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you got me

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Kawi is probably pretty happy with how Anderson is performing. He just had his best overall year ever.

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I wonder how hungry he will be text year? Tomac had something to prove after leaving Kawasaki, but after winning both titles this year he really has nothing left to prove. Plus the competition will probably be tougher with a confident sexton and Anderson. ... more »

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I hope Tomac hangs on for the title, but I have nothing but respect for Sexton. My 10 yo has already converted to being a Sexton fan and I will too when Tomac hangs it up. Congrats and thanks to both either way. Amazing season!

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Tomac had a similar experience in Texas early in his 250 days. We know Tomac has sorted that out and I guess we'll find out if Sexton has.

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Sexton lost little to no time and was on Tomac's wheel just a few turns after leaving the track. 20:30 mark:

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UCI DH riders aren't ever forced off track by another rider. Because this can happen in motocross I think the rule has to be more flexible. Certainly no advantage should be gained, but if it's an unforced error I do think the rider should lose some time. ... more »

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I've been enjoying this stuff. Amazon reviews seem mixed regarding the taste. I like the taste and my kids are split on it. It's keto friendly FYI. ... more »

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My understanding is gut microbes and hormones can play a major factor in this. I'm not sure if it's still a simple calories consumed thing, but if your body is screaming to you that you are hungry, tired and need carbs you'll feel like crap and eventually ... more »

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I turned off my auto renew this morning.

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Bad look for Yamaha and Donnie Luce. If you don’t want a kid to claim the bike then don’t build a bike that’s worth more than the claiming rule amounts. It’s AMATEUR racing. Not pro racing for amateurs. The motors and suspension shouldn’t be the...more

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This! The claim was made within the rules. Cash changed hands. End of story. It's not open to debate or coercion. On a different note; it looks like the comments are off over at racerx site. Is that normal?

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This is worth repeating!

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Tomac did looked pretty spent after that first moto. When the camera was on him and he was sitting staring off into the nothingness. That's not normal for him. Basically, Tomac does not have a fitness advantage on Chase. I think Tomac said it best... ... more »

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Wouldn't it make it more expense to operate a team and nearly impossible for privateers to be remotely competitive?

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Tomac and Sexton are as close to a sure thing that you can get for a good score in 450. If you put either one of them on a 250 that "sure thing" goes out the window. Like someone said above, Tomac is sensitive to bike changes and needs to be comfortable. ... more »

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I don't get it either. All the commentators this year have been great imo. I've really enjoyed having a new commentator each week. JW does a good job of working with all the different personalities. I liked the prior JW/GL team as well. Only thing to ... more »

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I think for SX the lap times between the top 10 are considerably closer now than they were in RC's time. Is this also true for MX? If so that gives some legitimacy to the "field is deeper now" argument. To me, who only saw RC's final couple years, I'd ... more »

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What if Anderson didn't get landed on at MXDN? What if Tomac's front brake doesn't break in Dallas 2017? What if Savatgy doesn't pull over for Tomac at MC? I think Tomac was going to get him anyways, but we'll never know.