Added reply in a thread Jason Thomas…. 9/25/2022 10:58 AM

JT just don't fall for the meter distances. US measures in feet. haha JT does a great job all the time

Added reply in a thread Where are all the naysayers that said Cooper would be the weak link ? 9/24/2022 8:47 PM

Looked to me like JC32 had a look in his eyes. Hopefully, if a start doesn't happen, he will prove a few wrong. It's a 3 man team and a lot can happen. With the time differences, even though qualifying, it seems like the US has good speed.

Added reply in a thread 2019-2020 KX 450 JE piston kit 9/24/2022 8:03 AM

Is this a stock comression piston kit? Thanks

Added reply in a thread Motocross Gear Stolen, Help please? 9/11/2022 9:15 PM

Maybe post some sizes for helmet, gear and boots. Anyone local to you might be able to help out. Most of us have some gear we have moved on from and can donate your way. Good Luck

Added reply in a thread Glen Helen National - Who’s Myron? 9/11/2022 10:40 AM

Romor has it, Myron wanted money for something GH could do themselves.GH held their ground and didn't work with someone who has his own interests in mind. JMO

Added reply in a thread Anybody remember DeAnza MX 9/7/2022 8:16 PM

I believe it was 1975 ish, Got the holeshot as a 125 intermediate and proceeded to knock myself silly after uphill into the 1st turn. Don't remember but my buddies said I asked them 1000 times" what happened "as we drove home 3 wide in an old Mazda mini ... more »

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History and beauty do not always go together. I have been to Europe once for the MXdeN in England. We drove through England, France, Netherlands, Belguim and Germany. Every city had some awesome and some not os awesome areas. Old buildings have history ... more »

Added reply in a thread It’s been another 5 years. Just wanted to say hello! 9/2/2022 8:31 AM

Why 5 years? Why not make it 10, haha. Always great to hear about moto foks doing well in life. Enjoy

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I thought about this the other day. Most pro stick and ball fans can wear a players jersey and others are ok with it In "Our Sporrt", you wear a riders jersey and you are looked at like a kook. I love it that way.If you are a kid, that's ok.

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As odd as it is, AMA nationals had 91 450 racers trying to qulaify for the Budds Creek National. MXGP needs to try a different approach to filling their gates.

Added reply in a thread what ever happened to John Roeder? 8/14/2022 4:21 PM

I believe you have it right. He claimed Tripes bike I think and raced it a few times. Wonder if he still owns it? Good question.

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Coop has an axe to grind after Assen. He won the qualifier and ended up on his teammate and his !st race Now that he is getting back to himself, I think he will benefit Team USA.

Added reply in a thread 13+ pages and yet nobody has asked this simple question... 8/13/2022 7:15 PM

SL, the point is he,in fact, took all the necessary steps to claim the bike. Whether AMA, MX Sports, MW, BD or Yamaha took part, will never truely be disclosed. After all that, why does it matter if he tells the world his reasoning? More than 1 site ... more »

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Hasn't Gajser been on one in MXGP

Added reply in a thread Romano is the man 8/13/2022 4:11 PM

Being a rookie and putting in 2 great motos makes me a fan.

Added reply in a thread 13+ pages and yet nobody has asked this simple question... 8/13/2022 4:01 PM

Why does it matter where the money came from? The RULE book does not specify anything about where the money MUST come from. Sounds to me like the kid wanted a trick bike, worked for it and was pressured by SOMEONE to drop it. Doesn;t matter any of the ... more »

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Not to upvote your broken vertebrae but we definiltly do some dumb stuff. We say we are tough but I think we might be dumb -hits.

Added reply in a thread Check Out My Sexy Honda!!!! 7/13/2022 8:25 AM

Talking at the the track one day with Dubach. At the time he was working quite alot with Yamaha development. Mentioned to him I really liked my 19 KX and felt very comfortable on it. He knew that I rode my 08 CRF pretty well and stated the KX was developed ... more »

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That 19 KX450 was splashed off that generation Honda. It has a button,FI and basicaaly the same frame dimensions. All that is missing is the red plastic and Honda quality.

Added reply in a thread 23 ktm300 EFI 2 smoke... 7/12/2022 7:04 AM

Heard from a relaible source they are very good. Comment was most older vet guys will love the 4stroke like power but the 2stroke memories will be overflowing.