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Doesn’t seem like he’s far off his old ways. This is from 2016 Hangtown

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Who is Dungey's biggest threat? This isn't a burned out Ryan. It isn't a Ryan who sat on the couch drinking beers for the past 5 years. This is someone who has likely continued a daily workout schedule. Who has been on the bike. Who has been vigorously

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I wonder if Kenny's name has come up in the Suzuki talks. He was the last to deliver for the brand and I can't imagine he is really in a great negotiating position with Honda at the moment. We will see.

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I would like to see Ricky and Mitch Payton co-manage the team. I think they both have a ton of insight into the race. Ricky would be a great team coach and Mitch would be great for the logistics of it all.

Added reply in a thread RC suggested Jett ride 450 at SLC 4/26/2022 9:45 AM

From a fan's perspective...yes please! If I were in his circle I'd advised against it. Why show your cards before you have a contract in place. Keep the hype brewing so you can get the most money possible. It's not like he's going to 450s next year, ... more »

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Teddy Maier used to have a track in Fort Dodge, Iowa. I assume it’s overgrown or leveled by now though

Added reply in a thread 2022 Outdoors Announcers? 4/11/2022 7:35 AM

I vote Emig and Weege. It was good to hear Jeff back on the mic last year. I wouldn't mind hearing Reed on there but I doubt he would want to travel the circuit.

Added reply in a thread Magic wand - MX or SX is gone. What would you save? 4/11/2022 7:30 AM

I was tempted to say save supercross but thinking back on it...I think nationals have produced much more interesting seasons of racing. I think back to the year that Carmichael and Windham battled for the championship and it was some of the best races ... more »

Added reply in a thread Serious accusations, Rocky KTM folding? 4/10/2022 11:46 AM

According to some reporting some vendors picked up their parts. I was surprised the factory team didn’t find a way to get them under their tent with some stock graphics or something. They are already down two riders and their pit area was a ghost town. ... more »

Added reply in a thread Godspeed OCScottie. 4/6/2022 11:03 AM

Really sad to hear of his passing. I was hopeful that the quick action of a few on here was enough to show him the love he needed. It's hard to bring someone out of that darkness but I'm certain he saw the love before he left. Anxiety and depression ... more »

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Those places are spendy! I'll buy some jerseys off ebay with my savings haha. Oh boy, no love for Steve? His podcasts get me through some long days and even long drives.

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I looked back at the last time we went are a lot more expensive now. We ended up going with the trusty old Crowne Plaza, it's next to Embassy Suites so maybe I can pester some mechanics for some plastics or cool memorabilia. You guys going ... more »

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Which one? We have stayed at Embassy Suites and Crowne Plaza near the airport in the past. Both were fine, nothing too special.

Started new thread St Louis Hotel & Post Race Festivities? 4/5/2022 6:19 PM

Anyone have any recommendations for hotels and are there any post race parties? I know in the past in Minneapolis we went to a party where Chad Reed and Josh Hill showed up. Pretty..memorable to say the least.

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What provoked it? Was it just random? It's pretty brutal to kick someone when they are on the ground.

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Weird question to ask when he is winning the championship and looking ultra comfy.

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So much hype in one song idk if fans can take it...

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Only Brayton can beat Eli at Dayota, I'm here for Braytona 2.0.

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Here's the guide to classes in motocross: Beginner is B C thinks it's A A is actually B B is actually A C is actually Beginner Hope that helps.