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I should rephrase, who is training him? Gareth Swanepoel is his current trainer while at Star, wasn't sure if that deal was tied to him and Yamaha or not.

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SX only? Where will he train?

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What Kenny has done following two career ending injuries is nothing short of a miracle. Anyone who has had a injury knows things are not always 100% the same. My foot, knees, and head all still have issues from prior injuries and none if mine were as ... more »

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It is great to see how pumped the crowd was for Malcolm. That said, it has not always been that way. James has had people yelling out some pretty gnarly things while he was racing. I heard it personally up in Millville Minnesota. Again, happy to see ... more »

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Haha I think you nailed it.. I knew a few shorter kids growing up that always had the same chip on their shoulder that Cooper does. I'm not sure where Cooper's chip came from but he should just eat it and move on. It will be interesting to see how he ... more »

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He's an incredible racer and he is up there with RV and RC when it comes to his ability to pull things together on the worst nights...but he just seems like a terrible person. I don't know what he's actually like but his public persona is not something ... more »

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I’m the only one with this view but here goes. Someone plowed into him. He got back into the track as fast as possible. Idk why he got docked..incident wasn’t his fault.

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How do you not see the point?

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a post with no likes at all.

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Grondahl seems to tell a very one sided story. It's too bad we will never hear the voices on the other side. Personalities like his may breed some interesting ideas, but they also burn bridges. The guy has way more money than me so what do I know...but ... more »

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The game had such a natural progression and it was enjoyable to learn new games as they were released. When Alive it I was so bummed! I loved the tracks but the gameplay was so difficult. The JS7 compound played really well but the rest was very slow. ... more »

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Makes me sad that many never got to see James ride in person. One of the most impressive athletes in any sport. When he was on it you could just feel his flow. For me, since James left the sport hasn’t been the same. I respect what Cooper can do but ... more »

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I enjoy playing MX vs ATV All Out. I know a lot of people loved Reflex but why would we want the same game released again. Personally, I enjoy watching the evolution of game play. I just hope they add tuning to the ghost/time-attack mode. Beyond that, ... more »

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You do realize there is more to entertainment than comedy, right? The entire sport of supercross is here for entertainment.

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It really depends on your brand and who you are marketing to. You can do the generic names like ..Current/Kurrent, or Volt or whatever other electric pun that someone thinks is whimsical but there's only so much personality you can put into those names. ... more »

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Is Golden Rod a nickname for something?

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Uh? I think he does a great job. My guess you are just jumping on a bandwagon and want to sound cool. If you don't like what he's simple...don't listen. I personally listen to all the podcast shows out there. Each show has it's pros and cons ... more »

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Harris/RC is the best sounding, most organic combo to me. I've hated watching the races live lately because every 10-15 minutes there's 4 minutes of silence. It completely kills the energy of the races. So I flipped over to the old NBC app and just watched ... more »

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Is Vince Friese on this list already? Every time something happens in a race I see Vince's bike flying by. Wee...Weee...Weeee

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How do I get commercials? I’m tired of sitting in a quiet room between races. Did this all last year and the year before. It’s the worst experience. The whole premium no commercials thing is bogus. It’s like being put in timeout as a kid.