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Heck, it looks pretty good like it is. The stock look of it says that it hasn't been ridden hard. Kudos on the fork boots and no leaking fork seals. X2 on those 46mm forks, dayum good.

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No e-start and the 450 is 247lbs, KTM is 221.5 (without fuel, but w/ e-start), the RMZ250 is 233lbs, KTM is 218lbs. Honda 450 is 247lbs w/ e-start.

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It’s only a matter of time until it doesn’t make financial sense for them to keep making dirt bikes, much less race them.

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KTM needs to go back to the “purpose built” (‘15) and not just a bored out 125.

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These sentences are designed to be career-ending. With this in mind, the WADA is usually not in a hurry since their thought is that the athlete will be done with competing for life.

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Same thing with Ben Townley, right?

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Look, Webb won the championship, but he’s still an idiot. Saying AC cracked is like saying RJ cracked when Danny Storbeck landed on him. Or Grant Langston cracked when he had the eye problem.

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Look moran, Tomac is still fast, so is Coop. It just didn’t go Tomac’s way this time. Everything clicked for Coop this year. Get a grip

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No highlights anywhere, Media Blackout?

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Stupid as—

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Yep, that was a good interview. AC gave a lot of info in a short amount of time. Sounds like Austin could use some patience. Hopefully he can soldier on. Interesting how Cianciarulo mentioned ACL may be rideable after 3 weeks. He’s certainly had his ... more »

Added a comment about video Adam Cianciarulo: "I did have to be patient." 4/18/2019 6:40 PM

Good one GuyB. So 3 weeks for an ACL. AC has had his share of them

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It’s actually pretty cool. It would be fun to mess around on. Of course I would fix the front

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The tracks are safer than they used to be. You could hear his bike rev and then just quit/ silence over that last bump. It was clearly the bike, but If he wants a ride, he will probably need to keep quiet about it. He got a raw deal on this one.

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I like this one better than the restyle kit.

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Why just an ‘07? The ‘05-‘07 we’re basically the same bike.

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Good finds and writeup by Grant. Insightful

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DDavis hacked my camera!

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What about living near Mammoth Mountain? That place looks like paradise - MX, skiing, lake sports, etc.

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Nice! It looks really new in the first pic. How does it ride compared to the 2 stroke?