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First and foremost you need to contact JBI and discuss your issues with them since you installed their DIY valving kit. Second, 280cc is way too much oil for those forks, IMO. Why did your installer decide on that volume? Not having any knowledge of ... more »

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I'm so pumped to finally see that legend ride in person tomorrow.

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We hit 102 yesterday 15 min outside of Hangtown but thankfully the forecast is calling for just 84 next Saturday!

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" Fortunately, we’ve been able to uncover some more clues that suggest the mystery bike will be an electric balance bike called the “Elektrode. " Hope it costs less than the new 20" Stacyc!

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My son is 10 and I would never let him ride in an open practice with big bikes on a busy track. We wanted to go down and try out Pala last October with some friends so I called the number on the website and asked how the practice was structured. The ... more »

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I don't know about YZ 450 rods but I'm on my 3rd transmission out of two KTM 65s. This is the 2nd time in just under 80hrs on our 2021... "Ready to race!"

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I've had this happen on almost every brand of shock with the CRF 150r being the worst for some reason. The rebound needle is loose and sliding closed when you try to pump the shaft. You need to remove the clevis from the shaft and take the rebound needle ... more »

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Thanks, WB, that's some good info! I'd say Anstie and Savatgy are definitely in a must situation and I can't wait to see how things pan out. And now a word from our sponsor...

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I don't have any of us riding together but here is one with my 9yr old on the line in his first ever trip to the Mammoth motocross this past summer. Ran towards the rear of the pack but he made both 65 mains and we had a blast!

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I as well as other people have been keeping in contact with Scottie and he messaged me at 8:30 this evening and asked me to post this for all of his friends. Its about that time, I love you Brian, please post this on Vital after midnight tonight or even ... more »

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Had some damn good times with Scottie!!!

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Like Factor E is suggesting, the issue lies more in the pinch bolts than the stem. We have both the 65sx and now TC 85 and if you use the factory torque specs they will twist every time. Aftermarket clamps with more clamping surface area would likely ... more »

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Off topic from BASS but it is my understanding that SOKI is still involved with the production of components for KYB as well as other current suspension manufacturers, is that correct? Not that it is terribly relevant to anything but I found that information ... more »

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Oh, that??? Well... That's different!

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I would start with the Lainer kit as it will address several flaws in the stock fork. You get adjustable compression and rebound shim stacks whereas the stock forks have no valving in them, That's why it feels like a pogo stick even with the rebound ... more »

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I remember watching a race on tv years ago where a dude on a Honda yard sale'd and the dude behind on a Kawasaki almost ran his head over. This whole story sounds eerily familiar...

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He started on a Honda 50 then moved to a PW80. He finally asked for a faster bike when he turned 8 so I got him a 65 in Jan 2020 and he did his first race that summer in July so he's been racing a 65 for about a year and a half now.