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I-35 s was closed at mm139, just north of Ames. I never seen that many telephone poles and power lines down ever. SkidLid tell your son, if he wants a hot shower. Do it now. I don,t see how they could get power on, anytime soon. Water heaters keep the ... more »

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There modded YZ125 sounds awesome. I,m sure there super busy, With that cone Look pipe everyone has to have.

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North of Des Moines Iowa. I-35 s was closed it took 5 hours to detour. I have seen tornados and hurricanes, but the destruction today on 8-10 was totally different. A lot of trees 4 or more feet wide, twisted and snapped off 9 feet up. Big steel grain ... more »

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I don,t know about that. But there was a bar and a restraunt on the 106th floor in the North tower. 60 or 80 bucks to go up, I gave the man a 100 and said keep the change.

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Shift should have kept there old logo=. Why did they change it?

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I may come out with my own supplement brand. Tiger Horn

basically cherry cool aid with stuff added. I hauler containers out of Chicago to Wi. Large barrels of powder to make all natural vitamins. The containers would be tore open on the side ... more »
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I broke L 1,2,3 in 96 Bone spurs grew threw the fractures. Into the disk and nerves. I tried every back injection procedure. Had surgery 10-2-02. I did my own therapy, by April I was 100 percent. 1st 2 weeks my legs where real weak, took forever to walk ... more »

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Or you could go to black top plant. And ask them to throw them into the tar tank. Pants would be original and real

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I have those MC pants, Pastrana,s yellow, orange kit also. 98 Thor vented pants, TLD blue camoe from 09 ish. A few 90,s kits. I wish I didn,t give away some old JT pants.

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98 yzf400 makes me laugh. At the 1st race in 98, a wet deep sand track. There where crashing everywhere. In narrow corners, I had to run there bike over. My favorite berm , there So slow entering the corner , on the 125 wide open in 4th into the corner. ... more »

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Hey Ping where did you get your neoprene knee sleeves ? thx T ony. I had 1 wore it for basketball, seemed to help. Heating the knee joint up. As far as natural workouts, there is some physical trucking jobs. Hand unload 44k go up 3 flights of stairs. Hauling chocolate in a tanker, we used a 13 ft scraper to pull and push the chocolate off. Natural workouts r fun, warm your legs up then do short sprints, jump rope. I do a little comedy at the flying j truck stops, some angry people in the world now. Some say fu, get a mask on then throw 1/2 a ice cream cone at me. So I get to work on my reactions and brain- come backs. I say I have a clear mask on, it,s called the handsome man mask. You may want to look into it. Hehe

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Haha a pal asked me, what gear ya wearing this year. I told him Wolfssport free gear and 500 bucks.

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I was a club member there at Viking cycle park sports and completion- Denmark. 1990 to 2010 when it closed. I was voted in at the old school house, a tornado destroyed it. Threw the 90,s track was great, big step ups landing in the valleys, I Loved the ... more »

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I bought the same bike new in 98. I ran the stock plug. Only mods where Apllied t clamp, pro tapers, shorty Noleen silencer, ncy ghost graphics. I twisted the forks in the t clamp, stuffing it in rutted corner at a big out of state race. They had a recall ... more »

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Yeah end of the season team race bikes where for sale in the cycle news. I bought 2 of them, 95 NCY yz125 Pedro,s bike and Wilohs Noleen yz125.

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Yeah the 04 is slow, silencer even is very restrictive, 06 is not. Deck the cylinder a lot , porting they just widen exhaust port, bored carb, icat, vforce-had little increase. I would try a rad valve. Better response, to get into the mid. My 04 pulled

... more »
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The day glow gear from early 90,s was also huge. 97 Shift gear was cool, when it came out. Chrome inside the letters, Indy sx the lights shining off Emig,s pants. My girlfriend says cool pants, there like shining at

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109 dry heat is still pretty hot. My favorite weather is super muggy and 97 and up temp. S. Texas last week was muggy and hot- of course. Cincinnati 3 weeks ago was much hotter and muggy. I went for a run, felt awesome.

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I have that fox zebra kit. Along with what ever kit Chicken was wearing was the hottest gear ever. Then MC 95 kits, purple ish Jersey was hot. All the 90,s gear was great.

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Ping beat him in 125 sx, his last win. MC dominating sx changed the sport. Like no other rider in history. Just the tricks alone, a lot of riders where trying tricks in the races then. Most fun the sport ever was, 90,s Mx Rules.