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sounds like budget. who remembers pre-roger, kelly smiths mechanic getting fired for changing suspension shims? (he has a suspenion co). I also heard in the roger suzuki days they would change a riders shock before a heat or main , and the rider was ... more »

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would savatgy win the 250 class if he dropped down?

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I still have a raleigh technium from around 1989 that my brother traded for one of dehoops old 1983 125 yamahas. (he was going to college). supposedly the guy was a mtb racer and wanted a moto bike.

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look at the mxdesnations results from red bud. maybe it was tire differences, but your guys got beat by at least one 250, in a deep sand track.

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sx only for roczen? So now the question is, did dylan take a one year deal on the bike? It would be nice if someone could string together some podiums on that thing, beside barcia.

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no mike brown?

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anyone talk to kitsch? I know he was working on Hampshires bikes a few years back.

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Is he still buddys with dungey?

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Here’s my dad at 73.

... more »
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John Kitsch from michigan.

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Whats holding this back from happening? JGR toyota? Seems like theres something creative that could make this happen.

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is that a factory 20" front wheel?

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Anstie bike looks pretty soft. Like to see him run up front. I believe RV2 said on a podcast that he couldnt get comortable on the bike. He could not get the bike tuned he way he wanted it. bike was quite a bit different than his US bike

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we used to do that to our buddies on a weekly basis. that how you learn not to leave the inside open.

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They could still do the haybales. pull them back after timed qualifying or leave them out for qualifers. pull them in for motos and a rut would start on the the parade lap

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hare scrambler, cross country, enduro, one of those dudes

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doug henry at 4 yrs has to be the longest gap so far?

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weve heard some talk of the scoop tires. wish they would mention the brand. what tire does the holeshot guy have? Remember MXON at red bud. most of the euros were on pirelli and people say that tire is a huge advantage.

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your onto something. If he didnt have a cushion, he was entering the turns slow. front end too stiff? check out AC bike, his forks look softer and he was turning better.

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Joey crowns dad may be there. MCR suspension. 8106782617