Added reply in a thread When did the Mx 4t limit change from 550 to 450 3/28/2020 4:03 PM

brings back memories of guy cooper pulling holehsots on the 540cc ktm at 40 something years old.

Added reply in a thread 2 stroke old gold - embedded YT video CLICK HERE 3/22/2020 7:15 AM

couple of those inside lines would be faster. forces you to front brake. count 3-4 seconds after he passes the inside line.

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great idea

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tortelli passing carmichael on the outside at red bud 2000/2001, 2nd sweeper corner

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what wheels are those? van looks great!

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doubleheaders like the old days of pontiac and seatle. throw a round in wednesday and were good.

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even more impressive would be all stock set up bikes like the kawasaki ROC back in the 80s. no big bores or high dollar suspension. cream rises to the top right?

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I think he will have a bad race and kenny will take points lead. then they cancel

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Michigan has had a split program off and on for 35 years or so. over 30 and youth under 15 in the morning and done by noon. afternoon practice for everyone else started at 1:00. Party all night and still make the practice. track stayed smooth all morning. ... more ยป

Added reply in a thread AMA 125cc Class Suspension Rules 3/10/2020 5:32 PM

rule for supercross only. trying to keep the cost down and keep the regional pros competive.. Look back at results from 1995 and you will see guys like Jeff curry getting a few podiums on privateer bikes.

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Tomacs luck. the whole series will get cancelled. right after he has a bad race.

Added reply in a thread Do we see some banging and payback tonight? 3/7/2020 12:37 PM

I think they wait a week for payback. Eli can come from the back and still get a podium. A takeout next week could move move him back farther.

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I remember that also, and I think it was ricky johnson talking about it.

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didnt he lose a spleen and almost die?

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You mean let someone else pay to have it

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ELI is 23 points up from this point last year. but I dont think you can have enemies. watch last years series. not one person touched cooper.

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train to build muscles or build endurance? jeff ward vs johnny omara

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looks like he cased a triple and otb on press day and nobody did it on race day. maybe they changed the jump/section. ugh

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would the shot they give him be considered performance enhancing?