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How does your 19 compare to your 97 ? Like a improved version of a 97. I,m curious because I had a 97 Noleen yz125, I liked it a lot, but washed front end out after holeshots. All my 125,s where great in different ways. Stand out bikes 87 cr125 nsr porting, ... more »

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Great news. Even if your chic is smokin hot and life is perfect. Sometimes you want to split. I think it,s pretty normal, for a man to set himself free and roam for a few days. Very healthy thing to do. Why do ya think people love traveling, because ... more »

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Hesperia Ca. Pilot truck stop had 25 people in line every time I went in. The Wendy’s had no line. A driver backed in to me so hard, he knocked me into the back sleeper wall. He is driving off, I put my boots on just had underwear on. Running after him, ... more »

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Never enough 90,s. RM in blue and the tank Looks awesome. I bought a 92 new. All you need is the 92 seat cover. Ezra Lusk # was 117, excellent job.

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He probably just split, shacking up with a chic somewhere. I used to disappear for a few days, with a chic in another state.

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Awesome pic, the 87 was my 1st Mx bike. Purchased 11-18-89 on my birthday. You posted on my birthday, perfect day.

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1990 125 sx Champ, not many of us can claim that. My girlfriend laughed at 1 of his victory speeches. Denny says I,m really, really, really happy to win. She didn,t like Mx racing. Hope Denny is all good. He probably just went on a road trip. I see a ... more »

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arena cross was just as exciting as sx. Have a 125 only arenacross, 6k in the stands 20 per ticket= 120k. 5k to win each night. Fri, sat night like it was. Have it Live on public tv, interview riders focus on the travel and fun at and in between the races. People love traveling stories. Small businesses would be excited to sponsor. Get a hotel to sponsor, riders get free rent. The record label could have bands play b4 and after the race. Ticket holders get free admission to the post race party, bands playing again. Riders , bands, sponsor,s allowed to sell merchandise,etc. Maybe work in some Circus animals or trappeze performer. Haha Have numerous fan give aways, get them on the track with a spot light, they feel like there a part of the show. A local pizza place gives 20.00 coupons away to 25 lucky race fans. Etc. a fun series for fun people, 125 arenacross . Get your tickets early.

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Oh CooL, I just turned 54, 11-18-66, bought a bunch of Route 66 stuff lastnight. My Mother was in labor in the hospital to have me, 2-3 weeks over due. She went out of labor, they where young and bored. So they left the hospital and went for a drive. ... more »

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Happy birthday Scotty, I have no idea who you are, but we share the same 11-18 dob. East St. Louis shipper, security guy has the same dob, strange connection. I say in 3 days, it’s the best day ever, my birthday. He says mine too, I said I already knew ... more »

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Haha I was looking for his mxkied1 lic tag today. I delivered 43k of hz mat to Ontario Ca., ld of snow blowers out of San Bernardino going to NJ. 1st time in Ca. Since 08, all cool people yet.

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Bike looks Awesome. 96 redbud I was in primal,s pit, Kim and Pedro.

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Interesting you never here anything about a 04 cr250, sounds like a bike I would like. Power band similar to a 125 ? Mid to top ? I rode my pals 97 or 98 rm250, he had every bolt on, including a ignition. Ride it like your supposed to ride a 250 and ... more »

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Ski hill,s charge nothing. And you get to make your own track. I went ski as a kid, on this hill. All you have to do, is

... more »
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I would like to build a 90,s RM125 some day. A 98 in particular, but had no idea how hard it is, to find a pipe. Stock Rm pipes are pretty good tho. Pic of my new 98.

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Bill,s pipe is also very good. 414 is a southern Wi. Area code.

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I bought a 01 new. hgs pipe, silencer- best pipe for a 01. Fmf ignition, 2 setting toggle switch, carbon tech reeds, SRS piston, stock porting. I got protested for a illegal engine. Haha

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97 Daytona, spring break, bike week. Don,t laugh I was at a hotel MTV party On the beach also, fricken wild. Ya see the baby on the Harley?

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Yamaha dealership in Wisconsin, legitimate top 5 finisher at the Nationals. Freaking crazy.

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Summer memories, she has a 911 turbo , chic laying on a chase.

... more »