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We've got a serious case of facepalm here, do you agree?

Michael's Take: There's always that guy...or a few per se. Last year, at Hangtown, I ran across a few spectators holding up a derogatory sign towards Marvin Musquin, even waving it in his wife's face as she passed by. As I wondered by with my cameras they shouted for me to take a photo...I lifted my camera, then set it down and told them they were a disgrace to our sport. They went from being quite proud of themselves to quite pissed at me. Sadly, these kind of shenanigans are perpetrated by a few at nearly every race. This year, Musquin has faced some negative response on a few podiums but this guy shoving a middle finger towards his face takes the cake in my book. Se let's hear it, is this kind of behavior okay in most eyes or should someone snap that finger for him? Video and poll options below.

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