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Hey Kap , I didn't see this till now. But I added a Bowflex M5 Max trainer to my equipment. And so far I love it. You can get in as hard of a HIIT workout as any mere mortal could want / ask for. I'm still running the spin bike and will start running ... more »

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Hell yes it is Mav! And like what many said above....this kinda bullshit comes from the lobbyist of big pharma. It all boils down the very pin point thing..... Fucking greed!

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Couldn't Facebook get nasty as well? Discussing the races is what we do here too , so I don't understand why the Facebook page would be any different? Doesn't really matter to me anyways , since I don't do Facebook.

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I firmly believe the older tracks , even though being more technical , we're safer. Even on a 450 you couldn't go mach 5 every where on one of those tracks , which eqaul's slower speeds , and less impact when hitting the ground. It also separated the ... more »

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We may have our down time from the winter , but make no mistake , during the spring, summer and couldn't beat the dirt here during those season's. Some want to ride all year long and don't mind riding in desert like condition's during the ... more »

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Well , I'm not his accountant , but if I had to take a guess it would be in the neighborhood of about 350 - 400K. ( On salary alone ). That's about normal for guys that are the usual 4th - 12th place factory guys I think. Every team pay's differently ... more »

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He's making a lot more than that on salary me thinks.

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Right now , it all depends on his right eye and getting vision in it. You have to have both eye's working properly to race at that level , or any level for that matter because of depth perception. It's all a waiting game at this moment with the eye. ... more »

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From what I remember was , he was never tested in that 2 year period. I'm sure he was tested in the previous years many times. If he had been tested , he would have failed the test. He hadn't ever filed for a TUE before that , as I'm sure WADA would ... more »

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Kinda blown out of proportion here I think. They were both flicking each other shit , even though it seemed to bother Alex a little bit. They were both laughing at it , and taking some digs at each other. and some of my friends jab each ... more »

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Really digging the look of this new Redbull scheme.

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No , he was first prescribed in 2012 ( about 2 years before he failed the test ). At this point , I definitely think that the penalty was too long. Especially if James is still using it today and wasn't using it to cheat. It was weird he started using ... more »

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Very cool David. Hope you stick with it , and just have fun with it. More to riding bikes then racing hard core. A lot of fun to just ride em'.

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Haha , yeah I've dealt with low ball offer's and the occasional " sob stories ". I've probably sold about 8 bikes or so in just the past 7yrs since I got back into riding. I always put up a fair price on all my bikes , and usually get paid everything ... more »

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Not enough! I'm more of a fair weather rider any more. When riding season comes , so does my bigger work load....they go hand in hand. Hard to keep up with exercise and riding , when I'm working 60+hrs a week , and my job kicks the crap out of me. I ... more »

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As far as some of the USA national news / weird shit that goes on , I like listening to Tim Pool. He's usually a dead center journalist that calls out both sides when they do weird shit. He's worked for big news organization's before in the past. I urge ... more »

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This is great news for Mike. To me , he seems like a dude that isn't out there to just collect a paycheck. He seems to just love racing bikes , and can still make a descent living at it , which is cool to see. Congrat's Mike , and good luck this season! ... more »

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"Great having internet on my camera ( goes to Vital )....That damn Jeffro!! "

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That would be a dream come true. One rolling chassis , with a couple different sized motor's sitting on the bench , along with a extra set of suspension.....haha , that would be pretty damn awesome. A true " modular bike."

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Hey Ian.....Glad to hear you are having fun on that little SX 150. Like you , I'm still digging my 125 Husky quite a bit. Hopefully run into you on some Mtn view , Washougal and Albany practice days and possibly a few PIR's for me this summer too. I ... more »