Added reply in a thread Concrete eating guys tonight 2/22/2020 8:39 PM

Probably hard to ride on a soft mat

Added reply in a thread Maxima Pro plus VS Yamalube Semi-Synthetic. 2/22/2020 8:38 PM

I like maxima all day long

Added reply in a thread Did Ralph tone it down tonight? 2/22/2020 8:37 PM

Ralph still said stupid shit all night. Seriously need new announcers

Added reply in a thread Double points ? 2/21/2020 11:06 AM

I do. theyre racing for the overall. Which affects my fantasy scores. The format isnt broken.

Added reply in a thread Bike ticking and shut off 2/21/2020 6:17 AM

This guy has the right answer.

Added reply in a thread Mx bikes need to be tamed 2/20/2020 4:40 AM

Maybe have every new bike come with a wifi tuner app like the yamahas and include maps to reduce power for those who want it. Adjustment for individual needs is the best option.

Added reply in a thread Yamaha,Suzuki, Kawasaki Factory Edition? 2/19/2020 12:10 PM

kawi should re-release monster editions like they did in 09. I have a 450 and 250 monster edition and they came with green hubs and black wheels with custom plastics and graphics. Maybe the 2021 version has the same graphics, wheels and a PC pipe like ... more »

Added reply in a thread This is why I shop online... 2/19/2020 4:17 AM

Shopping is moving towards a fully online market. Just the way it is. The majority of people do not care about brick and mortar shops. One day we will be buying motorcycles online and having them shipped to our doors and dealerships will be a mechanic ... more »

Added reply in a thread Safety 2/18/2020 7:32 AM

Injuries/death happen when its your time for it to happen regardless of what you wear. Going from riding armored on my sportbike to riding in mx gear is certainly weird. MX clothing offers literally zero protection. I dont understand why theres no D30 ... more »

Added reply in a thread Crank alignment 2/18/2020 3:57 AM

A 3 jaw puller should work to get the bearing off. And you should check your runout on a truing stand to be sure. Dont guess based off how hard you hit it. If its knocked out just send it off to ken oconnor for a rebuild. Its roughly $240 after shipping. ... more »

Added reply in a thread Did Ralph really just say that? 2/17/2020 7:34 AM

The proof of this is the first 3 rounds. RC did better with diffey. Weege wants the spot and is by far the best commentator available. I seriously cant wrap my head around why they arent putting him in. Its unbelievable. Theres zero complaints during ... more »

Added reply in a thread Tomac and Arlington...... 2/17/2020 4:50 AM

Idk how he will do. All i know is hes ripe for his seasonal outside the top 10 finish.

Added reply in a thread Swingarm repair help! 2/16/2020 6:43 AM

That wouldnt concern me if thats how it comes out. If you wanted to be extra safe you can peen the bearing in.

Added reply in a thread Swingarm repair help! 2/14/2020 3:57 PM

Whats the side to side play of the bearing in the bore? It can come out fairly easy and not have any side to side play. The bearing is sandwiched in there so axial movement isnt really a concern. You dont need go buy a $900 swingarm. Having that bore ... more »

Added reply in a thread Quad cab Silverado and two full sized bikes. 2/14/2020 7:07 AM

Does that truck have the 5.5’ bed? I just bought a new to me f150 supercrew cab. Bed seems small enough the rear tire wouldnt fit even w a bed extender. Also which extender are you guys using thats easily removed? I keep seeing the ones that are on a ... more »

Added reply in a thread Importance of engine mount torque specs 2/14/2020 4:52 AM

Keefer is a phenomenal test rider. Hes paid to test for a reason. Most average joes arent going to feel a difference between 1lb-ft of torque. Lets be honest anyway, most torque wrenches arent accurate within 1lb-ft. Even snap ons have a % of error that ... more »

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4+ 450 titles(mx or sx combined) OR top 7 all time wins. RV, legend. ET, legend because 3 mx titles and an all timer on sx wins. But id still consider him on the lower tier of legend status. Anderson, not legend. 1 title not many wins. just my opinion. ... more »

Added reply in a thread Can u trust the oil check bolt?? 2/13/2020 4:04 PM

Engineers calculate the level of the oil inside the cases and move the hole in CAD to be at the height required to check the level.. so yes id say its reliable

Added reply in a thread spoke strength tusk vs oem (my yz250 project) 2/13/2020 12:24 PM

Ive got tusk spokes in the rear wheel of my kx450. Im about 300lbs and never had an issue with them over 2 years. Theyre fat guy tested.

Added reply in a thread Pro x crankshaft assembly 2/13/2020 9:45 AM

Yes theyre good. ProX is = to OEM parts. A paperclip is better than hotrods or wiseco..