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Not sure if he is stilling doing his Ben Townley MX and rides in NZ. I believe. Similar and on my bucket list

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Looking for a front wheel or hub to fit a 2014 YZ250F. In SoCal. Thanks

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My neighbor has a small track. I work on it with him and it takes a good amount of time. The right machinery makes it much quicker, so you have more time to spend on the bike. Other than being able to ride without driving, I like a public track more ... more »

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Congrats on a great bike. The Hondas of that era are awesome. We have a few and I enjoy riding them more than the new 4pokes we have. Enjoy!

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I know this shows my age but the ooening scene from On Any Sunday. At that time I was still riding sting rays and doing all those things the same way. Wheelies around town and crazy BMX jumps into ravines.

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Are you willing to ship? Thanks

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All of the GP and AMA guys rip! If the GP guys rode SX, in a short time, would be up front. If the AMA guys rode MX year round, they would be on the same outdoor level as the GP riders. SX is the big money draw for most but not all. Until a series brings ... more »

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For us to be able to even watch KR 94 after the injuries, is a bonus. We do not know what effects all the medical procedures he has gone thru have on him. Even if there aren't any, I still enjoy having the opportunity to watch him ride a dirt bike.

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Sorry Vitards, anyone that says bad things about any rider that makes the show at a national, has no clue how difficult it is. Whether you are in the points chase or not, every one of those guys is a bad ass! Moto at that level, in those conditions, ... more »

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If you are a litte mechanically inclined, XEMX1 has a kit available in the near future for a 2105 generation YZ250F. It is a complete bolt in kit for that gen frame. I have seen a prototype unit and it is very clean. CNC machined cases with gear reduction ... more »

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500 aluminum framed bike, I think. I used uship for a bike from Alabama. Did the job without problems

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Not much of a JA21 fan but he would be a good choice. He is riding and seeing him at GH flying and doing it smoothly, makes me think he would do the US proud. Any rider that WANTS to ride for the US, deserves our appreciation and support.

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The stock opening is pretty open. You can trim off some of the flange that goes into the airbox and maybe get a little more.

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Modded 550, super jet or FX1 would be my guess for training and balance.

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I taught my kids that you wear all your riding gear, all the time.

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Like it was said, you go from amatuer to pro when you make money, Another thought is if you insurance company gets wind of money being transfered, you are required to pay for a different type policy

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Why move to the A or Pro class when you can get paid to sandbag. Back many years ago, the only way to get ANY support was to get in the Pro class. Yes it costs more money to race now but it was not cheap then. JMO

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Marv and JA21 were at GH like JA said. Both were ripping with JA21 going very fast and very smooth. Marv was no slouch either. Fun to be there and witness two fast guys laying it down. CM 39 was there too putting in some hard motos as well.

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Another thought about broken bones could be the bikes are faster and easier to go fast on. With less technique and faster speeds, more crashes occur. More crashes at speed result in more serious injury. JMO

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Nothing better than beating guys on 10k dirt bikes with my 96 CR250. Bought it for 450 bucks running, went through the motor and added modern forks with a revalved shock. Too much fun