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Likely a badly blown headgasket.

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The dot is flush with the gasket surface. Its dead nuts unless the gear slipped.

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Had a post a while ago about this 09 kx250f not starting. Has spark, getting gas, leakdown and comp tests passed. It only afterfires out the exhaust every few kicks. Bike started 1st kick and ran great before teardown. I thought there was a CDI issue

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I use contacts. Before you put them on, put your solution in the “bowl” of the lens and it will keep them hydrated better. I used biofinity lenses and bio true solution.

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Timesert or a key locking thread insert are permanent fixes. Id do those over a helicoil in this case

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I use the spray on oil(red). Probably the best oil around. You dont need grease on the rim either. The no toil oil basically glues your filter to the airbox. Plus cleaning it is easy as hell.

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$1500 bike tops.

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Simple answer is to run the lowest octane you can without detonation. Oxygenated gas will give you more power with a tune. Cam2 or sunoco 110 worked well for me in the past. I since went back to 93 and a stock tune as i dont need the extra on a 450.

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Kawasaki engineers dont need R&D money to put lights and wide gears on. Theyre smart enough to do it in a week. I would imagine the people figuring out what to sell made a flat out bad call. I bleed green and i have to admit kawi did not deliver ... more »

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3k with a title.

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Did you try running 32:1?

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Its supposed to have all of the updates the 450 got. Next tuesday kawi is revealing all new bikes.

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Powersports in general is booming. My dad is a service manager at a dealership and hes swamped in prepping new units. So much so i had to go help in my spare time to get them out the door.

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Shout works well too. To be totally honest the best way to do it is to take it apart and get it vapor blasted. You want to avoid degreaser and mag wheel cleaner when the bike is assembled.

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Id look into the 25-30hr mark for pistons. Bikes these days are getting more and more reliable.

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Yes weege is available and wants the job.

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Any body shop should be able to do it for you. Might even consider having a powder coat place strip it and recoat it for you. Youll want powder coat anyway. Not paint.

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Finally made some progress. Neutral switch wire does not have continuity to the frame. I have continuity from the wire to the harness connector. I have continuity from the harness connector to the CDI harness plug. I have continuity from the proper lead ... more »

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Snooze you lose dude. If youre not gonna move fast on a deal then forget it.

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Assuming you dont have any tiny burs it could be the bearings. All balls isnt exactly reliable