Added reply in a thread Your favorite Dirt Bike 11/24/2020 10:52 AM

Mine and my son's favorite bikes so far. So many reasons why, and we still have gas

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How do people that are color blind vote on this? I'm not color blind. Just wondering in the off season.

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I'm a Suzuki guy, but do you remember what that Jimmy McGarth guy said about the SUSZUKIES?

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I just hope the next bike has spring forks. My Alta is by far my favorite bike since I started riding 23 years ago. My 2005 RM250 is leaving my stable this weekend because I never ride it. My RMzilla only stays because of the time I put into building ... more »

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I want a snow melting machine.

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What things are breaking, and making you scratch your head? We might be upgrading from a KX65 next year. Would be nice to know.

Added reply in a thread The Godfather Banned from perris & statefair MX Tracks 11/14/2020 7:38 AM

I'm with Metz on this. I don't want to send my kid out on a track if we can't walk it first. I toss rocks too while walking. Drunks around kids isn't cool either, especially if they're driving the kids home.

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As much as I like my 05 without that sticker kit, there's no way I'd pay $10000. I'd grab a newer low hour YZ or KTHusky, do the suspension and still be under 10k with a better bike. For a museum piece if I had tens of millions, maybe.

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I was expecting 3 wheelers flipped on their sides, but this is better.

Added reply in a thread Newer Ram 1500 Problems? 10/28/2020 6:46 PM

Common for the sliders on the brake caliper/bracket to seize. We have a 2018 with 20000 on it. They are the cheapest truck for a reason, but we lease them because they are so cheap. I would buy anything else unless you are leasing. I also find the seats ... more »

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I hope you have a better day tomorrow.

Added reply in a thread Gary Semics' MX Facility for sale. 10/28/2020 6:25 PM

Gary told me in an email that he wasn't retiring, although the description in the text below the video on youtube says otherwise. And thanks again Gary for the DVDs. We bought the whole set and it's really helped increase techniques and lap times.

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Maybe try writing an open letter to him...

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Record turnouts all over the country this year. I hope the trend continues

Added reply in a thread Deegan on the 125 10/27/2020 9:06 AM

Actually I really like seeing underdogs and old dogs win. I like seeing the guy at the local track woop everyone's ass on a plain, roached looking bike. On top of that I also think that the Deegan's do an excellent job. I seem to remember more negativity ... more »

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My 6 year old has really gotten into watching the Deegan's videos. He's noticed the drills and training and is trying to copy that with my help. It's motivating for a young kid to watch some of that stuff, just like it was/is for us to watch Crusty and ... more »

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I'm willing to sell my Pennsylvania property for a half mil. It's only valued at about $180000, but it'd be a million dollar property in CA. Get it before it's gone because that's like half price! 2 tracks, and 40x60 garage included, with track or and ... more »

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This looks to be much better after one quick search, and seeing the filter options. Thank you!

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This sucks. Does anyone know if the family is financially ok? If they need help I'd like to help.

Added reply in a thread Alta owners - How have the bikes been holding up? Parts/Support? 10/19/2020 12:47 PM

I posted this on the Alta forum from the December 2019 issue of RacerX. Wouldn't surprise me if he has over 500 hours on it now.