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raced in 8 states Michigan,indiana,ohio,illinois,pennsylvania,tennesee,texas,florida. rode in 2 others, georgia, alabama. raced in ontario canada. The other thread about great states got me thinking.

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If you had an injury that kept you from working, would it change the wedding budget? most everything changes when your career changes. unless you make more money... Im bummed for the guy, as he seemed to have gotten to the next level. In this sport he ... more »

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seen his sisters? lol

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nerves and excitement

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2 stage?

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buddy of mine does deer heads, guns etc. he only charges a few hundy

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remember, these dudes never talk about injuries. Tomac stated on pulp hes at 92% after his back injury, that he didnt have..

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Are they running the paddles, or something normal?

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He went around RC on the outside! sure didnt happen much

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I just came here for pics of his wife.. Love Keefer on the pulpmx show. 47yrs in mx and its nice to listen to someone with knowledge and a cool personality.

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JMB did the same. shoot, i think he won a title without winning a race. maybe outdoors 1991?

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man, looked like he may have been crying on that mule.. not good

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I just watched it on youtube. Sipes looked great as im sure jeff ward will also. he was wheelying into the jump. Henry Wiles could have qualified for a mx national 7 or 8 yrs ago. He grew up in moto. I think hes 35 now.

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He mentioned he grew up racing flat track. I havent seen a current mxer, "back in" a dirt track bike lateley. As a former mx pro license holder, it took me a lot of rides to get competitive on the ice (road courses), with really good tires. about when ... more »

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John Kitsch DMC kx 80 was pretty trick

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I think dehoop did them also. May not have been the same year though.

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Those whoops were exactly how i remember them in the 90s. tough. eastern rounds would be rutty and soft. thanks for posting

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Do the rules state production tires, or can you run "pre-production" tires?

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Bradshaw rode an aluminum frame yamaha in 92/93 at a race in japan? Never got the scoop on why they didnt use it.