryan Breece will compete aboard a YZ450F similar to the spec he used in Supercross this year in his own program. It seems Breece has been back on SX for at least a month in preparation for the series. Breece will be racing in UFO gear, Arai helmets, EKS brand goggles, and Alpinestars boots.

#17 Joey Savatgy (Kawasaki) | USA | 28

Joey Savatgy will compete on a Kawasaki KX450 prepared by Pro Circuit. Rumor is he's coming into the series with some form of foot or ankle injury and has very limited bike time. It's likely that Savatgy will race in Fly Racing helmets and gear, along with Scott goggles and Alpinestars boots.

SX2 - 250 Class

#12 Shane McElrath (Yamaha) | USA | 28

Shane McElrath will compete on a Yamaha YZ250F.

#45 Colt Nichols (Yamaha) | USA | 28

#45 Henry Miller (Yamaha) | USA

Henry Miller replaces Colt Nichols after Colt bowed out of the series last minute.

BUD Racing Kawasaki

BUD Racing has a long history of French motocross and Supercross, along with EMX125, EMX250, MX2 and MXGP experience...and even a bit os US Supercross racing. The team is bringing in all-new riders from their current rosters. All riders will be in the team's usual kit of BUD gear, 6D helmets, Scott goggles, and Alpinestars boots.

WSX - 450 Class

#85 Cedric Soubeyras | France | 33

Cedric Soubeyras has been sharing his time between a Honda CRF450R he races in other series while also testing with BUD aboard a KX450.

#20 Gregory Aranda | France | 33

#137 Adrien Escoffier | France |

Adrien Escoffier replaces Gregory Arnada due to an injury for Aranda.

SX2 - 250 Class

#66 Chris Blose | USA | 34

Chris Blose has pushed off retirement a bit longer. After initially testing with the team in France a bit over a month ago, he's been stateside testing aboard a KX250 in his home state of Arizona.

#102 Matt Moss | Australia | 34

Matt Moss returns to Supercross competition and similar to Blose spent some time with the team in France over a month ago. Since then we believe he's been at home preparing.

Monster Energy CDR Yamaha

The factory Yamaha 450 program from Australia will enter the series with their two regular Aussie racers along with two incoming Americans. One has experience with the team and the other is new to the CDR program. The team has a solid 450 technical program but they haven't utilized 250s in quite some time. We believe their 250 program is a combination of technical support from the Aussie Yamaha 250 program (Serco Racing), Enzo Racing and CDR's own in-house knowledge. The team will run its usual kit of head-to-toe Fox with gear, helmets, goggles, and boots.

WSX - 450 Class

#18 Luke Clout | Australia | 27

Luke Clout missed their Australian National series due to injury but has returned to action aboard his usual CDR YZ450F for the Aussie SX series and World Supercross.

#75 Josh Hill | USA | 33

Josh Hill has been riding a mix of events recently and was initially riding Supercross aboard a KTM a few weeks ago. He's now back aboard his own Yamaha YZ450F but as far as we're aware, he hasn't traveled to Australia to test with CDR yet.

SX2 - 250 Class

#11 Kyle Chisholm | USA | 34

Kyle Chisholm has been back on SX for around a week or two aboard a YZ250F. He also hasn't been able to travel to Australia to test with CDR yet.

#19 Aaron Tanti | Australia | 26

Aaron Tanti has a few weeks of Supercross back under his belt again, after winning the Aussie MX title, and has transferred to the 250. He will have to split his time between the Australian SX series aboard a 450 and the World SX series on a 250.

Honda NILS

The Honda NILS team is being born from the 114 Honda MX2 program as they shift away from MX2 and MXGP to focus on World Supercross for the future. The team is still managed and co-owned by Livia Lancelot with backing from HRC Honda MXGP team owner Giacomo Gariboldi. The team will have a new technical package and the riders will have their own gear deals.

WSX - 450 Class

#911 Jordi Tixier | France | 29

Jordi Tixier has been preparing for SX for around a month now aboard his own KTM but has switched to a Honda in the past week or so to prepare for the upcoming series. He will run Shark helmets, FXR gear, Factory Ride goggles, and Forma boots.

#941 Angelo Pellegrini | Italy | 28

Angelo Pellegrini currently rides a Honda in other Supercross series. He will race in Seven MX gear, Bell helmets, Scott goggles, and Alpinestars boots.

SX2 - 250 Class

#384 Lorenzo Comporese | Italy | 24

Lorenzo Comporese currently races Italian Supercross aboard a Kawasaki but will convert to Honda for this series. He will race in Seven MX gear, Shoei helmets, Scott goggles, and Gaerne boots.

#773 Thomas Do | France | 25?

Thomas Do currently ride a Honda CRF250R for a French based team and races SX regularly throughout the year. He will likely race in KENNY gear, Bell helmets, Oakley goggles, and Gaerne boots.

Pipes Motorsports Group Suzuki (AKA, H.E.P.)

PMG will look familiar to many as it's the World version of H.E.P. Suzuki. The team will operate with some regulars and some newcomers. Their new 250 program shares many components from the BarX squad and even one of their riders. All riders on the team will run Thor helmets and gear, 100% goggles, and Alpinestars boots.

WSX - 450 Class

#41 Brandon Hartranft | USA | 24

#60 Justin Starling | USA |

Brandon Hartranft has been replaced by Justin Starling due to an injury Hartranft received during outdoors that he's still recovering from.

#61 Freddie Noren | Sweden | 30

Freddie Noren is racing MXoN aboard a KTM for his home country before swapping to the PMG Suzuki RM-Z450 next week.

SX2 - 250 Class

#40 Dylan Schwartz | USA | 19

Dylan Schwartz raced for BarX Suzuki in 2022 and the PMG bike is utilizing a similar spec engine from Twisted Development and Showa kit suspension. It should be a relatively easy transition for the young Californian.

#285 Marshal Weltin | USA | 26

#41 Derek Kelley | USA |

Derek Kelley replaces an injured Marshal Weltin for both rounds in 2022.

ClubMX / Muff-Off / FXR Yamaha

The ClubMX team has some team regulars and some fill-ins due to injury (Enzo Lopes) or other riders choosing to sit out the series (Jeremy Martin and Garrett Marchbanks). The team will operate the same bike program as they do in the US and the same gear combos. This will be FXR gear, 6D helmets, Factory Ride goggles, and Gaerne boots.

WSX - 450 Class

#78 Cade Clason | USA | 27

Cade Clason has been a long-time member of ClubMX training facility but not a race team member. He joins the squad to fill a vacant YZ450F for the World SX series. He's been on Supercross again for about two weeks now.

#65 Grant Harlan | USA | 21

Grant Harlan was a late addition to the team, just this past week. Due to low preparation time from injury, Phil Nicoletti chose to drop down to 250s to take Enzo Lopes vacated bike. Harlan was called in to fill Phil's 450 spot.

SX2 - 250 Class

#401 Jace Owen | USA | 27

Jace Owen has continued to ride a bit of Supercross over the Summer with the ClubMX team and will be racing his final two races for the squad before changing teams ahead of the 2023 AMA season.

#715 Philip Nicoletti | USA | 33

Phil Nicoletti returned to riding this week from injuries sustained in outdoor preparation. He was originally scheduled to race the WSX 450 class but dropped down to SX2 when it became apparent that Enzo Lopes continuing nerve issues would keep him out of World SX.

GSM Dafy Yamaha

The French-based GSM/Dafy/Michelin Yamaha team is made up of three French riders that regularly race for the team and one incoming American for the series. They will all race in Shot gear, TCX boots, and Scorpion helmets.

WSX - 450 Class

#26 Thomas Ramette | France | 31

Thomas Ramette is a regular aboard the GSM Yamaha team and has been racing different Supercross and indoor series all year.

#945 Anthony Bourdon | France | 24

Anthony Bourdon is a regular aboard the GSM Yamaha team and has been racing different Supercross and indoor series all year.

SX2 - 250 Class

#141 Maxime Desprey | France | 31

Maxime Desprey is a regular aboard the GSM Yamaha team and has been racing different Supercross and indoor series all year.

#910 Carson Brown | USA | 23

Carson Brown is the new addition to GSM Yamaha but looks to have already tested with the team and been back on Supercross a bit for the past two months or so.

MDK Motorsports

MDK returns to Supercross. The team has a 250 program in the sense that both riders are running the same provided equipment and gear. However, the 450 side is pick as they choose with Chad Reed and Josh Grant putting together their own programs under the team's name.

WSX - 450 Class

#22 Chad Reed (KTM) | Australia | 40

Chad Reed headlines the MDK team aboard a Mountain Motorsports KTM 450 SX-F with Factory KTM support on engines and electronics, with works WP suspension prepared by AEO/REP Suspension (Mark Johnson). He will wear Alpinestars helmets, gear, and boots.,,along with Oakley goggles.

#33 Josh Grant (Honda) | USA | 36

Josh Grant also returns from retirement aboard a Honda CRF450R. His engine and electronics package has been prepared by Twisted Development, with Factory Showa support and tuning by Scot Bennett. He will wear Fasthouse gear, Alpinestars boots, Shoei helmets, and Scott goggles.

SX2 - 250 Class

#79 Derek Drake (KTM) | USA | 23

Derek Drake will run a team issue MDK KTM 250 SX-F with engines prepared by Twisted Development and WP Pro components tuned by AEO/REP Suspension. The 250 side of the team has gear contracts with Canvas MX gear, Bell helmets, 100% goggles, and Alpinestars boots.

#891 Justin Bogle (KTM) | USA | 29

Justin Bogle returns to the 250 class in SX2 aboard a team issue MDK KTM 250 SX-F with engines prepared by Twisted Development and WP Pro components tuned by AEO/REP Suspension. The 250 side of the team has gear contracts with Canvas MX gear, Bell helmets, 100% goggles, and Alpinestars boots.


Round 1 - Cardiff, Wales


#3 Eli Tomac - Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing YZ450F | USA

#155 Jack Brunell - GasGas | UK


#53 Dylan Walsh - Revo/Seven Kawasaki KX250 | New Zealand

#275 Dylan Woodcock - SR75 World Team Suzuki RM-Z250 | England

Round 2 - Melborne, Australia


#96 Kyle Webster - Honda Genuine Racing CRF450R | Australia






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