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I guess it all depends on if you think Barcia had the speed to maybe finish better than he did. He and Tomac looked fast last night. I think Barcia would have been better served trying to follow Tomac, learn where he was faster and maybe catch Bagget, ... more »

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If it's the last lap or two, sure, race Tomac like Barcia did. It wasn't though. Barcia should have accepted the pass and tried to latch on. Barcia is lucky Roczen didn't get by.

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What's your point? Companies have the freedom to advertise and offer discounts and consumers have the choice to take advantage of those discounts or say "no thanks"? Your comment comes across as a knock against capitalism, but I'm struggling to understand ... more »

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Exactly, just call the race. In the 450 main you could see KR was staying close to ET. He was .8 down and they were showing a battle for 8th. Then you could hear the crowd screaming and Ralph or or RC was just reading their notes. It's amateur hour when ... more »

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One guy complains about the use of the word color way and 10+ guys complain about his complaining. I think this is the sign I needed to stop wasting my time reading the forums on vitalmx. Don't forget to set your DVR's for next top model or whatever ... more »

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Cooper Webb’s actions were despicable Saturday night. Marvin raced him clean and Cooper clearly went out of his way to wreck him on purpose. Cooper Webb is a first class A-hole, and always had been. He’s been on his best behavior this year because Roger DeCoster probably had a...more

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Mind the flag if you're after the championship and want the points. Ignore if the race win is more important. Of course, the rules will probably be applied differently or not at all next time so who really knows...

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I didn't see webb jump in what part I could replay, but I did see roczen jump the last double when everyone else was rolling it. Also saw a few others jump in that section.

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What happened to the team of race stewards who discuss these issues right away?

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1. Did Webb go off track? If no, case closed. If yes, proceed to question 2. 2. Did Webb gain an advantage by going off track? If no, case closed. If yes, rules apply and he loses the position to Tomac +1. Intent is not part of the equation.

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Has Reed been asked about this? I'm sure he's dropped off the pace a little from his championship years, but he's still "competitive" and can probably answer this question better than anyone else.

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Exactly. If Eli didn't get poor starts or tank a race here or there he'd be running away with all the championships and it would probably be pretty boring. Keep the excitement coming Eli!

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Ha ha, exactly. Bring OSHA into this and they'll come in and change the sport entirely. Every rider needs a washing station within bla bla feet of the finish line. Why don't these things have air bags and speed limiters? That jump is unnecessarily big... ... more »

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I'm always thrown by the Yeti hat's and stickers (on cars). I get wearing a bike/surf/moto/other sport hat... but an ice chest hat?

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It's things like this ( that people are referring to when they say California is not business friendly.

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2017 SX Tomac had the most race wins and was clearly the faster rider. Dungey was the most consistent and he won a title for it.

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Go to Santa Cruz for a day. It's right by big shark lake and you can rent a bike from Ibis or Santa Cruz Bicycles for $20 and ride some great trails. If you head south on highway 1 some attractions you can see along the way are San Dollar Beach, Hurst ... more »

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Home schooled elite?

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If we only had triple crown formats we wouldn't have amazing comebacks like we did last week in Daytona or last year in SLC. It's racing, not scripted drama. Some races are going to be very exciting and others not so much.

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I'm just quoting you guys because it's refreshing to read your comments. Total double standard being applied to Tomac. RD & MM get a pass on playing the team tactics and everyone praises Zach's last corner pass, but Tomac will live in infamy for ... more »